Spoilers for the Week of August 15, 2022

08/21/2022 06:44 am

Ava fills Scott in GH

Soaps.com has the latest, new General Hospital spoilers for two weeks ahead from Monday, August 15, to Friday, August 26. Trina finally learns her fate, as Nina and Carly come to blows. Plus, Willow receives devastating news, Ava and Nik work with someone unexpected in order to protect themselves, Elizabeth is triggered by another disturbing memory and Mason threatens Austin!

General Hospital spoilers week of August 15:

General Hospital spoilers for Monday, August 15:

Oz wakes up but won't talk GH

In today’s recap, Portia successfully wakes Oz as the jury is about to announce their verdict in Trina’s trial. Plus, Liz issues Finn an ultimatum, and Nikolas tells Victor that Esme’s dead.

Everyone in her life is very concerned about Elizabeth and what’s been going on with her. When Finn and Terry discuss the situation, wonder if they’ll also talk about the biggest problem with the story (and show): namely, the pacing.

If you’ve got fingers to cross, do it now alongside Curtis and Portia as they hope against hope that their plan works! As this is playing out, Trina continues to anxiously await news about the verdict in her case.

Spencer finds himself having to make an incredibly difficult decision. Meanwhile, Nikolas might struggle to answer Victor’s questions regarding Esme!

Cam crosses paths with Sonny’s new henchman, Dex, and definitely does not get a good vibe from the dude. Wonder if that’s cause Cameron senses that the guy is perfectly positioned to make a play for Josslyn!

General Hospital spoilers for Tuesday August 16:

Jury annoucnes verdict GH

In today’s recap, Trina learns her fate in court, Willow is given news about her future, and Victor and Nikolas scramble to destroy evidence.

The big day is here at last. Will the jury realize that Trina is completely innocent… or will the horrific scheme Esme set in motion months ago prove successful?

Olivia’s been watching from the sidelines and finds herself wondering if Carly and Drew’s friendship might soon be the type that comes with very specific benefits. Elsewhere, Sonny and Nina carve out time for a romantic date.

Dex is questioned about his past.

Willow’s been fearing the worst, and she’s about to get absolutely devastating news.

Chesapeake Shores Sunday preview: Evan says Abby’s idea for their second date ‘sounds like fingernails on a chalkboard’ — plus, a surprise visit stuns David and Jess, and what Megan decides could stir up devastating memories of the past.

General Hospital spoilers for Wednesday, August 17:

Spencer won't tell Trina truth GH

In today’s recap, Spencer makes a confession about his feelings for Trina and swears Joss and Cam to a promise. Plus, Victor throws Jordan off the trail of Esme.

Talk about too little too late! Spencer is only now beginning to have second thoughts!

With the walls closing in on them, Ava and Nikolas wind up having to work with someone rather unexpected in order to protect themselves. Is it simply a coincidence that this happens just as Jordan begins looking into Esme’s vanishing act?

When Willow needs a sounding board, TJ is there to provide it.

Get the popcorn ready, because things are about to get both nasty and physical between Nina and Carly!

Christmas comes early for fans of Rebecca Budig (ex-Hayden): She’ll be back on screen soon!

General Hospital spoilers for Thursday, August 18:

Liz falls into another trance GH

In today’s recap, a conversation with Scott triggers a disturbing childhood memory for Liz, Chase gets a rock-n-roll makeover, and Dante remains suspicious of Cody.

Victor seems determined to get rid of Anna. Can Valentin convince his murder-minded dad that she is no longer a threat to his master plan? Meanwhile, Anna cooks up a new plan with Lucy, who might soon get an earful from Martin with regards to new guy Cody.

Brook Lynn is about to try and help Chase where his career is concerned. Anybody else get nervous whenever Brook Lynn tries to “help” her hunky would-be beau?

Having never met a dead horse she wasn’t willing to beat, Maxie tries convincing Britt that she should give Cody yet another chance.

Will the disturbing memory Elizabeth has today finally give more insight into what’s really been going on with her all this time?

Cuteness alert! See GH alum Elizabeth Hendrickson’s 2-year-old start pre-school.

General Hospital spoilers for Friday, August 19:

Finn worries about Liz GH

In today’s recap, Liz has another episode, Finn makes a call for a consult regarding the nurse, and Austin returns to Port Charles, along with Mason.

Elizabeth’s past and present may be on a collision course after Finn reaches out to someone…

Things were going pretty swimmingly for Dante and Sam — even when they weren’t hanging out at the Metro Court pool. So why does he worry that he might have messed things up?

Will Alexis and Gregory’s latest encounter find them fighting or flirting? (Then again, with these two, those are practically the same thing!)

Austin gets together with a family member in order to set some firm boundaries.

When Britt confronts Cody, will sparks fly… or has the bridge between them already been burned to the ground?

Watch “Avery” gives a co-star the sweetest gift ever: “I just used my heart in there.”

Celebrate Leslie Charleson’s 45th anniversary in Port Charles with the below photo gallery of Monica’s life and loves.

— Richard Simms/Amy Mistretta


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