Spoilers for the Week of April 17, 2023

04/23/2023 06:00 am

GENERAL HOSPITAL – Episode “15104” - "General Hospital" airs Monday - Friday, on ABC (check local listings). (ABC/Troy Harvey)

Soaps.com has the latest, new General Hospital spoilers for two weeks ahead from Monday, April 17, to Friday, April 28. While Holly once again faces danger, Alexis is shaken to the core. Plus, Victor delivers bad news to Spencer, Tracy returns, and Michael and Willow’s wedding day arrives!

General Hospital spoilers week of April 17:

General Hospital spoilers for Monday, April 17:

Today on General Hospital, Felicia reunites with a friend to help stage a rescue mission, Chase faces the review board, and Willow asks Carly to help make peace between Sonny and Michael.

Felicia reunites with Holly

Who will Holly reconnect with as she (and portrayer Emma Samms) finally return?

Chase takes a moment to express just how grateful he’s feeling.

Those who think Sonny tends to get away with too much will probably want to listen in as Robert reads the “coffee importer” for filth.

Carly and Josslyn are both on hand to render assistance.

Alexis receives a genuinely touching offer.

While seated at a little café in Los Angeles, California, Johnny Wactor confesses why “I’ve been a little nervous.”

General Hospital spoilers for Tuesday April 18:

Today on General Hospital, Felicia and Holly are outbid in the auction to save Ethan by a familiar face, Chase receives good news, and Michael agrees to Willow’s request to invite Sonny to their wedding.

It’s a day months in the making as Chase finally learns whether or not he will be allowed back on the force. (Please, please, please let this be the end of the whole “singing cop” storyline!)

Where Holly goes… well, we all know what follows. So it’s perhaps not surprising that the oft-distressed damsel finds herself in danger!

Willow makes an absolutely huge request. Will those to whom she makes it even be able to consider granting her wish?

What’s got Alexis so shaken?

Get ready for pointed zingers to fly and eyebrows to be raised as Tracy Quartermaine finally returns to Port Charles!

ABC soap vet says goodbye to her beautiful mother.

General Hospital spoilers for Wednesday, April 19:

Today on General Hospital, Victor catches Trina onboard the Haunted Star, but not before she does some major damage. Plus, Michael extends an invitation to Sonny, while Ava asks Carly to broker peace between Willow and Nina.

ava carly gh

Curtis is a pretty bright guy, so it shouldn’t be all that surprising when he has what might be called a “lightbulb moment!”

Bad news for Victor, who is informed that things aren’t going quite as smoothly as he’d hoped.

To whom will Nina turn when she needs a bit of comforting?

Is it too much to ask that after Ava gives Carly food for thought, she says archly, “Now chew on that!” before walking away?

We’re pretty easy to satisfy. So when Elizabeth has something nice to say to Austin, is it too much to hope that perhaps this simple moment will lead to more between the two? (Yes, we’re still bitter that the show killed Franco in order to give us Austin!)

Who’s that guy? He’s been in the news as of late and here’s everything you need to know about the Hallmark heartthrob and his soapy past.

General Hospital spoilers for Thursday, April 20:

Today on General Hospital, Obrecht saves Trina and Spencer from being thrown overboard by Victor, while Carly and Nina’s latest argument pushes Sonny’s current love over the edge.

If Spencer was hoping his uncle might provide him with a little bit of hope for the future, he’s probably going to be disappointed by the bad news Victor delivers.

As Obrecht steps up for Victor, plans are set in motion for a Cassadine family reunion.

Curtis hopes that Drew will join him in a new adventure.

Portia loves her daughter Trina, and Ava has long cared for the young woman. So it makes sense that Ava and Portia find time to connect.

Irony alert: Carly is about to try and make peace. Yes, Carly.

What’s got Ned hot under the collar? Guess we’ll find out when he vents to Brook Lynn about what’s bothering him.

Jacqueline Grace Lopez unpacks her feelings about her exit as Blaze and whether we’ll see the songbird back in Port Charles again in the future.

General Hospital spoilers for Friday, April 21:

Today on General Hospital, Spencer and Trina almost make love, but are interrupted. Plus, Drew, Laura and Curtis believe they know where Victor is headed, and Molly gets unsettling news.

Drew and Curtis turn to a higher power — in this case, Laura, the mayor of Port Charles!

Sonny does something that’ll catch Dante off guard.

Jon Lindstrom was visibly shaken over a recent “sad” announcement that had him screaming, “Why God? Why?!”

Gladys takes yet another opportunity to trash-talk Cody.

Molly and TJ have been talking about starting a family. When she gets unexpected news, might it have something to do with their efforts in that department?

“Not sure how long I’ll stay”: An upsetting policy change leaves Laura Wright considering logging off — and she’s not alone!

Bottoms up! View our ultimate soap opera drinking game in the gallery below and get ready to chug each time these things happen in Port Charles.

— Richard Simms/Amy Mistretta


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