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Trina advises Spencer GH

Soaps.com has the latest, new General Hospital spoilers for two weeks ahead from Monday, March 13, to Friday, March 24. Laura has to deal with an unwelcome visitor, Lucy does what Lucy tends to do (meaning act impulsively), and Maxie has an offer to make someone. Meanwhile, Spencer proves once again that he’s happily ensconced in Trina’s corner. But what will happen when he must figure out his next move?

General Hospital spoilers week of March 13:

General Hospital spoilers for Monday, March 13:

Today on General Hospital, Sonny and Dex are trapped by a sharpshooter, and one of them is wounded. Plus, Cody finally opens up about Mac being his father, and Victor gets disconcerting news from a doctor.

MAc and Cody talk GH

Will a talk with grandma Bobbie give Josslyn new perspective on her life? Heaven knows hooker-turned-nurse Bobbie has a whole lot of life experience with which to guide the younger woman!

Sonny is no stranger to bad situations, but could the danger he finds himself in today be more than he can handle?

Cody has a close call.

The usually unflappable Victor comes into possession of info which will definitely come as a surprise.

When it comes to creating a distraction and running interference, nobody does it better than Carly, as she’s about to demonstrate!

Finally! General Hospital fave William deVry announced his return to our screens. Get the details inside.

General Hospital spoilers for Tuesday March 14:

Today on General Hospital, Victor receives more bad news and lobbies an accusation against someone, Brick informs Sonny he has a powerful new enemy, and Nina fires off a warning to Carly.

Victor learns damage permanent GH

Politics can create uncomfortable situations, and Port Charles’ Mayor, Laura, is about to be put on the spot!

Patience is a virtue that Lucy has never really possessed, as becomes increasingly evident.

When called upon to defend his actions, Cody is prepared to do exactly that.

Dex once again makes a good impression on Sonny. But will doing so potentially impact the younger man’s relationship with Joss?

Make and Brook Lynn are someone suspicious.

Jonathan Jackson (ex-Lucky) has a message for you as he reveals the “labor of love” that’ll be music to your ears.

General Hospital spoilers for Wednesday, March 15:

Today on General Hospital, Esme gets several surprising visitors, Cam tells his friends he’s transferring to Stanford, and Gregory has a health crisis while talking things out with Alexis.

Esme surprise visitor GH

To whom will Kristina open up… and about what?

As is both her way and her job, Laura does what she can to try and keep the peace.

Esme will be caught off guard by who swings by for a visit.

Elizabeth and Portia compare notes on recent events.

Spencer, Joss and Trina are about to be thrown for a loop. Good thing they’re in it together, right?

Will most of Port Charles finally get their wish? The soap’s latest big return could take down Victor for good!

General Hospital spoilers for Thursday, March 16:

Today on General Hospital, Trina comes to a surprising decision after visiting with Esme, Obrecht has good and bad news for Willow, and Nina has a change of mind about Sonny.

Nina is given a reality check… which sadly, is the kind you can’t actually cash. Will she listen to the wise words being laid upon her?

Chase is there when someone needs a bit of comforting.

Spencer’s been just barely suppressing his ever-increasing feelings of rage lately, and what happens today definitely will not make the situation any better. Meanwhile, Trina lays out her plan.

Laura Wright serves up photos from her all-star double date, which revealed one of her current castmates and his partner in the mix.

Obrecht admits that she’s got regrets. Of course, longtime viewers will probably wonder exactly which of her many misdeeds it is that have left her feeling this way.

Laura Wright shares super sweet photo as her daughter snaps back: “Wow, thanks for cropping me out!”

General Hospital spoilers for Friday, March 17:

Today on General Hospital, Nina begins to question her future with Sonny, Carly and Sonny connect over their family, and Lucy puts the plan to take Victor down in jeopardy.

Robert and Diane put their heads together as they noodle over a case. (Are we the only ones hoping that noodling might turn to canoodling? We love these two together!)

Maurice Benard “sizes up” a castmate: “You’re just not quite where you need to be.”

Nina sits down to catch up with Phyllis, who will no doubt have a few thoughts about the latest developments in the blonde’s life.

It’s the nature of the business, as Jon Lindstrom laments his cut scenes with “two greats”: “It happens a lot.”

When Carly and Sonny find themselves in a very familiar situation, might old feelings come bubbling to the surface?

Joss and Dex once again find themselves at odds. Is this relatively new pairing doomed?

Valentin offers his sympathy.

Adam Huss (ex-Nikolas) is returning to our screens — and he’s “not alone” — in a new storyline filled with danger.

General Hospital spoilers week of March 20:

General Hospital spoilers for Monday, March 20:

Hey, just because two people are in love and very much enjoy one another’s company doesn’t mean they can’t occasionally see things from different perspectives… which is what Valentin and Anna are about to prove!

Lucy is nothing if not impulsive. But when she makes a daring move, will she wind up putting herself and others in danger?

Laura Wright sets the bar too high for her co-star to reach: Nope, “I can’t beat that.” However, there was one major thing they agreed on.

Sonny may find himself having to decide between two not-so-great options.

After everything Willow’s been through of late, we have to think that whatever it is she requests will surely be granted, right? I mean, who could say no to her at this point? And does this request have anything to do with the conversation Michael winds up having with Brook Lynn?

Wow! At 21, the son of Vanessa Marcil looks just like her and his father.

General Hospital spoilers for Tuesday March 21:

Chase and Willow have gone from friends to lovers to husband and wife and back again. In other words, she knows him pretty well and is likely to offer pretty solid advice. But will he listen?

Maxie’s the kind of gal who is always there when a friend needs a hand. But who will she be helping today?

Drew thinks he might have the knowledge to help someone out, assuming they’ll listen to his expert opinion.

Dante has a few concerns. Fortunately, he’s not the type to sit on them, so he raises the red flag.

Michael is in for a pretty big shock!

Sean Kanan (ex-A.J.) opens up about a painful chapter from his past and explains why he feels the need to be totally “honest…”

General Hospital spoilers for Wednesday, March 22:

Elizabeth might just pace a hole in the carpet as she anxiously awaits a bit of news.

Will Jordan provide Nina the answers she seeks?

Ever since things went wonky at Curtis and Portia’s wedding, he and Trina have found themselves dealing with one awkward run-in after another. Today will be no different!

Esme has to do some serious thinking about the options which lay before her. Will she ultimately make the best decision… and if so, for whom?

Brook Lynn has to lay all her cards on the table.

General Hospital spoilers for Thursday, March 23:

Maxie approaches Cody with an offer he probably shouldn’t refuse. Of course, that doesn’t mean he won’t. (Let’s face it… the boy hasn’t always made the best decisions since showing up in Port Charles!)

Sasha has a surprise for Gladys.

What’s got Alexis so shaken up?

After all the support Portia offered to Marshall, it’s probably not surprising that he’s now serving as her biggest cheerleader.

When Trina needs a bit of reassurance, Spencer is there to provide it.

Kirsten Storms isn’t afraid to call it like she sees it and reveals “my nerdiest moment” — and her happy place at the studio.

General Hospital spoilers for Friday, March 24:

Esme can’t help but think that if something seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Sonny leaves no question as to exactly where he stands.

Spencer tries to figure out what his best strategy might be in moving forward.

Laura receives a visit from just about the last person she wants to see. (Anybody else suspect Cyrus might darken her doorstep again?)

Cameron runs into Josslyn. Hopefully, this time it won’t be in the presence of a half-dressed Dex, cause the last time that happened the whole thing was awkward as… well, you know.

See who came in at No. 1 in our special 60th anniversary countdown of the greatest characters in General Hospital history via the photo gallery below.

— Richard Simms/Amy Mistretta


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