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Soaps.com has the latest, new General Hospital spoilers for two weeks ahead from Monday, December 5, to Friday, December 16. Carly’s furious by what Nina’s been up to concerning her daughter, a gift is delivered to Spencer, as Victor unveils a surprise — plus, Felicia receives troubling news, Dex is put on notice, and Ava declares war!

General Hospital spoilers week of December 5:

General Hospital spoilers for Monday, December 5:

Felicia provides Valentin with a way to contact Anna GH

With everything going on in their lives, it’s not surprising that Michael and Willow find themselves wrapped up in a serious discussion.

Britt now knows that she’s living on borrowed time, so she shares her plan for the future with Austin. (Is it too late for the show to finally put them together, which we’ve been advocating for ages?)

Longtime friends Robert and Laura hope that by putting their heads together, they can solve a problem.

Will Felicia provide Valentin the information he’s pushing her to give?

Sonny applies pressure to Dex. Will the younger man be able to stand strong?

His life in pictures: As Maurice Benard’s son turns 18, look back at his evolution from cute kid to rising star: “Thank you for teaching me how to be a better father.”

General Hospital spoilers for Tuesday December 6:

HEather gets a surprise GH

In today’s recap, Heather gets a surprise visitor, as does Nikolas, Curtis and Alexis team up to catch the hook, and Victor has news for Spencer.

Elizabeth has been a somewhat reluctant partner to Nikolas, but that doesn’t mean she won’t call Esme’s bluff when push comes to shove!

As always, Ava is in Trina’s corner. But will the younger woman listen to the advice she’s offered?

Who’s behind the gift Spencer receives?

Alexis takes a meeting with Curtis, while Jordan finds herself receiving an invitation.

General Hospital spoilers for Wednesday, December 7:

Felicia finds a clue GH

In today’s recap, Victor has surprising news for Spencer, Felicia finds a code in the diamonds from the necklace, and Jeff tells Elizabeth how wrong he was and apologizes to her.

Dante and Cody have been friends for years, so it makes sense that the relative newcomer confides in Sam’s beau… but about what?

Terry and Britt have slowly gotten closer. Will Liesl’s daughter open up when Terry senses that something is wrong with her co-worker?

Victor delivers a surprise.

Finn wants answers from Nikolas. Might he be wanting to know more about why the Cassadine heir and Liz are spending so much time together of late?

Felicia is about to have a whole new reason to worry.

General Hospital spoilers for Thursday, December 8:

Heather visits Ryan

In today’s recap, Ryan gives Jordan an important clue about the hook’s letter, Heather later visits Ryan to talk. Over in Ireland, Martin helps Anna and Valentin escape from federal agents.

Yellowstone horror! Devastating preview hints at [Spoiler]’s death.

Someone is about to find themselves on the receiving end of a threat from Sonny.

When Martin is called upon to create a diversion, what’s he trying to draw attention from?

When Finn pleads his case to Elizabeth, will it be heard with an open heart, or might it fall on deaf ears? Meanwhile, her partner-in-literal-crime, Nikolas, finds himself being put on the spot.

Christmas is going to come early for Ryan when the object of his obsession, Ava, swings by for a visit!

General Hospital spoilers for Friday, December 9:

heather taunts ryan gh

In today’s recap, while Heather and Ryan reminisce about their past, he confronts her about what she left him with, Finn asks Elizabeth if she’s pregnant, and Spencer crashes Trina and Rory’s date.

It looks like Dex is on pretty thin ice with Sonny, who puts his associate on notice.

Nina’s been getting under Carly’s skin by butting into her business time and again. So something tells us Carly will be majorly ticked if she finds out that Sonny’s current girlfriend is attempting to bond with Josslyn!

Finn’s in for a shock, and he might just wish he could unsee what he’s about to see!

Spencer jumps to a conclusion and, as often is the case when that happens, it will definitely be the wrong one.

Could this finally be the moment we’ve been waiting for? The ABC soap may have just cast the character who’ll reveal Nina and Willow’s family tie.

Whether you’re looking forward to or dreading getting together with your relatives in the weeks to come, you can still spend some time with your soap favorites as you peruse our brand-new photo gallery full of family portraits of the most cantankerous clans in daytime history.

— Richard Simms/Amy Mistretta


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