Spoilers for the Week of September 19, 2022

09/25/2022 06:41 am

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Soaps.com has the latest, new General Hospital spoilers for two weeks ahead from Monday, September 19, to Friday, September 30. Jordan receives new info regarding her investigation, as Curtis becomes extra wary of Selina — plus, Elizabeth finds a shocking clue to her past, Alexis and Gregory make a gruesome discovery, Brook Lynn helps Chase prepare for a performance, and Port Charles mourns the death of one of their own.

General Hospital spoilers week of September 19:

General Hospital spoilers for Monday, September 19:

Jordan questions Brando

In today’s recap, Brando recalls an important detail about his attacker, while Liz undergoes hypnosis and remembers more of her troubling memory.

Like any good husband-to-be would, Curtis reassures Portia.

When Elizabeth uncovers more of her memories, we come one step closer to figuring out exactly what’s been going on with her.

Ah! Back to business as usual for BFFs Joss and Trina: Cameron’s girlfriend vents to her gal pal. Could he have done something to tick off his sweetheart?

Gregory issues an invitation to Alexis, one that, if he flashes that smile of his, we doubt she’ll be able to turn down.

Dex runs interference… but between whom? Could Sonny be about to find out that his new hire is actually on Michael’s payroll?

Her life in pictures: As the daughter of Maurice Benard turns 28, revisit memorable moments, from being her dad’s mini-me to becoming a proud mom.

General Hospital spoilers for Tuesday September 20:

Portia something sinister GH

In today’s recap, the hook claims their first victim, Portia believes something sinister is going on, Liz has a breakthrough, and Carly gets shocking news.

Port Charles comes together to mark the passing of one of their own, as Johnny Wactor exits General Hospital as Brando.

Sonny finds himself reflecting on the loss of his dad, Mike.

Despite already having several personal and professional battles in progress, Carly finds time to take on yet another.

Stella is there when TJ needs someone in whom to confide.

Portia hopes that Finn might be able to offer her a bit of advice during their consultation.

Her life in pictures: As the daughter of GH alum Jason Thompson (ex-Patrick) turns 5, look back on treasured moments from being a “girl boss” to smelling like “cotton candy and roses.”

General Hospital spoilers for Wednesday, September 21:

In today’s recap, Portia confirms what really killed Brando, Victor makes Lucy an offer, and Chase auditions for a Savoy gig.

We always knew Curtis was a wise man, and he proves it by remaining wary of Selina. (Of course, a truly smart guy might have found a way to avoid becoming entangled with her in the first place… )

How will Valentin react when Anna tells him that things aren’t going quite as well as he hoped.

Two of the town’s most powerful men draw lines in the sand as Sonny issues a firm warning to Victor.

Lucy takes a perhaps surprisingly harsh stand toward Brook Lynn.

When Jordan gets new info, will it be a break in her investigation or news of yet another roadblock?

Sunday’s Chesapeake Shores Preview: [Spoiler] finds a journal and is startled by details of Nell’s past — plus, Bree uncovers a surprising connection to Luke.

General Hospital spoilers for Thursday, September 22:

Liz remembers the woman GH

In today’s recap, Finn identifies the toxin used on the hook that killed Brando, Liz recalls the face of the woman at the bottom of the stairs in her memory, and Victor takes Lucy for a ride.

Victor continues the hard-court press where Lucy is concerned. But will he manage to impress the beauty?

When Liz comes to him with a request, will Kevin grant it?

Anna and Valentin have good reason to worry.

Although Maxie tends to look on the bright side of life, she’s about to realize something that will definitely turn her smile upside down. Likewise, Carly receives news that could only be classified as “bad.”

It won’t be long now… As Yellowstone Season 5 draws ever nearer, Cole Hauser promises ‘no rest for the wicked!’

General Hospital spoilers for Friday, September 23:

Liz makes a connection GH

In today’s recap, Liz realizes she’s sketched Finn’s dead wife Reiko, and how they might be connected. Plus, the hook killer is poised to strike another person close to Sonny.

Elizabeth’s story has been one of the most problematic on the canvas thanks to major pacing issues, but we may finally get major insight into what’s going on when she finds a clue linked to her past.

Valentin tends to be the kind of guy who likes to have a plan. But today, he’ll prove that he’s pretty good at improvising, when the need arises. Meanwhile, Lucy’s game of cat-and-mouse continues as she tries getting answers from Victor.

When Nikolas needs sound advice, he turns to Alexis, knowing she’s the most grounded member of his eccentric clan. Will she be able to point him in the right direction?

Watch in disbelief as an interview with Marcus Coloma (Nik) goes completely off the rails: “That is so wrong.”

To whom is Sonny offering comfort… and how might him doing so impact others around him?

The more, the merrier: Jack Wagner (ex-Frisco) and many other soap stars — as well as Hallmark favorites — are returning to the screen this holiday season for the network’s Countdown to Christmas special!

And view our gallery below featuring Bold & Beautiful then-and-now photos, where you’ll see a familiar Port Charles face — or two.

— Richard Simms/Amy Mistretta


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