Spoilers for the Week of July 11, 2022

07/11/2022 04:40 pm

trina trial gh

Soaps.com has the latest, new General Hospital spoilers for two weeks ahead from Monday, July 11, to Friday, July 22. All eyes are on the courtroom as Trina’s trial gets underway. And although things don’t look good, Spencer might just find a way to get the truth out of Esme! Meanwhile, open mic night rocks the Haunted Star, and Sonny finds himself having a difficult conversation with Nina!

General Hospital spoilers week of July 11:

General Hospital spoilers for Monday, July 11:

In today’s recap, Spencer sees Trina kiss Rory, Britt agrees to a date with Cody, and Carly accepts defeat, but Valentin’s suggestion to Nina could change everything.

When July 4th arrives in Port Charles a few days late, something tells us the real fireworks won’t be up in the sky.

Valentin will be caught off guard by Nina’s reaction.

A friend in need finds that Olivia is a friend, indeed. Or at least she tries to be!

A conversation with Sonny leaves Spencer seeing things from a different perspective.

Dante and Cody reflect on old times… or at least they do until the newcomer finds himself distracted by someone else’s arrival!

Austin and Maxie are having a romantic picnic in the park… until Britt arrives. And, just to make things even more awkward, Spinelli soon follows!

Michael and Willow’s holiday is about to get majorly derailed.

See the photo after which James Patrick Stuart (Valentin) was able to declare, “Now I’ve officially done everything.”

General Hospital spoilers for Tuesday, July 12:

Today’s episode of General Hospital was nationally pre-empted for breaking news.

General Hospital spoilers for Wednesday, July 13:

Carly tells Nina No GH

On today’s episode of General Hospital, Carly refuses to accept Nina’s offer to return the Metro Court to her, Sasha insists she will not go to rehab, and Trina and Rory grow closer as her trial is about to begin.

When Trina is dealt a distraction just as her trial is about to begin, will it prove to be exactly what she needs or simply more trouble? At the same time, Portia worries about her daughter, hoping that Curtis and Marshall’s efforts to find something, anything, to clear Trina’s name will prove successful.

Carly won’t be feeling particularly welcoming of the person who comes to see her. Meanwhile, the people in her life — including Drew, Olivia and Sonny — find themselves trying to piece together exactly what happened.

Brando is desperate to convince Sasha she needs to get help. But all she can think about is the fallout from recent events.

General Hospital spoilers for Thursday, July 14:

Laura troubling call mom GH

Today on General Hospital, Valentin saves Laura’s life once again, and later Laura receives a troubling call about her mother Lesley. Plus, Trina reveals her alibi to Spencer, and Esme is confronted by the bartender who sold her the burner phone.

It’s the day of Trina’s trial, and things get off to an interesting start thanks to an unexpected change. Thankfully, Laura, Portia and Josslyn are rallying around Trina. Across town, Curtis and Marshall are closing in on a lead…

Does Esme have good reason to be concerned where Spencer is concerned?

Upset with his son, Victor decides to prove himself the truth patriarch of the Cassadine clan by taking matters into his own hands.

Is there any hope where Nikolas and Ava’s marriage is concerned? It’s seeming unlikely, but he does his darnedest to reconnect with her.

General Hospital spoilers for Friday, July 15:

Nina won't sell GH

On today’s General Hospital, Nina refused to sell her half of the Metro Court, Ava tried to bribe Esme into confessing, and the bartender blackmailed Esme.

The timing isn’t perfect, but Laura realizes she’s going to have to leave some of her family temporarily in order to take care of her mom.

Josslyn insists that it’s time for Trina to reveal her alibi. Meanwhile, Curtis and Marshall find themselves with nothing to do but talk about the past while in a holding pattern.

The tables will turn when Esme is the one caught off guard.

Carly has a difficult time saying farewell.

What are Nina’s true motivations? That’s exactly what Sonny wants to know!

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