Spoilers for the Week of January 02, 2023

01/08/2023 07:05 am

diane meets with Maxie and Sasha GH

Soaps.com has the latest, new General Hospital spoilers for two weeks ahead from Monday, January 2, to Friday, January 13. Finn tries desperately to deal with his pain, while Elizabeth has an important talk with Cameron. Things seem to be getting tenser between Nikolas and Victor, while Trina shares something that worries her mom, and someone is in need of Diane’s legal services!

General Hospital spoilers week of January 2:

General Hospital spoilers for Monday, January 2:

Even the always-busy residents of Port Charles need an occasional day off, and it looks like that’s what they’ll be getting today. No episode will air.

General Hospital spoilers for Tuesday January 3:

In today’s recap, Joss is attacked but saved by not one, but two people, and the hook’s identity is finally revealed.

Carly and Drew make time to celebrate. (Given that their union could lead to major legal problems, here’s hoping they’re smart enough to have a private party as opposed to making a public spectacle of themselves!

Dante and Sam have a pretty strong relationship, but he’s not been entirely honest with her…especially where his past with Cody is concerned. When Dante decides to share a bit more of himself, does that mean he might finally fill her in on that part of his past?

If there’s one person you can probably trust, it’s the woman who helped you keep a pregnant lady locked in a turret. So it makes sense that Nikolas will confide in Elizabeth. In other Cassadine news, Spencer is about to find out something surprising.

Will Port Charles start the year off with a decrease in the local population? That could be the case when the hook strikes again!

Move over, Magic Milo! Watch Chad Duell (Michael) bust a move — plus, relive one of the Nurses Ball’s sexiest performances ever featuring the ABC soap actor and a few other Port Charles hotties… You’re welcome!

General Hospital spoilers for Wednesday, January 4:

Obrecht holds Britt GH

In today’s recap, the hook killer claims her latest victim, Joss breaks Cam’s heart, and Esme’s revelation has everyone asking questions.

Trina’s a pretty smart young lady, so when she speaks up about her concerns, it might be smart for those around her to listen.

Now that we know who the hook really is, two questions remain: Does the twist make sense… and what happens next?

Cameron had a very special relationship with the late Franco (who, despite dying way back in 2021, still wound up making our 2022 Best & Worst list!). While the artist may be gone, his dad, Scott, still shares a nice bond with Cameron, as proved when they catch up.

We might suggest that it’s not a great idea for Laura, as mayor, to be spending time in the company of former mob queen Ava. Then again, half of the citizens have ties to organized crime, so this might be a voter base worth pursuing.

Elizabeth and Nikolas work together toward a common goal. Could the lie that they told about her supposed pregnancy have the ironic effect of bringing the exes closer again?

Does the fact that Dante’s heading to the hospital in order to question a patient mean that the latest victim of the hook survived the attack?

Kelly Thiebaud makes a heartbreaking exit as Britt dies in her mother’s arms.

General Hospital spoilers for Thursday, January 5:

Esme gets shocking visitors GH

In today’s recap, Esme receives several visitors, including one who intends her harm, Maxie and Brad learn of Britt’s Huntington’s Disease, and Ryan reveals big news to Heather.

Martin hasn’t had much to do of late, but he’ll be kept a bit busier thanks to a new client who requires his services.

Cody hasn’t made many friends since coming to town, so he might be wise to listen to a far more popular resident. But will he take Felicia up on her suggestion?

With Rory gone and Chase’s career still up in the air, it’s time to meet the new addition to the Port Charles PD!

What has Elizabeth asking Kevin for a bit of help?

Heather’s actions aren’t always easily understood by those who see things through saner eyes, but today she’ll make an effort to explain herself.

News of a tragedy spreads across Port Charles.

If you think it was hard to watch Wednesday’s scenes, Kelly Thiebaud shares many a fan’s feeling about Britt’s swan song…

General Hospital spoilers for Friday, January 6:

willow results gh

In today’s recap, Willow gets life-changing news, Sonny makes Spencer an offer, and Nina prevents her aunt from making a grave mistake.

Sonny has always had a soft spot in his heart for Spencer, but he’s definitely not feeling the love toward the young man’s dad. What has Sonny putting Nikolas on blast?

Willow gets the kind of call that could prove incredibly important moving forward.

Never one to let others do her dirty work, Obrecht steps up and takes matters into her own hands. Meanwhile, Carly is there when someone needs support.

What is the shocking news received by Spencer?

Nicholas Chavez gives a preview for what’s ahead as Spencer faces his greatest fear: Losing Trina forever.

Were you were one of the 5.5 million Fire Country viewers left hanging on the edge of your seats when Bode went over the bridge in the fall finale? If so, you won’t want to miss this preview as his ultimate fate is revealed in Friday’s winter premiere!

As we look forward to what 2023 has in store for Port Charles, look back on the 2022 storylines in our General Hospital year in review in the photo gallery below.

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