Spoilers for the Week of November 28, 2022

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Finn worried about Liz GH

Soaps.com has the latest, new General Hospital spoilers for two weeks ahead from Monday, November 28, to Friday, December 9. Ava’s about to go where angels fear to tread — which shouldn’t surprise us, given that she’s definitely no angel! Meanwhile, Nina does something sure to get Carly’s goat, Sonny seems wary of someone in his inner circle, and after trying to make his case to Elizabeth, Finn sees something that will cause his jaw to hit the floor!

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General Hospital spoilers week of November 28:

General Hospital spoilers for Monday, November 28:

In today’s recap, a desperate Holly is forced to take a hostage as she flees, Victor finally moves into Wyndemere, and Heather runs into a familiar face.

When someone unexpected calls Scott, will it be a voice from the past or someone he knows, perhaps looking for representation?

Talk about unusual alliances! Kevin and Mac turn to Ava, of all people, when they need a bit of help.

Heather is questioned by Dante.

Victor jumps to a conclusion, but it’s definitely not the right one.

Desperate times call for desperate measures, and they don’t come much more desperate than Holly is right now. But what will her next move be?

Chad Duell and Laura Wright drop photos to whet your appetite for what’s to come — and it’s something fans look forward to every year!

General Hospital spoilers for Tuesday November 29:

Robert orders Holly out GH

In today’s recap, Holly is cornered by the PCPD, and their standoff ends in tragedy. Sonny spends Thanksgiving with some of his family, while the Quartermaines have pizza once again thanks to an uninvited guest.

It’s time to carve the Thanksgiving turkey. But will the Quartermaines have the dinner the rest of us have… or their own traditional pizza?

What’s got Sam so concerned that she feels the need to seek Dante’s counsel?

Nina and Sonny have been through a few rough patches of late, but he offers her assurances.

What has Alexis done to warrant a visit from an unhappy Jordan?

Holly may have to answer a few burning questions when she’s put in the hot seat.

Could Rocco be returning just in time for a big event?

General Hospital spoilers for Wednesday, November 30:

Chase lashes out at BLQ GH

In today’s recap, Chase ends his relationship with Brook Lynn over her betrayal, Holly goes up in flames when the cabin explodes – but it’s not as it first appears. And Ms. Wu carries out an important task.

Brook Lynn is about the find out the hard way that actions — even hers — have consequences.

Will Cody and Liesl be able to strike a deal?

Trina has bonded with Marshall so much that it is him to whom she turns when she needs someone to confide in.

Victor is furious… and we can’t help but suspect an angry Victor is a dangerous Victor!

Curtis and Portia have a long overdue conversation regarding family matters.

After a momentous first with her 8-year-old, Kirsten Storms (Maxie) lets fans “see how cute this little nugget looks in her winter outfit.”

General Hospital spoilers for Thursday, December 1:

nina asks willow favor gh

In today’s recap, an argument between Nina and Willow takes a potentially deadly turn, Chase learns the review board’s decision about his status as a cop, and Carly advises Joss about a big decision and Dex.

Given how alike the mother and daughter are, it’s appropriate that Josslyn finds herself turning to Carly.

Michael may find that Dex is a bit harder to keep in check than he’d originally imagined, leading him to issue a warning to the guy who’s getting ever closer to Joss.

Chase and Sasha take time to catch up with one another.

Well, here’s a scenario we never really imagined: When Valentin finds himself in need of assistance, he turns to Sonny! (Then again, both have a soft spot for Anna.)

With Anna out of the country there has been a lot of speculation going around, and now Finola Hughes has addressed her General Hospital status.

Cynthia Watros (Nina) reaches out during what can be a “challenging” time — and gives us all something very important to think about.

General Hospital spoilers for Friday, December 2:

In today’s recap, Michael wants Willow to tell people she’s sick after her latest health scare, Cyrus opens Spencer’s eyes about his Uncle Victor, and Nina comes to a realization thanks to Carly.

What brings Sam and Sasha together for a bonding session?

Looks like things won’t be getting better between Spencer and Nikolas anytime soon, given that the younger man pushes back against his dad’s latest attempt to reconnect.

Drew gets one step closer to solving a mystery.

Dex has a proposition for Josslyn, but it appears they aren’t on the same page.

How serious a situation is it when Willow finds herself in need of medical assistance?

First look as Harry and Meghan’s real-life love story comes to the screen — fairy-tale wedding, royal pains and more… “No one sees what’s happened behind closed doors.”

General Hospital spoilers week of December 5:

General Hospital spoilers for Monday, December 5:

With everything going on in their lives, it’s not surprising that Michael and Willow find themselves wrapped up in a serious discussion.

Britt now knows that she’s living on borrowed time, so she shares her plan for the future with Austin. (Is it too late for the show to finally put them together, which we’ve been advocating for ages?)

Longtime friends Robert and Laura hope that by putting their heads together, they can solve a problem.

Will Felicia provide Valentin the information he’s pushing her to give?

Sonny applies pressure to Dex. Will the younger man be able to stand strong?

The honeymoon ain’t over: Great news times three (!) for fans of Hallmark’s The Wedding Veil movies!

General Hospital spoilers for Tuesday December 6:

Elizabeth has been a somewhat reluctant partner to Nikolas, but that doesn’t mean she won’t call Esme’s bluff when push comes to shove!

As always, Ava is in Trina’s corner. But will the younger woman listen to the advice she’s offered?

Who’s behind the gift Spencer receives?

Alexis takes a meeting with Curtis, while Jordan finds herself receiving an invitation.

General Hospital spoilers for Wednesday, December 7:

Dante and Cody have been friends for years, so it makes sense that the relative newcomer confides in Sam’s beau… but about what?

Terry and Britt have slowly gotten closer. Will Liesl’s daughter open up when Terry senses that something is wrong with her co-worker?

Victor delivers a surprise.

Finn wants answers from Nikolas. Might he be wanting to know more about why the Cassadine heir and Liz are spending so much time together of late?

Felicia is about to have a whole new reason to worry.

General Hospital spoilers for Thursday, December 8:

Someone is about to find themselves on the receiving end of a threat from Sonny.

When Martin is called upon to create a diversion, what’s he trying to draw attention from?

When Finn pleads his case to Elizabeth, will it be heard with an open heart, or might it fall on deaf ears? Meanwhile, her partner-in-literal-crime, Nikolas, finds himself being put on the spot.

Christmas is going to come early for Ryan when the object of his obsession, Ava, swings by for a visit!

General Hospital spoilers for Friday, December 9:

It looks like Dex is on pretty thin ice with Sonny, who puts his associate on notice.

Nina’s been getting under Carly’s skin by butting into her business time and again. So something tells us Carly will be majorly ticked if she finds out that Sonny’s current girlfriend is attempting to bond with Josslyn!

Finn’s in for a shock, and he might just wish he could unsee what he’s about to see!

Spencer jumps to a conclusion and, as often is the case when that happens, it will definitely be the wrong one.

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— Richard Simms/Amy Mistretta


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