Spoilers for the Week of May 15, 2023

05/21/2023 06:00 am

Olivia doesn't believe Ned

Soaps.com has the latest, new General Hospital spoilers for two weeks ahead from Monday, May 15, to Friday, May 26. Sonny has some pretty important news to share, Spencer decides to pick a fight with someone, Nina manages to clash with yet another Port Charles resident, and Willow’s loved ones gather to offer their support.

General Hospital spoilers week of May 15:

General Hospital spoilers for Monday, May 15:

Today on General Hospital, Dex comes to a decision about his future, Haven tries to sabotage Sasha for ratings, and Scott agrees to take Cody’s case on a condition.

Sasha sho goes on TV GH

Here’s something that doesn’t happen very often: Sonny is actually caught off guard!

Joss knew that dating a guy like Dex would come with risks. But that doesn’t prevent her from being shaken when he shares some news. Could Dex be leaving Port Charles… in a pine box?!?

Poor Gladys. All she wants to do is be a winner, and yet once again, she comes up a loser.

Scott has a new plan… or given that it’s Scott, should we say “hatches a new scheme?”

Brook Lynn is ready for what’s next! (Or is she?)

General Hospital spoilers for Tuesday May 16:

Today on General Hospital, Ms. Wu makes a threat to Gladys, Cody rides to Sasha’s rescue, Nina and Carly clash again, and Diane gets frank with Holly.

wu gladys talk debt gh

When Nina shows up on Carly’s doorstep, that means one thing and one thing only where we’re concerned: Get the popcorn ready!

Laura Wright shares photos — and momentous news — from her Mother’s Day weekend.

As Diane is laying her cards on the table as only she can, Robert finds himself seeking out a bit of romantic advice.

Sasha’s already been through so much, but she must once again prepare herself as she steps up to face her fear.

More often than not, Cody’s the one in need of rescuing (usually from his own mistakes). But today, the shoe is on the other foot as he tries to be the one doing the rescuing!

General Hospital spoilers for Wednesday, May 17:

Today on General Hospital, Anna, Laura and Ava all receive invitations, Alexis offers Esme a job, and Robert questions Selina about her connection to Holly.

Laura and Alexis chat GH

Never fear, Robert Scorpio is here… and he’s come prepared with a metaphorical shovel with which to do a little digging.

What drives Portia to go looking for Ava? Something tells us it is probably related to the young woman they both care about deeply, Trina.

Will the offer Alexis puts on the table be accepted in the spirit with which it was put forth?

The past few months have seen Esme dealing with more than a few changes, including where her memory is concerned. Now, she’s going to take a moment to consider her options!

Twenty-three years after its last episode aired, see what Beverly Hills, 90210’s OGs look like now in stunning then-and-now photos.

General Hospital spoilers for Thursday, May 18:

Today on General Hospital, Molly and TJ get devastating news, Curtis and Jordan cross a line, and Holly says goodbye to Robert.

TJ Molly get bad news GH

Jordan takes a moment to extend her congratulations to someone. But is it in a business or professional sense?

Alexis gets an invitation. (Given how little she seems to get out from behind that desk these days, here’s hoping she decides to accept!)

In case viewers were wondering… Yep, that was her, alright: General Hospital sneaks in a cameo by Genie Francis’ daughter.

What throws Sam for a loop? And, while we’re discussing the extended Davis clan, what has Molly feeling so troubled?

Actress Haley Pullos (Molly) arrested for DUI following a devastating car crash.

Holly makes the kind of decision that could have an impact on not only herself, but others.

Primetime soap legend Heather Locklear shares a momentous turning point — plus, then-and-now photos of Melrose Place’s stars.

General Hospital spoilers for Friday, May 19:

Today on General Hospital, Joss goes behind Dex’s back to ask Sonny for something, Portia remains intent on getting Spencer out of Trina’s life, and Maxie gives Sasha news about Cody.

Portia turns to Taggert for a bit of advice, and he’s there to provide it.

Michael carves out a little time to catch Dante up on recent events.

Preview: Star teases an emotional proposal ahead… Sonny pops the question… just in time for Carly to burst Nina’s bubble?

Josslyn has had to deal with an awful lot of conflicting emotions where former stepdad Sonny is concerned. But today, she’ll have to push down her more negative feelings as she goes to him with a request she hopes he’ll grant.

Scott and Cody take a meeting… which for some reason, leaves us thinking trouble might be heading Mac’s way!

Nina doesn’t necessarily have a lot of people in her corner these days. She is, however, able to count on Sasha, who throws Willow’s mom a bit of support.

The exit of Emma Samms is going to delight one group of fans — here’s why.

And check out some of daytime’s greatest location shoots in our photo gallery below.

— Richard Simms/Amy Mistretta


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