Ashlee Wolfe (as played by Caitlin Van Zandt on Guiding Light)

Useful information about Ashlee Wolfe

* Got Outskirts closed by being caught there drunk and underage by her mother the DA.
* Helped Blake spy and blackmail much of the town.
* Shot Alan Spaulding in a fit of rage.
* Spent time in juvie for her crimes.
* Fixed the mayoral election so her mother would lose.
* Underwent weight reduction surgery.

Who's played Ashlee Wolfe over the years?

Caitlin Van Zandt (2006 - present)

Past History

A casual friend of Lizzie Spaulding, Ashlee got pulled into the story when Jonathan Randall thought that her gossipy nature would be useful to him. She realized immediately that his flirtation with her was an attempt to get information on Lizzie and others and used this to her advantage. In exchange for information, she exploited Jonathan as her date on numerous occasions, including her prom. He stole her keys to the OB-GYN clinic where she worked so that he could check on the paternity of Lizzie's baby. While Jonathan tried to pry information from Ashlee, Lizzie soon realized what he was after and tried to have her files destroyed. No longer having a use for Ashlee, Jonathan tried to push her out of his life but she kept coming back until he became threatening and her mother launched a court case against him. When this was dropped, they began working together to protect Lizzie from Alan and her mother panicked again. Subsequently, a lonely Ashlee, in the service of Blake Marler, became one of her crucial sources for information on Springfield Burns. While charges for her involvement were never laid, she managed to turn her talent for digging dirt into a job with Dinah on her new TV show.

Things seemed to look up for Ashlee when her mother married Alan Spaulding. When they moved into the mansion, Ashlee was surprised to find them getting the cold shoulder from their new family. She excitedly helped her mother plan the wedding and sang a song at the ceremony. Things went wrong quickly though and, realizing that Alan didn't want her and her mother, she snatched a gun and used it on him when he confessed the truth to her. While he lay in a coma, she watched as Josh was taken off to prison and the family fought over what would happen when Alan died. Lizzie resented her and sabotaged her birthday, but this gave her the opportunity to become closer to Coop. When Alan came out of his coma, he confronted her, but told no one else. After Doris managed to stop a panicky Ashlee from confessing to Frank, her daughter told her everything.

Flings and Relationships



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