Spoilers for the Week of August 22, 2022

08/28/2022 07:15 am

Spencer is questioned by Trina GH

Soaps.com has the latest, new General Hospital spoilers for two weeks ahead from Monday, August 22, to Friday, September 2. What starts out as a romantic day takes a chaotic and potentially violent turn as things spiral out of control during the Quartermaine-sponsored charity picnic. Elsewhere, Spencer makes a decision, an old flame is there for Elizabeth, and Trina yet again finds herself waiting for news!

General Hospital spoilers week of August 22:

General Hospital spoilers for Monday, August 22:

MArshall and Curtis chat at pool GH

In today’s recap, Marshall worries he caused his son Tommy’s death, Leo works on a love potion for Sam and Dante, and someone gets a surprise proposal!

Who doesn’t love a picnic? Of course, something tells us that when the Quartermaines host a fundraiser for the hospital, not everything will go as planned. (Wonder if, like at Thanksgiving, they’ll wind up trading burgers and hot dogs for pizza?)

Sam and Dante are at a precarious point in their relationship. Will a little push from Brook Lynn and Olivia help the pair take the next step?

Jordan and Marshall hash things out between them.

Wanting to get a better grip on her health crisis, Willow takes a meeting with Britt.

Ruh-roh. Dex has a bad feeling that Sonny might be on to him. And let’s face it… that could be a really big (potentially fatal) problem for the young hunk!

Nikolas might have to put all of his Cassadine wiles to use if he wants to keep the truth about Esme under wraps.

Curtis has a surprise for Portia.

Watch Kirsten Storms and Days of Our Lives’ Brandon Barash take daughter Harper back-to-school shopping: “When she walked up with a taco piñata, I nearly lost it.”

General Hospital spoilers for Tuesday August 23:

Jordan overhears an important call GH

In today’s recap, Jordan overhears Portia’s call with the genetic counseling team, Willow reveals her decision about treatment to Terry, and Leo’s love potion ends up in several wrong hands.

When Willow sits Michael down for a talk, will she tell him the entire truth?

Leo jumps on the “let’s get Sam and Dante together” express by preparing them a, um, “special love drink” at the Quartermaine’s picnic. Dare we even ask what might be in it?

Are friends Carly and Drew going to explore the benefits of their relationship? Possibly, as they begin getting closer.

Ava and Nikolas pass the time by arguing. (But hey, we all know that on soaps, fights can often lead to explosive passion, right? Here’s hoping that’s the case for these two!)

What news does Portia receive regarding Trina?

Olivia makes her stance on the Sonny/Nina relationship perfectly clear. (Spoiler alert: She ain’t thrilled with it!)

Chesapeake Shores Preview: Luke is haunted by nightmares as Connor goes missing!

General Hospital spoilers for Wednesday, August 24:

BLQ and Chase together GH

In today’s recap, Leo’s love potion finally brings several would-be couples together, and Jordan weighs telling Curtis what Portia is keeping from him about Trina.

There’s a whole lotta love going around at the picnic. Over here, we have Chase finally admitting how he really feels, while over there Rory and Trina are getting to know each other much better. Perhaps inspired by Leo’s “love juice,” Dante has a change of heart. Finally, when Carly and Drew find themselves second-guessing their relationships, are they leaning into being friends… or considering becoming lovers?

Given that we’re clearly feeling a little nostalgic thanks to all this talk of “love in the afternoon,” why not check out our photo-packed tribute to that glorious era of ABC soaps like All My Children, One Life to Live, Ryan’s Hope, The Edge of Night and, of course, General Hospital.

General Hospital spoilers for Thursday, August 25:

In today’s recap, Ava and Nikolas are overheard discussing his affair with Esme, Drew and Carly’s passion for one another leads to a fire, and Liz discovers her sister Sarah calling Finn.

In Port Charles, danger’s been known to get people’s emotions boiling over. Will that happen when Carly and Drew find themselves in a precarious situation?

Victor warns Ava that she would be wise to avoid crossing the Cassadines. (Perhaps someone should remind Victor of exactly how deadly Nikolas’ wife can be!) Meanwhile, although Nikolas is trying his best to bond with Spencer, his son is having absolutely none of it.

How will Elizabeth react to Finn’s confession?

Backstage intrigue: General Hospital newcomer gets caught up in co-star’s tangled web of lies.

General Hospital spoilers for Friday, August 26:

Austin and Mason Argue GH

In today’s recap, Spencer tells Nikolas he’s through with him, Elizabeth has another disturbing memory, Mac is shocked to meet Cody, and someone is stabbed with a fishing hook at the picnic.

Terry’s last attempt to forge a love connection didn’t go particularly well (thanks to Amy’s interference). When the doc feels sparks, might she get another shot at love?

We might finally get a clearer picture as to what’s going on with Elizabeth when she has a very dramatic flashback.

Cody’s past in general (and his birth parents in particular) are a hot topic between Lucy, Felicia, Mac and Anna. Meanwhile, Britt tells Cody that she has no intention of talking about her father — now or ever!

Anna recruits a new partner in her efforts to get the goods on Victor.

Austin may find himself in a difficult position after Mason comes to him with a threat.

Spencer could be knocked for a loop when he finds out the truth, and Ava will find herself in the rare position of being caught completely off guard!

As summer finally heats up for Chase and Brook Lynn, Josh Swickard’s very different winter plans are revealed!

Yellowstone photos: Their on-screen romances may light up the Montana skies, but off screen, the sun rises and sets on the stars’ real-life loves. Meet the partners that are saddled up with some of your favorite stars!

Find out who’s who in Port Charles — and why they’re always giving each other those looks — in the new photo gallery that serves as an expert’s guide to General Hospital. Perfect, by the way, to show a friend or relative who is just getting into the show for the first time.

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