Spoilers for the Week of May 08, 2023

05/14/2023 06:20 am

Dex Joss talk Sonny GH

Soaps.com has the latest, new General Hospital spoilers for two weeks ahead from Monday, May 8, to Friday, May 19. Nina pays a visit to Carly, while Robert finds himself trying to make a decision regarding his romantic future. Meanwhile, Molly frets, Sam is surprised, Alexis gets an invite and Joss turns to Sonny when she needs a favor.

General Hospital spoilers week of May 8:

General Hospital spoilers for Monday, May 8:

Today on General Hospital, Trina keeps the faith that Spencer is alive, Valentin says goodbye, and Willow begs Michael not to divide their family.

Absence makes the heart grow fonder, so look for Dex and Joss to crank up the romance when at last they are able to carve out a little time for one another.

If Diane’s been eyeing a new pair of Cartullo shoes, she’ll soon be able to pay for them. Why? Because Sonny turns to his favorite attorney for a little help.

What will be the topic when Carly lays her cards on the table with Dante?

Willow gives Michael something pretty important to think over.

Someone in Port Charles will be getting what we assume is bad news as a body is found.

Mark your calendars: Here’s when Chesapeake ShoresJesse Metcalfe will be back on screen — plus, first look.

General Hospital spoilers for Tuesday May 9:

Today on General Hospital, Obrecht and Willow are prepped for the transplant, Drew is questioned by the SEC, and Joss and Dex take their relationship public.

Michael and Willow before surgery GH

Love is in the air as Michael and Willow find time to share a tender moment.

When Dante and Sam put their heads together, will it be to kiss, solve a crime… or both?

Eden McCoy checked into social media to send a heartfelt message to a “very special man.”

What catches Robert off guard?

Ned’s never been one to shy away from a fight, so he should do a pretty good job when called upon to defend himself.

What has Nina feeling so concerned?

Michelle Stafford (ex-Nina) expresses her gratitude: “Thank you for saving my life.” Plus, find out how two soap faves turned up in the midst of all of this.

General Hospital spoilers for Wednesday, May 10:

Today on General Hospital, only one person believes Ned didn’t call the SEC, Diane gives Robert an ultimatum, and Portia wants Spencer out of Trina’s life.

Nobody Believed Ned GH

When questions arise, there’s one thing you can be sure of: Tracy will have an opinion that she’s more than happy to share! (Wonder if her theory is what Olivia’s feeling skeptical of?)

To whom will Maxie turn when she realizes that she needs a little bit of help.

Sasha makes it clear that she’s not willing to hear what Carly’s saying.

Taggert has a warning for Portia. Does it have something to do with Trina?

Oops! Dominic Zamprogna gets caught with his pants down — and the scene was captured on video!

General Hospital spoilers for Thursday, May 11:

Today on General Hospital, Trina decides to take the DNA test, Tracy orders Brook Lynn to spy for her, and Curtis gets an intriguing offer.

Trina takes the DNA test GH

It pays to have friends in high — and low — places, as Tracy proves when she calls in a favor.

Chase’s life isn’t perfect, but on the plus side, he’s finally back at the job he loves and able to distract himself by throwing himself into it!

First Kristina, now Molly: Here’s why Haley Pullos is being replaced.

Might Selina be exactly the person to help Cody out of his current predicament?

What’s got Esme rushing to the hospital?

Having always been a “count your blessings” kind of woman, Portia definitely has reason today to feel grateful.

Maura West shares the “loving gift” that left her overwhelmed with gratitude — and further proves that soap fans are the best out there. #

General Hospital spoilers for Friday, May 12:

Today on General Hospital, Michael makes a decision that impacts Dex’s future, Diane has more bad news for Carly and Drew, and Sonny learns important information about Pikeman from Valentin.

Have all of the traumas that he and his extended family have been through of late pushed Michael to make a decision he might not have otherwise?

What’s thrown Dex for the proverbial loop?

Josslyn stops by to see Willow.

Something tells us the reason Scott is feeling so relieved has to do with a certain accented doctor…

When Nina sits down to weigh her options, will the pros or cons win out?

Sasha has had to face a lot over the past couple of years so the show is bringing back [spoiler] to give her a do-over.

And please join us as we honor beloved General Hospital actress Jacklyn Zeman in the photo gallery below, as her daytime peers honor the star who passed away on May 10.

— Richard Simms/Amy Mistretta


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