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Soaps.com has the latest, new General Hospital spoilers for two weeks ahead from Monday, May 9, to Friday, May 20. Trina’s situation is causing friction among several different people, Sasha’s got to answer some tough questions, Bobbie overhears something surprising, and things get messy when Sonny, Carly and Nina all wind up in the same place at the same time!

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General Hospital spoilers week of May 9:

General Hospital spoilers for Monday, May 9:

In today’s recap, Cam tries to stall Esme so Spencer can search for evidence in her room, Terry and Chet go on their first official date, and Amy hears about it from another nurse who spotted them.

Carly is determined to get to the truth, but will she be able to dig it up?

Terry and Chet are finally having their date, and it seems to be going swimmingly. At least until she finds out something that could change everything.

With the visitation hearing coming up, it’s anybody’s guess as to how things will go. So of course, Nina and Ava decide to try and play “What If?” with the various scenarios.

How do you solve a problem like Marshall? That’s exactly what Curtis and TJ spend a little time trying to figure out.

Hey Spencer, it looks like someone else might have caught Trina’s eye… and Josslyn isn’t the only one who has noticed that sparks are flying between Trina and Rory!

General Hospital spoilers for Tuesday, May 10:

Spencer confronts Esme about her father GH

In today’s recap, Spencer confronts Esme about her father after discovering her letters from Maggie, while Trina turns to Ava for help. Plus, Carly is caught red-handed by Drew.

We know Charlie’s serves drinks, but is popcorn on the menu? Because we’re gonna want some when Nina and Carly cross paths and wind up — as you’d expect —in attack mode!

After everything that went down between Alexis and Harmony, it makes sense that the former attorney wants to chat with Willow about her mom.

ELQ is a family company, but when the family in charge is the Quartermaine clan, you can be sure things won’t run smoothly. Can Ned, Drew and Michael come to an agreement regarding ELQ’s future?

Spencer has been playing a potentially dangerous game where Esme is concerned. (After all, this is the same young woman who set Ava’s car on fire!) When he searches her room, will he find evidence linking her to the crime she framed Trina for?

Cameron finds himself on the outs with both his girlfriend, Joss, and their gal pal, Trina.

When Calls the Heart preview: A belated birthday gift could lead to a life-alter decision for [spoiler] — plus, a storm is brewing in Hope Valley.

General Hospital spoilers for Wednesday, May 11:

drew talks carly gh

In today’s General Hospital recap, Carly confesses a secret to Drew, and the psychic senses a dark and angry presence in Liz’s house.

Carly is usually the one who calls people on their behavior. So how will she feel when Drew gets in her face about what he recently witnessed?

How will Willow’s decision impact her and Michael’s future?

The already complicated situation that’s developed between Spencer and Esme takes another turn as the two circle one another, each trying to find out where the other stands.

Laura took it upon herself to get Sonny to promise no harm would come to Esme. But Nikolas, who is still angry about Sonny having threatened Spencer’s girlfriend, isn’t pleased when he comes across the mafioso and his mom together!

Desperate times call for desperate measures. Which is why Elizabeth, who is at her wit’s end where the mysterious events taking place at her home are concerned, brings in a medium! Will the truth finally be revealed?

Christmas comes early for Cameron Mathison and his new leading lady — plus, hear a bit about his own holiday traditions and find out just how big the tree is that he decorates outside of his house each year!

General Hospital spoilers for Thursday, May 12:

Esme StandS Up To Ryan GH

On today’s General Hospital, Ryan’s memories offer clues to Esme’s mother, and Liz makes a connection that Finn doesn’t believe is real.

Spencer hopes that Britt might be able to lend him a helping hand.

Felicia is doing a little bonding with her grandchild when her babysitting gig is interrupted by an unexpected visitor.

Something catches Michael and Willow off guard.

Ryan put a lot of faith into Esme and her ability to do his bidding, but he’s not thrilled by the progress she’s made. Will her status update result in him giving her a new — perhaps more dangerous — set of marching orders?

An increasingly concerned Finn hopes that Laura might be able to reach Elizabeth.

Ryan Paevey (ex-Nathan) lands multi-picture deal with Hallmark: “I can’t wait to see what’s next.”

General Hospital spoilers for Friday, May 13:

In today’s recap, Michael swears to Dante that he’ll take everything from Sonny, Sam offers to help Willow find her birth mother, and Valentin identifies a weak link in the Quartermaine family.

The parents of Port Charles prepare for the school festival. Meanwhile, Olivia, Ned and Brook Lynn work as a team to get Leo ready for his big performance!

Dante and Sam come to Willow and Michael with news.

Something tells us that when Valentin and Martin put their heads together to come up with a plan, it will involve trouble for someone!

Jordan swings by to make sure that TJ is doing okay. Meanwhile, Curtis does that same with Nina, given all she’s been through of late.

It’s time for a little mother/daughter bonding as Carly and Joss head to the salon to get a mani-pedi!

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