Spoilers for the Week of September 12, 2022

09/18/2022 06:30 am

Victor deals with Valentin GH

Soaps.com has the latest, new General Hospital spoilers for two weeks ahead from Monday, September 12, to Friday, September 23. Nikolas places a mysterious call, as Jordan and Dante are summoned to a crime scene — plus, Dex receives a stern reminder about who’s boss, Willow loses it and Valentin is forced to improvise!

General Hospital spoilers week of September 12:

General Hospital spoilers for Monday, September 12:

Stella tells Jordan she's not divorced GH

In today’s recap, Jordan and Curtis both get shocking news, Cody and Ms. Wu strike a business arrangement, and Liz comes to a realization about Nikolas.

Who will be on the receiving end of the bad news Stella has to deliver?

Does Ned perhaps see a bit of himself in Chase, and might that be why he’s concerned about Brook Lynn’s relationship with the singing cop?

Nikolas might want to listen when Sonny shares his suspicions. Perhaps if they pooled their resources, they could neutralize the threat that Victor poses?

They haven’t always had the best of relationships, but Finn takes a moment to thank dad Gregory for being in his corner.

Talk about two people who could cause a whole lotta trouble together: Cody meets with Selina to make a proposition. Will she take him up on it or perhaps see him as more trouble than he’s worth?

Get a look as Yellowstone favorite Cole Hauser (Rip) takes his mom for the ride of her life!

General Hospital spoilers for Tuesday September 13:

Carly plane landing GH

In today’s recap, the hook killer attacks again, Liz tells Ava the truth about Nikolas, and Carly’s plane must make an emergency landing.

As surely as a couple of ceiling fans switched on to “high,” Drew and Marshall clear the air.

When Portia visits Ava, will it be in a professional capacity, a personal one… or maybe both? After all, Trina’s mom, more than some people, is keenly invested in the recovery of the teen’s mentor.

Nikolas makes a mysterious call — but to solve an existing problem or create a new one? Actually, Nikolas being Nikolas, it could wind up being both at once.

Though Sasha makes a big decision, is she really in the right frame of mind to do so?

Someone is in grave danger. Could the hook be about to strike again?

Our hearts! Our hearts! They can’t take Wes Ramsey’s beautiful birthday message to Laura Wright.

General Hospital spoilers for Wednesday, September 14:

BRando attacked by hooker GH

In today’s recap, Brando’s life is on the line after being attacked by the hook-wielding assailant and is rushed into surgery. Plus, Carly finds herself stuck in her hometown of Jacksonville, Florida.

Carly’s travel plans, like so many of the best-laid ones, hit a snag.

How awkward will it be when former marrieds Drew and Sam discuss their relationships? Will they remain focused on the future or find themselves reflecting on the past?

Whether he cries “Eureka!” remains to be seen. In any case, Sonny makes a revelation.

Since Jordan and Dante are summoned to a crime scene, we’re going to guess that whoever was in grave danger is now one step closer to the grave!

Nikolas pleads his case. Which, given his tendency to make massive mistakes, he ought to be pretty good at. Will the person with whom he is pleading be open to what he has to say?

Sunday’s Hallmark Chesapeake Shores preview: Margaret’s news could either make or break her relationship with Connor.

General Hospital spoilers for Thursday, September 15:

Sonny gives Dex new job GH

In today’s recap, Brando experiences a complication during surgery, Sonny comes to a realization about the attacks, and Carly runs into someone from her past in Jacksonville.

Can they have run out of conversation starters so early in their romance? Must have if Trina talks to Rory about Spencer, of all people!

When Michael reminds Dex that he’s the boss, will the hot henchman fall in line… or consider switching allegiances?

Carly encounters an unfriendly face. Perhaps it’s the one that belongs to this returning blast from the past?

Understandable, considering all the stress that she’s under: Willow loses her temper.

When TJ offers an update on a patient, maybe, just maybe that patient is Willow. Could this be why she loses her temper?

Well, ok, then: Lisa LoCicero (Olivia) shares why “sometimes you just gotta stuff your skirt in your underwear.”

General Hospital spoilers for Friday, September 16:

Brando opens eyes GH

In today’s recap, Sasha and Gladys sit with Brando after surgery, Jordan believes the attacks are connected to Sonny somehow, and Dante is suspicious of Dex.

If you can’t lean on your bestie, who can you lean on? That’s certainly Britt’s thinking when she confides in Brad.

Listen up, ’cause nine times out of 10 that Curtis voices his suspicions, he’s on the right track.

Well, this promises to be adorable! Cody and Leo bond. Just don’t let the moppet mix you any drinks, Cody!

Sonny disagrees with Jordan. Which you would think would happen even more often, considering that he’s a career criminal and she’s a sworn crimefighter.

Uh-oh. If Dante is mistrustful of Dex, it seems likely that Michael’s mole is about to be found out.

Good news for Chesapeake Shores fans: Jesse Metcalfe is on his way back to our screens — and bringing a GH vet with him!

Relive Nina’s incredible true story in our photo gallery below.

— Richard Simms/Amy Mistretta


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