Spoilers for the Week of February 27, 2023

03/03/2023 03:20 pm

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Soaps.com has the latest, new General Hospital spoilers for two weeks ahead from Monday, February 27, to Friday, March 10. The line is finally drawn in the sand, as Heather erupts in a fury. Plus, romance is in the air for Dex and Joss, TJ delivers important news, and Kristina makes a shocking discovery!

General Hospital spoilers week of February 27:

General Hospital spoilers for Monday, February 27:

Heather threatens Laura

In today’s recap, as Heather is dragged away by the cops, she promises Laura she hasn’t seen the last of her. Ava panics when she learns Elizabeth confessed to the police, and an angry Curtis confronts Jordan about Trina.

When Esme draws a line in the sand, will anyone dare cross it?

Spencer needs as many people in his corner as he can get, so he’ll no doubt appreciate the encouragement he receives from Laura.

Someone must be in need of a little legal advice, because Molly’s about to offer up her professional opinion. (Given how many crimes are committed in this town, pursuing a law degree is definitely a smart option for anyone looking to remain employed!)

Jordan wasn’t necessarily to blame for what went down after Curtis’ wedding, but he’s still not thrilled with the role she played. How will Jordan reacts when confronted by him?

Want to hear three terrifying words: Heather lashes out. Will her anger wind up adding to the body count she’s already racked up as the hook killer?

Fans asked and she answered… Vanessa Marcil reveals whether her great ride as Brenda is over for good.

General Hospital spoilers for Tuesday February 28:

Ava and Austin are busted GH

In today’s recap, Dante searches for clues to Nikolas’ whereabouts when he discovers the locked closet that Ava and Austin hid his body in, and Obrecht fumes when she learns Liz knew where Esme was as the hook claimed her final victim, Britt.

Portia catches Jordan off guard… but in a good or bad way?

Ava may need a helping hand when she finds herself in a bit of a jam.

Franco may be long gone (sob!), but Scott is still firmly in former daughter-in-law Elizabeth’s corner, a fact for which she’s grateful.

Trina makes it clear she’s not changing her mind.

Michael and Willow are facing their toughest challenge ever, and Sasha is right there to offer her support.

A soap alum is keeping a tantalizing secret — from a fellow daytime star — but we can tell you what it is, though!

General Hospital spoilers for Wednesday, March 1:

Obrecht is a match GH

In today’s recap, Obrecht and Nina get the test results indicating whether the doctor is a match for Willow, Ava and Austin are stunned that Nikolas’ body is missing, and the Cassadine’s whereabouts are revealed.

Heartbroken… Soap alum shares devastating news of her father’s suicide.

When Dante suspects that he knows what’s what, with whom will he sahre his theory?

Bold & Beautiful‘s Sean Kanan (ex-A.J.) sends a heartfelt message to a daytime legend — plus, watch a drama-filled clip of the former GH castmates as their characters battled it out over the death of a woman.

Dex thinks he has Sonny exactly where he and Michael want him. So why is Dex the one being made to squirm by the mob boss?

Obrecht expresses her outrage.

TJ has some very important news to deliver.

Can the family that stays together get through even the worst of times? That’s what we’ll find out when Carly and Joss rally around Michael.

The family of Maura West (Ava) makes the best of a “chilling” scenario.

General Hospital spoilers for Thursday, March 2:

Eileen's scary encounter

In today’s recap, Kristina makes a surprising find during a brunch with Sam and Molly to celebrate Molly and TJ’s anniversary, and Laura and Robert put the next phase of their plan for Eileen Ashby into motion, as the deputy mayor has a horrifying encounter in the hospital morgue.

Gregory can’t help but admire Alexis.

Viewers couldn’t help but notice sparks when Diane and Robert crossed paths a while back. Will they reignite when the pair catch up today?

After all they’ve been through, Brook Lynn certainly knows she can trust Maxie, which is why she takes her into her confidence.

Exclusive: Alum Ashley Jones (ex-Parker) recalls her “very daunting” days at Young & Restless — plus, the actress gives props to two castmates, even though she “lost both times.”

What eyebrow-raising discovery does Kristina make… and what will she do with what she’s uncovered?

Laura takes a meeting with Eileen.

Cameron Mathison and Alison Sweeney team up once again on Hallmark.

General Hospital spoilers for Friday, March 3:

Anna gets Eileen to turn on Victor GH

In today’s recap, Anna, with some help, convinces Eileen to turn on Victor. Victor meets the new Cassadine, but then Spencer is delivered a devastating blow by Diane. Finally, Alexis confronts Gregory over lying to her about PCU.

Alexis finds herself with questions.

Maxie goes fishing for information, but is she using the right bait?

Join us as we give the little cuties a proper welcome to daytime and meet the newcomers who are already melting your heart.

Sasha thinks it’s time to clear the air.

Fan favorites reunite as Lacey Chabert and Will Kemp dance their way into a new Hallmark mystery with a killer twist!

What’s got Molly feeling so uneasy?

Something seems to be standing between Spencer and his goal.

Laura Wright reveals what pairs well with “forever friends” and shares photos during a recent adventure.

And if you think things are crazy in Port Charles these days, take a look back at other memorable storylines in our gallery below featuring General Hospital through the years.

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