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Nina and Obrecht task gh

Soaps.com has the latest, new General Hospital spoilers for two weeks ahead from Monday, December 12, to Friday, December 23. Carly finds herself having to deal with a longtime rival, Spencer and Trina get closer in at least one sense, and Obrecht takes on a mission with niece Nina.

General Hospital spoilers week of December 12:

General Hospital spoilers for Monday, December 12:

Finn shocked by Liz GH

In today’s recap, Finn is stung when Liz answers whether she’s pregnant or not, Carly thwarts Drew’s investigation into Willow’s parents, and Heather and Ryan vow to find out what happened to Esme.

When Heather forms an alliance, it is obviously of the unholy variety. After all, would the she-devil be able to forge any other type?

Try as she might, Esme fails to bend Nikolas to her will. Meanwhile, his wife is on hand to offer Trina comfort during her time of need.

What sends Finn reeling?

Someone won’t be thrilled with the news that Drew’s been tasked with delivering!

As Ryan plots his next move, Jon Lindstrom embarks on “the journey of my life.”

General Hospital spoilers for Tuesday December 13:

Willow confides in Drew

In today’s recap, Willow tells Drew she has leukemia, Ava informs Nikolas about her decision regarding their marriage, and Maxie walks out on Austin after learning what he did to Spinelli.

It was only a few days ago that Sonny and Nina were basking in one another’s company and declaring their devotion… so why is she now questioning her place in his life?

Drew finds himself getting closer to Willow, while Carly’s latest scheme hits a bit of a snag. (Anyone else suspect that her attempts to keep Willow in the dark are going to bite her in the butt with several characters?)

Austin does something that definitely doesn’t sit well with Maxie.

Alexis and Gregory try to figure out their next move.

Yellowstone Shocker! The show wouldn’t really kill off [Spoiler], would it?!?

General Hospital spoilers for Wednesday, December 14:

Dante and Rory get leads GH

In today’s recap, Rory follows a lead on the hook killer, Spencer punches Dex, and Sonny offers Obrecht comforting words.

One thing we’ll say about Port Charles: Even after all these years, the residents can still surprise us. Take, for example, Sonny showing up to support… Obrecht?!?

Britt is a complex character, but her love for best bud Brad can’t be questioned. Today, he’s touched by what she does.

When Maxie needs a friend, Cody tries to fill that void.

Rory gets a thumbs-up from Jordan. Meanwhile, something pushes Spencer to the point of losing his temper!

Laura Wright reacts to a Carly fan who refuses to split hairs, which just proves that even the most exciting storylines aren’t what keep viewers tuning in. #GH

General Hospital spoilers for Thursday, December 15:

rory stabbed gh

In today’s recap, Rory is attacked by the hook, who gets away. Rory is rushed to the hospital Finn and Portia rush to save his life. And Nikolas stuns Ava with a delivery and some news.

Alexis and Curtis compare notes.

Dante is hot on the trail as he pursues a lead. But will it result in him solving a mystery?

Nikolas has been trying to juggle a lot of balls of late. When he’s put on the spot, will he accidentally drop one? And what is it that leaves Ava downright shocked? Could it have anything to do with the latest tragedy which is about to become the talk of Port Charles?

Chad Duell (Michael) takes a break with a couple of special people and drops in on two “cuties” behind the scenes.

General Hospital spoilers for Friday, December 16:

In today’s recap, Trina is devastated when Rory dies, a clue is found in Rory’s coat pocket that could lead to the killer, and Liz has stunning news for Nikolas about Esme.

Well, some of the locals might want to prepare themselves, because Ava is declaring war!

Elizabeth can’t help but fear the worst. But is she worrying for nothing or being terribly prescient?

Spencer may not always make the right decisions, but Laura makes it clear that she has faith in her grandson.

Having already had a tough go of it this year, things don’t appear to be getting better for Trina, who is absolutely devastated.

Drat, he got the hook: Michael Blake Kruse exits as the killer claims another victim.

As Anna worries about the events swirling out of control around her, Valentin offers his support and assurances that everything will work out.

Surprise! Maurice Benard adds a new member to the family that he never expected.

General Hospital spoilers week of December 19:

General Hospital spoilers for Monday, December 19:

You gotta have friends, as the song says, so Ava will probably be glad to have Nina and Sonny swing by to check on her.

Nikolas and Elizabeth definitely aren’t seeing things eye to eye.

When Josslyn needs comforting, mom Carly is there to provide it.

Brook Lynn is hurt by what Chase has to say.

Drew and Alexis take a meeting.

Wally Kurth (Ned) snaps a rare photo of his son that may qualify as a Christmas miracle.

General Hospital spoilers for Tuesday December 20:

Talk about close calls! Carly manages to dodge a bullet. (Hopefully, not a literal one… although in this town, it could go either way!)

Drew’s got a new theory, but can he find evidence to support it?

Things may have changed, but one thing remains constant: The friction that continues to exist between Nikolas and Spencer.

Sam can’t help but worry about Dante.

Phyllis lends Nina an ear during her time of need.

General Hospital spoilers for Wednesday, December 21:

What do you get someone who has — or can buy — everything? Guess we’ll find out as the Quartermaines exchange presents!

Alexis offers some sound advice to nephew Spencer.

Maxie has never been one to mince words, as Austin will find out when she’s completely honest with him.

Why is Gregory getting up in Chase’s face?

Curtis is sure to be moved by the gift he receives from Marshall.

General Hospital spoilers for Thursday, December 22:

Dex and Josslyn will likely find themselves getting closer again when he rides to her rescue.

Trina and Spencer put their heads together. (Dare we hope that perhaps their lips will get close enough to smooch?) Meanwhile, Esme tries to push all of Nikolas’ buttons.

Carly and Ava have had to exist in one another’s orbits for years, but today they’ll carve out a little bit of common ground.

Chase puts all his cards on the table while talking to BLQ.

General Hospital spoilers for Friday, December 23:

Port Charles wakes up ready to celebrate Christmas morning.

Scott has an important reminder for former daughter-in-law Elizabeth.

Austin has a situation which definitely requires Britt’s expertise.

Sasha has something very important on her to-do list, and Sonny is there to help her get it done.

Nina and her aunt Liesl join forces to take on a mission. But can they pull it off and manage to stay out of trouble? Given their record, that’s a valid question!

Take a funny trip behind the scenes with your favorite soap stars in the photo gallery below.

— Richard Simms/Amy Mistretta


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