Spoilers for the Week of January 30, 2023

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Ava surprises Nikolas GH

Soaps.com has the latest, new General Hospital spoilers for two weeks ahead from Monday, January 30, to Friday, February 10. Nina ends up learning a secret, Esme’s in for big shock, and Michael receives upsetting news — plus, Heather comes up with a new scheme, Finn is left in disbelief, and many come together for Britt’s memorial…

General Hospital spoilers week of January 30:

General Hospital spoilers for Monday, January 30:

Stella has questions GH

In today’s recap, Stella’s suspicious upon learning about Trina’s genealogy test and match, Nina tries to reach out to Willow, and Marshall has news for Curtis.

Nina becomes privy to a secret.

Sonny supports Michael.

Maxie and Sasha catch up.

Felicia delivers a surprise.

Curtis reassures Marshall.

As Tabyana Ali (Trina) reaches a big milestone, Eden McCoy (Joss) opens her heart about the “most beautiful girl” inside and out.

General Hospital spoilers for Tuesday January 31:

Willow codes GH

In today’s recap, Willow delivers her baby girl, but things quickly go horribly wrong and she finds herself in the light with someone familiar. Plus, Stella learns Curtis may be Trina’s father, and Ava gives Spencer damning information.

Drew assists Curtis.

Carolyn blasts Nikolas, as a familiar face replaces Marcus Coloma.

Esme gets a shock.

Liz preps a patient for surgery.

Stella is suspicious.

Things can get “wild” during a road trip to the Garden State, as pals Nicholas Alexander Chavez (Spencer) and William Lipton (Cameron) reveal their stunning transformations after being “in New Jersey for less than 12 hours.”

General Hospital spoilers for Wednesday, February 1:

Harmony meets Willow GH

In today’s recap, Harmony tries to convince Willow to go into the light with her, but Willow’s saved by a familiar voice. Plus, Carolyn tells Elizabeth what Nikolas is up to, and warns her that he’s not her friend.

Trina advises Spencer.

Nik visits Esme.

Carolyn warns Liz.

Michael gets worrisome news.

Stella is torn.

General Hospital spoilers for Thursday, February 2:

In today’s recap, after vowing she’s through with Nikolas, Elizabeth reveals the truth to Finn. Plus, friends and family gather to say goodbye to Britt, and Terry reveals a touching surprise at her memorial.

Britt’s loved ones gather for her memorial.

Heather concocts a new scheme.

Liz wants to talk with Finn.

Brad makes a request of Selina.

Laura pleads with Nik.

General Hospital spoilers for Friday, February 3:

Finn listens to Liz GH

In today’s recap, Spencer informs his father of his plans to take custody of his sibling, Nikolas realizes Spencer is working with Ava against him, and Elizabeth informs Finn she’s going to turn herself in after confessing all to him.

Photos! You won’t believe who soap vet Susan Lucci is hanging out with these days!

Spencer makes a stunning announcement.

Finn is left reeling.

Blaze confides in Chase.

Laura tries to play peacemaker.

Austin encounters Ava.

With his run as Nik over, Marcus Coloma sits down with two of his former castmates and admits, “The big surprise is how much it hurt.”

General Hospital spoilers week of February 6:

General Hospital spoilers for Monday, February 6:

Liz takes Finn’s advice into account.

Chase has a change of heart.

Laura pleads with Spencer.

Ava is pushed too far.

Austin puts Mason on notice.

Laura Wright (Carly) reveals her daughter’s diagnosis — and the castmate whose ‘rock-star sister-in-law’ was key to getting her well.

General Hospital spoilers for Tuesday February 7:

Brad makes a special delivery.

Curtis and Portia get bad news.

Spencer makes a big ask.

Austin offers assistance.

Jordan and Taggert have a frank talk.

Sharing precious pics of his beautiful family, Jason Thompson (ex-Patrick) reflects on the passage of time — and relays a very important message, “I see a lot of things here.”

General Hospital spoilers for Wednesday, February 8:

Scott gets a shock.

Ava reassures Laura.

Nina shares her dilemma with Obrecht.

Finn seeks Alexis’s expertise.

Sonny is on the outside looking in.

Chad Duell (Michael) gets all decked out for his latest adventure, as the daytime star shares shots from a magical time with his honey.

General Hospital spoilers for Thursday, February 9:

Austin delivers medical news.

Liesl takes matters into her own hands.

Gregory considers Alexis’ offer.

Ava tries to problem-solve.

Liz updates Finn.

General Hospital spoilers for Friday, February 10:

It’s Curtis and Portia’s wedding day.

TJ and Jordan have a heart-to-heart.

Nina delivers a sentimental gift.

Ava voices her concern to Austin.

Laura catches up with Taggert.

Death is coming to General Hospital this February. Find out which character(s) are likeliest to wind up in the morgue in our new photo gallery below.

— Amy Mistretta


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