Spoilers for the Week of March 06, 2023

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dex stuns joss gh

Soaps.com has the latest, new General Hospital spoilers for two weeks ahead from Monday, March 6, to Friday, March 17. Danger is getting ever closer to Sonny, who may just find himself in a very familiar situation with arguably his favorite ex-wife. Meanwhile, Spencer grows increasingly frustrated, and things could get trick for Joss and Dex!

General Hospital spoilers week of March 6:

General Hospital spoilers for Monday, March 6:

Today on General Hospital, Obrecht asks something from Willow, Esme fights for her baby, and Mason threatens Austin.

Obrecht sees Michael Willow GH

Alexis and Gregory have gone back and forth from flirtatious to argumentative since first they met. Today, they’ll definitely be on the more combative side of that equation when she calls him out.

Diane has to deliver some potentially bad news to Spencer.

Esme is suddenly seeing things differently.

How will Sonny react after Ava decides to take him into her confidence?

Victor takes a tough stand with Elizabeth.

General Hospital spoilers for Tuesday March 7:

Today on General Hospital, Nina becomes privy to sensitive information, Ava learns Mason knows about Nikolas, and Molly and TJ make a big decision.

MAson threatens Ava and Austin

Who would have the nerve to interrupt Ava, let alone rudely?

Drew has something to share with Carly.

Alexis is more than a bit worried for Curtis.

As their plot continues to unfurl, Dex visits Michael in order to fill him in on the latest developments.

Things aren’t always what they seem, as General Hospital’s Evan Hofer is caught in a tug of war as Dex’s real boss is revealed.

Sonny has a favor to ask of one of his exes.

Jonathan Jackson (ex-Lucky) is “excited” to confirm the reunion that’s been a long time coming.

General Hospital spoilers for Wednesday, March 8:

In today’s General Hospital recap, Esme and Ace are transported to Spring Ridge, Anna and Valentin learn part of what Victor is looking for, and Marshall receives his test results.

Esme and Ace GH

Hope Curtis has cleaned the floor recently, because his jaw is about to hit it when he gets a shock.

Victor was once quite in love with Obrecht, but she wanted to keep him from ever finding out that she’d given birth to his child. So what is it that now brings them together and realizing that they share a common interest?

Anna and Valentin come upon new information which could prove useful.

When Spencer needs someone to lean on, Trina is there for him.

Esme must think she has something Laura wants, because she goes to the mayor with an offer!

With Nikolas out of commission, Adam Huss delivers news that “got the parents and in-laws’ seal of approval.”

General Hospital spoilers for Thursday, March 9:

In today’s General Hospital recap, the show must go on, and Lucy is furious to learn Bobbie and Maxie are planning the Nurses Ball without her. Victor’s troubles intensify, and Cody sticks his foot in his mouth with Sasha.

Maxie Bobbie nurses ball GH

Sonny looks to Gladys for answers.

Nina and Curtis had had a lot going on, and at last they have an opportunity to catch up.

Trina fills Ava in on everything that’s been going on.

Given that Maxie’s had some pretty bad ideas in the past, we’re almost afraid to find out what she thinks up today!

It takes a lot to shake up Lucy, so what has her downright horrified?

Watch Bradford Anderson’s adorable little girl put the star to the ultimate test — with a twist! — during their daddy/daughter night.

General Hospital spoilers for Friday, March 10:

Sasha doesn’t hold anything back.

Although Dex and Joss admitted a while back that they didn’t want their relationship to be a casual thing, life has kept them busy. Today, they finally carve out a little time for romance.

How will Ned react to the pitch he receives from Drew?

It’s good to have friends when you need to share a secret, so Nina’s glad to have Ava as her confidante.

Despite having gotten off to the rockiest of starts, Mac and Cody get a bit closer.

Fans rejoice! When Calls the Heart meets Chesapeake Shores as two favorites team up for a double dose of romance in a new Hall mark movie premiere.

And look through our gallery below featuring timeless then-and-now photos of former General Hospital faves.

— Richard Simms/Amy Mistretta


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