Spoilers for the Week of December 26, 2022

01/01/2023 08:10 am

Spencer assures Rory GH

Soaps.com has the latest, new General Hospital spoilers for two weeks ahead from Monday, December 26, to Friday, January 6. Heather learns intriguing information, Cyrus offers to help Laura, Liz shares a revelation with Finn, and Obrecht takes matters into her own hands — plus, the holidays are in full swing in Port Charles!

General Hospital spoilers week of December 26:

General Hospital spoilers for Monday, December 26:

Heather makes a deal GH
Today on General Hospital, Heather offers to help Mac and Robert catch Esme, but wants something in return. And Laura and Curtis are both suspicious when they see Trina and Spencer with their heads together. 

Terry shouldn’t be surprised by anything Britt does, and yet somehow, she is. (Could this have something to do with that killer party Britt’s planning to throw for herself?)

A little bit of information in the wrong hands can be a very dangerous thing. And in the hands of Heather Webber? Well, we can’t imagine what kind of chaos it will create!

Proving to be a friend indeed, Dante encourages Cody. But will his pal listen?

Trina and Spencer are of the same mind. But will their determination pay off?

Robert and Mac are ready to hit the negotiating table.

General Hospital spoilers for Tuesday December 27:

Carly deceives Drew again GH

In today’s recap, Carly manages to thwart Drew’s search for Willow’s birth parents again by hiding a key piece of information from him, and Dex has a warning for Sonny about the Pikeman Security Group.

Remember when Brook Lynn and Maxie couldn’t stand one another? They’ve come a long way, thanks to having cooked up a few schemes together. So it’s no surprise that when Brook Lynn needs someone to talk to, Maxie is there.

Michael continues to be 100 percent supportive of Willow and her plans.

Sonny was wary when Valentin approached him with a deal being suggested by rivals. When Sonny brokers a deal, is it with regards to that shady offer?

Carly continues to run interference, completely ignoring us as we sit here with our warnings that she’s likely to regret her actions. (Why, oh why, do the TV people never listen?)

Chase and Sasha find time to catch one another up on recent events.

General Hospital spoilers for Wednesday, December 28:

anna and valentin meet andre GH

In today’s recap, Anna turns to an old friend for help locating Lucy, Ava is stunned when Spencer apologizes to her, and Cyrus offers to help Laura take Victor down.

We don’t necessarily think of Obrecht as the most honest of folks, but we suspect that the promise she makes today is one she intends to keep.

They’re clearly serving up ice cream in Hell, because Spencer does something we never thought we’d see: apologize to Ava. (Then again, we’ve been seeing sparks fly between the two for a long time, and even his portrayer suggested the pair might one day cross the line!)

They say that sometimes, help comes from the place you least expect it to… which will certainly prove to be the case when Cyrus offers a hand to Laura!

Anna and Valentin find themselves getting deeper into an unfolding mystery.

Victor, determined to make it clear who is the true head of the Cassadine family, gives Nikolas a warning.

General Hospital reveals the real reason Marcus Coloma won’t be the actor playing Nikolas’ final scenes.

General Hospital spoilers for Thursday, December 29:

britt birthday party gh

In today’s recap, Britt’s New Year’s Eve birthday bash gets underway with lots of surprises, Esme acquires what she needs for her latest plan to escape, and Nikolas leaves Laura stunned.

Ever since Liz found out that Esme is being held hostage by Nikolas, the schemer has seen the nurse as a weak link. When Esme starts trying to play Elizabeth, will she find a way to unnerve her?

Michael isn’t one to give up easily!

When Ava at last reveals what she’s really, truly after, to whom will she spill the beans?

Laura isn’t about to sit on her ever-mounting suspicions.

Ready or not, the party of the year kicks off as Britt prepares to celebrate her birthday in high style!

General Hospital spoilers for Friday, December 30:

Britt's big birthday bash GH

In today’s recap, Port Charles rings in the New Year, Britt slips away from her party at midnight, Esme takes a leap of faith, and the killer lunges towards their next target.

New Year’s Eve will definitely be rockin’ in Port Charles as Liz decides to share some information with Finn, Laura gives son Nikolas a nudge, Britt’s party is the scene of one surprise after another, and Esme decides the time is right to take a huge risk!

And with the year winding down to a close, take a look at soaps’ best and worst of 2022 in the photo gallery below.

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