A.C. Mallet (as played by Robert Bogue on Guiding Light)

Useful information about A.C. Mallet

* Aided Harley Davidson Cooper's escape from prison.
* Helped Dinah Marler escape prosecution for holding a gun on Edmund Winslow.
* His real name is Anthony Camaletti.
* Worked as a PI with Frank Cooper.
* Star of reality TV series The Law.
* Married to Marina Cooper

Who's played A.C. Mallet over the years?

Robert Bogue (April 13, 2005 - Present)
James Carroll (temporary replacement - June 1991)
Mark Derwin (July 5, 1990 - September 28, 1993)

Past History

Fleeing the mob in New York, A.C. Mallet was brought to Springfield in 1990 to fight crime and was instantly ensnared in the plots of Phillip Spaulding and Roger Thorpe. He quickly became involved with Harley Davidson Cooper in a relationship rife with paranoia and insecurity, traits which seem to haunt all of his relationships.

After nearly dying in an explosion at Towers, he moved in with Harley but their relationship was strained even after becoming engaged. The stress created by the reappearance of her long lost father and his own dangerous past would doom the relationship. Although they married and moved to Florida, Harley divorced him in 1997 after he had an affair with his partner. Years later, the couple would be reunited when she found herself in the prison for which he was the warden. Sharing that time together made them close once again and would cost him his job.

He returned to Springfield PD and fell into a fiery relationship with Dinah Marler which was complicated by his continued involvement with Harley. Even after the two broke it off, his relationship with Dinah was erratic and involved deep problems of trust. While Dinah was forced to leave him at the altar, the couple reunited and seems intent on putting their troubled pasts behind them.

Flings and Relationships

Francesca "Cella" Vizzini (lovers)
Lisa Dravecky (lovers)
Mindy Lewis (dated)
Regina Morrison (affair)
Harley_Davidson_Cooper_Aitoro (one-night stand)
Dinah_Marler (engaged)


Julie Catherine Camaletti (sister)
Marina_Cooper (goddaughter)


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