Spoilers for the Week of April 24, 2023

04/30/2023 07:55 am

Liz promises Portia GH

Soaps.com has the latest, new General Hospital spoilers for two weeks ahead from Monday, April 24, to Friday, May 5. Carly is clearly worried but tries her best to hide it — plus, Willow prepares to walk down the aisle, Nina gets ready for a big move, something leaves Portia and Elizabeth puzzled, and Holly makes a startling discovery!

General Hospital spoilers week of April 24:

General Hospital spoilers for Monday, April 24:

Today on General Hospital, Tracy’s return home leaves her family speechless, Laura and others depart for Greenland to confront Victor, and Diane and Robert are interrupted by Holly.

Tracy is back GH

With a whole lot of information to process, Curtis, Drew and Laura take time to fill one another in on what they’ve discovered.

Carly finds herself having to say farewell.

Something is definitely distracting Ned, who is majorly preoccupied. Meanwhile, Olivia and Brook Lynn can’t help but feel amazed.

What is it that has Felicia feeling so much concern?

Preview: Michael and Willow’s wedding ends with an “I do… not believe it!” twist.

General Hospital spoilers for Tuesday April 25:

Today on General Hospital, Nina makes a call to have Carly and Drew turned into the SEC, Holly fills Anna and Robert in about Victor’s plan, and Tracy questions what her family has been keeping from her.

Nina turns Carly Drew in GH

Robert and Diane have had people — including us — talking of late, and a lot of that conversation involves the potential for these two to become a couple. Today, however, they find themselves being interrupted.

Alexis has a message to convey, but from — and to — whom?

Willow is on the receiving end of still more bad news, which has us wondering if after everything she’s already gone through, the distressed damsel still might wind up biting the dust!

Sonny wants to feel one way, but given his mixed feelings, might find things going in the opposite direction. Meanwhile, Nina slaps on a happy face in an effort to fake it until she makes it!

Wes Ramsey is “thrilled to be returning to Paris for this adventure” — plus, find out why his lady love Laura Wright will be going along with him!

General Hospital spoilers for Wednesday, April 26:

Today on General Hospital, Victor retrieves the pathogen and forces Obrecht to help him unleash it on the world, Anna realizes Victor’s weapon is a biological agent, and Willow and Michael prepare for their wedding.

Victor's weapon GH

While it may not be part of their official duties, Chase and Dante are there when someone is in need of support.

Carly does her best to try and hide her concern. But… well, let’s just say she’s never had much of a poker face!

Holly is ready to spill the beans about what she’s learned.

They say pride cometh before the fall, and Victor might want to remember that as he’s practically gleeful in celebrating his seeming triumph.

General Hospital spoilers for Thursday, April 27:

Today on General Hospital, Michael and Willow marry, but the celebration barely gets underway before some uninvited guests arrive. Plus, Ava makes Nina realize the major mistake she’s made.

Willow scared GH

When Michael and Willow’s wedding day finally begins, will it end with them having tied the knot… and if so, will the “death” part of “until death us do part” wind up coming far too quickly?

Never one to bite her tongue, Ava is ready to lay a few harsh truths on someone.

Dante finds himself in the middle of two warring parties.

Nina makes what could only be considered a total boss move.

Ned and Brook Lynn haven’t always seen things eye to eye. Will they be able to navigate a tricky situation?

General Hospital spoilers for Friday, April 28:

Today on General Hospital, Sonny steps up to help Carly and Drew, Anna calls an old friend for help, and Laura and the others encounter trouble in Greenland.

Sonny makes a call GH

Only yesterday, Michael was walking down the aisle… and yet today, he’s pointing the finger at someone. What the heck is going on?

Dex and Joss spent weeks trying to keep their relationship under wraps. So when Dex is called upon to be discreet, that shouldn’t be much of a problem!

Will Victor’s unwelcome guests have him rethinking all of that celebratory chest-thumping he’s been doing?

Sonny is there for someone who needs a helping hand.

Holly’s about to make a discovery that will definitely blow her away. (Wonder if we’ll feel the same way?)

As the time draws near for the soap to wake up Lulu, Emme Rylan celebrates a milestone that’s too cute not to share.

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— Richard Simms/Amy Mistretta


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