Spoilers for the Week of August 01, 2022

08/07/2022 07:39 am

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Soaps.com has the latest, new General Hospital spoilers for two weeks ahead from Monday, August 1, to Friday, August 12. The clock is ticking down as Trina awaits the verdict. We all know she’s innocent, but can anyone clear her name? Heaven knows a whole lot of people are going to try! Meanwhile, Spinelli tries to steer Britt away from Cody, Sam opens up to her beau and Dante is tasked with making an arrest.

General Hospital spoilers week of August 1:

General Hospital spoilers for Monday, August 1:

Esme fights Ava GH

In today’s recap, Ava and Esme’s fight turns deadly, Trina testifies she has feelings for Spencer, and Liz experiences another episode.

This is a day you won’t want to miss as Trina takes the stand in her own defense. Meanwhile, the showdown between Ava and Esme explodes even as Nikolas approaches his son.

Finn heads to the hospital so that he can check on Elizabeth on her first official day back. But something very unexpected is about to happen!

An increasingly nervous Willow has questions for TJ as they await the results of her latest tests. Will they finally figure out exactly what’s really going on with her? Meanwhile, Sam happens to be approaching Michael just as he’s making a rather mysterious phone call.

Even after all this time, Mac’s still got it… and when someone at the Metro Court pool notices, Felicia isn’t likely to be thrilled!

General Hospital spoilers for Tuesday August 2:

Jordan arrests Spencer GH

In today’s recap, Spencer is arrested for breaking out of Spring Ridge. Plus, Nikolas vows to protect Ava no matter what when he fails to find evidence if Esme is dead or alive.

Now that Willow has a better idea about her condition, she sits down for a talk with Britt and Terry about what comes next.

Curtis is willing to do what it takes to get new information. Meanwhile, Trina’s freedom hangs in the balance, prompting Diane to make what might be a last-ditch effort to clear the young woman’s name.

Something pops up from the recesses of Elizabeth’s memories. Will it help shed light on what’s been going on with her?

What’s got Nikolas in a desperate race against time to get to Spoon Island?

Chesapeake Shores preview: David’s father resurfaces — and what Dennis Peck reveals leaves Jess and her husband more confused than ever!

General Hospital spoilers for Wednesday, August 3:

GH Rory trina kiss pool

In today’s recap, Ava makes two very big moves, Sasha gets a shock, Rory makes his feelings for Trina crystal clear, and Spencer is locked up.

Sasha’s an emotional mess when she happens to cross paths with Nina at the Metro Court gardens. Meanwhile, Brando hopes that Sonny might be able to offer him some helpful words of advice.

Cameron gets an instant recap on what’s been going on with Trina’s trial.

Jordan has a few questions for someone who’s been brought to the station.

Chad Duell drops a chill photo that epitomizes ‘cool’ — plus, see if you can guess the fun meaning behind his caption.

General Hospital spoilers for Thursday, August 4:

Sasha is arrested and booked GH

Having no clue as to the truth about Dex, Sonny says he has an assignment for his newest employee.

Dante is making big decisions about his future, including on the work front. What will come of his conversation with Jordan on that very topic?

Carly knows her daughter well enough to see that something’s eating at her. Will Josslyn confide in her mom?

Things spiral out of control at the Metro Court. How bad do things get? Bad enough that the police are summoned to the scene!

Maura West (Ava) drops photos of her soon-to-be eighth-grader that leave castmates past and present gobsmacked.

Breaking! Big news for Outlander fans, plus, season 7 spoilers!

General Hospital spoilers for Friday, August 5:

BRando troubled Martin Suggestion GH

In today’s recap, Martin offers Brando a way to keep Sasha out of jail, but he’s uncomfortable with it. Britt agrees to a second date with Cody, and Dante accuses Brook Lynn of running a con.

Sasha’s becoming a real liability for Deception, prompting Maxie, Brook Lynn and Lucy to take a meeting regarding the latest Face of Deception news.

Gregory and Alexis made a “friendly” bet with one another, and today they’ll get together to determine who came out on top!

As Dante runs into Chase at the pool, Sam takes a meeting with Spinelli to ask for his help with a case.

Things are definitely not going well for Cody and Britt. In fact, when he tries talking with her, it quickly becomes obvious that she’s not particularly thrilled to see him!

A new face will appear at the Metro Court today, one that left Cameron Mathison asking: “What are you doing here?”

As Rory goes all in on an uncertain future with Trina, Michael Blake Kruse celebrates the love of his real life.

Return to the Golden Age of daytime TV with the below photo gallery, a collection of rare images and precious memories from the much-missed Love In the Afternoon era of soaps.

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