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Soaps.com has the latest, new General Hospital spoilers for two weeks ahead from Monday, July 4, to Friday, July 15. Cody interrupts a couple’s fun time at the Quartermaine stables, as Laura voices her concern over Anna and Valentin’s relationship — plus, Alexis and Gregory get into a sparring match and a new person of interest arrives at the Metro Court pool, and Sonny tells Dante about the latest blowout.

General Hospital spoilers week of July 4:

General Hospital spoilers for Monday, July 4:

Due to the holiday, an encore of the soap’s Wednesday, November 24, 2021, episode will air.

Kick off your Fourth of July with some fun as Maurice Benard and Marcus Coloma draw back the curtain on behind-the-scenes shenanigans!

General Hospital spoilers for Tuesday, July 5:

In today’s recap, Drew makes Nina a tempting business offer, Sasha’s segment on Home & Heart goes south quickly, and Cody solidifies his plans.

Who doesn’t like a good proposition? When Drew approaches Nina with one, will she accept? (And no, Sonny doesn’t have to worry… this is a business proposal!) Meanwhile, when Carly crosses paths with Sonny, she does her best to be evasive. Will he figure out what she’s trying to keep from him?

Spencer and Cameron’s attempt to help Trina gets underway… only to rather quickly go awry! Things also don’t go at all as planned when the Deception crew arrives for Sasha’s appearance on the Home & Heart Channel!

Cody’s having a nice evening with Dante and Rocco (now being played by Finn Carr)… until the newcomer catches a glimpse of Spinelli? Now why does that bother him so?

General Hospital spoilers for Wednesday, July 6:

Sasha and the papoose GH

In today’s recap, things go from bad to worse during Sasha’s live TV performance, someone surprising saves Deception from a lawsuit, and Carly turns down Sonny’s offer of help.

In the aftermath of Sasha’s recent behavior, Brando finds himself making what has to be a terribly difficult decision.

Sonny can tell that something’s wrong… but will Nina be able to tell him what it is?

Michael and Willow are enjoying time at the Quartermaine stables when they’re interrupted by Cody.

Britt is surprised by what she receives while talking to Kevin.

Drew tries to explain things to Carly. But given how often she hears what she wants to hear, that could prove to be a real challenge.

General Hospital alum Tamara Braun (ex-Carly) takes a fall ‘on the concrete’ and thanks the only person that stopped to ask if she was ok.

General Hospital spoilers for Thursday, July 7:

Victor and Valentin plot GH

In today’s recap, Valentin threatens to cut Victor’s throat after he makes a subtle threat, Kevin realizes Liz’s parents are a trigger for her, and Laura gives Anna advice about Valentin.

Finn’s pretty sure he’s right, but Chase refuses to co-sign on what his big brother is saying. Meanwhile, Ned’s pretty sure he knows exactly what’s got Brook Lynn so upset.

Alexis wants to know why Gregory hasn’t risen to the challenge she laid before him. (Frankly, we’re pretty sure we know why: The show’s increasingly problematic pacing!)

Anna and Valentin seem to finally be moving forward in their romance, but Laura’s a bit concerned about her friend’s relationship. One reason? Victor’s influence on his son. And guess what? Even as Laura is voicing her concern, we’ll give you one guess who Valentin is meeting with in the park!

Elizabeth may be caught off guard when she sees who Kevin has brought to visit her. Meanwhile, her portrayer, Rebecca Herbst, has taken to Twitter in order to address a few rumors about her status with the soap.

Alum Ryan Paevey (ex-Nathan) shares his air-travel nightmare: “Still no clue how I’m getting home.”

General Hospital spoilers for Friday, July 8:

Valentin fails his mission GH

In today’s recap, Valentin fails to carry out Victor’s latest orders, Liz checks herself out and tries to return to work, and Chase agrees to Brook Lynn’s plan to make him a pop star.

Ned and Olivia find themselves on the opposite end of another topic. This time around, it’s newcomer Cody who has them seeing things differently.

Whose arrival derails Britt and Terry’s attempt to bond while discussing everything from their jobs to their dating prospects?

Having caught at least a bit of Anna’s phone call, Victor wants to know more about what he heard. Meanwhile, Laura can’t help but be worried about the request she received from Valentin. Is she about to get caught up in a Cassadine family feud?

When Brook Lynn and Chase agree that it’s time they have a conversation, will they finally realize just how right they are for one another and stop with all this delaying nonsense?

For Alexis, verbal sparring is practically a mating call. Here’s hoping that when Gregory steps into the ring with her, he’s able to keep up!

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— Richard Simms/Amy Mistretta


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