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05/20/2022 03:44 pm

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Soaps.com has the latest, new General Hospital spoilers for two weeks ahead from Monday, May 16, to Friday, May 27. Esme continues to spin her deceitful web even as Trina seems to be getting closer to a guy who isn’t Spencer! Meanwhile, Ava meets with Valentin, Brook Lynn deals with a recurring problem, and things get downright explosive as the visitation hearing gets under way!

General Hospital spoilers week of May 16:

General Hospital spoilers for Monday, May 16:

Portia blames Spencer for Trina troubles GH

In today’s recap, Portia lashes out at Spencer, Trina faces possible expulsion, Ned is displeased with Michael and Drew’s offer, and Valentin secretly meets with Ned.

Leo’s been having a bit of anxiety about his performance, but today’s the big day. Surely having his family in attendance will help… right? Then again, the Quartermaines aren’t necessarily known for “helping” in high-pressure situations!

How will Ned feel about the offer being made to him by Drew and Michael?

Anna clearly has feelings for Valentin, and it sure seems as if the feeling is mutual. Then again, he recently had a lovely chat with ex Nina. Perhaps Felicia will be able to get to the bottom of the situation when she asks the charming Cassadine what his intentions toward her friend really are.

What did Stella know… and when did she know it? We’re about to find out when she finally confesses to Curtis.

Things with Spencer aren’t going quite the way Esme would like, so the vixen does what she does best: manipulate someone. But not Spencer… his dad, Nikolas! Meanwhile, it looks as if Trina has a bit of bad news to share with Ava and Portia.

For wheel: Brooklyn Rae Silzer is put to the test (and passes!) — plus, see the beautiful young woman Emma’s portrayer has become.

General Hospital spoilers for Tuesday, May 17:

In today’s recap, Spencer brings Sam into the loop about what he’s found on Esme, Valentin tries to strike a deal with Ned, and Brook Lynn and Chase’s big moment is ruined by someone from her past.

Yesterday, Michael and Drew were making an offer to Ned. Today, the guys are on the receiving end of a most unexpected offer… from Michael’s mom! What, exactly, does she have in mind? Meanwhile, Ned takes a meeting that could prove surprising…

Get the popcorn, because we’re going to save you a front-row seat as Ava and Esme butt heads! Meanwhile, Sam tells Spencer it’s time for him to cough up some answers!

Leo’s got something on his mind and, being a straight-shooter, puts it bluntly to Chase.

What will Gladys do with the info after she figures out what Sasha’s been hiding?

Sneak peek: When Call the Heart season finale preview: A scream rings out as [spoiler] rushes into a burning building — plus, someone gets down on bended knee!

General Hospital spoilers for Wednesday, May 18:

BLQ's creepy producer linc GH

In today’s recap, Brook Lynn punches Linc after he reveals their unfinished business and Gladys makes a big demand of Sasha to keep her secret.

When it comes to family problems, Sonny and Brando are both dealing with their share. Will either be able to provide the other with advice when they have a confab at the garage?

Portia has every reason to be concerned about Trina’s situation. When the fretting mom opens up to Curtis, will he be able to assuage her fears?

With Marshall still missing — and Brooklyn being where he supposedly ran off to — Molly and TJ head for the Big Apple to search for his grandpa.

Sasha would probably love to deny Gladys’ accusations, but when confronted with pretty solid evidence, will she crack?

Just when it’s looking as Brook Lynn and Chase will finally steam things up, they’re interrupted by… well, honestly, who cares who it is? The interruption is definitely unwanted!

New movie alert: Young & Restless star flirts with danger as a General Hospital sweetheart goes sinister… or does she?

General Hospital spoilers for Thursday, May 19:

Liz is sure Franco haunting her GH

In today’s recap, Violet gives Finn something to think about as Liz displays troubling behavior after insisting Franco is trying to reach out to her.

Bobbie is in the right place at the right time — or the wrong place at the wrong time, depending on your perspective — and, after overhearing Carly’s conversation, has questions for her daughter.

Speaking of “right place, right time,” just as Nina is having a most uncomfortable encounter at The Savoy, who should walk in but Sonny. (Something tells us he’ll deal with the problem!)

Portia, Epiphany and Stella wind up taking things in a completely different direction!

The mystery surrounding Elizabeth isn’t likely to be much clearer after she has a tense encounter with Finn, Laura and Kevin. Meanwhile, Gregory gets to spend a little time with Violet at Kelly’s!

Close McCall! General Hospital’s Kelly Monaco escaped a house fire that engulfed part of her home on Friday the 13th.

General Hospital spoilers for Friday, May 20:

Finn snaps Liz out of it GH

In today’s recap, Finn and Cam discover Liz in a sleepwalking trance, and Finn realizes Liz has been haunting herself. Plus, Jordan is hit with an important memory about Portia.

Ah, you have to love life in a small town like Port Charles, where there are apparently only three places in which to grab a drink. That explains how Bobbie, Carly, Sonny and Nina all wind up at The Savoy. (You’d think Sonny would support his own business, Charlie’s!)

Michael and Willow are ready to share a little bit of a romantic evening.

TJ will have to leap into action to prevent a bad situation from becoming worse as things heat up in Brooklyn.

Violet’s theory has Finn and Gregory wondering if maybe the little girl has figured out something they’ve completely missed.

Portia will have to step in when Taggert gets in Jordan’s face about the Trina situation!

Video, Nik portrayer Marcus Coloma reveals why he’s still single.

Ava is having issues with Nikolas but she’s had a ton more with others over the years. Look back at some of Ava’s dangerous and lethal loves in our gallery below.

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