Spoilers for the Week of April 25, 2022

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Michael and Willow talk harmony GH

Soaps.com has the latest, new General Hospital spoilers for two weeks ahead from Monday, April 25, to Friday, May 6. Carly offers Harmony what sounds like pretty darn good advice, Chase has some explaining to do, someone comes knocking on Sonny’s door hoping for employment, Nina is in Valentin’s path again, and Willow could be in for one heck of a shock!

General Hospital spoilers week of April 25:

General Hospital spoilers for Monday, April 25:

Carly learns Harmony's Secret GH

In today’s recap, Harmony turns violent after Carly figures out part of her secret, Curtis reveals he knows Marshall dealt with mental illness, and Michael disowns Sonny.

Willow has a visitor, but things take an interesting turn when Michael interrupts.

Has Marshall finally pushed things too far? It appears that way when Curtis tells him it’s too late.

When Carly pays Alexis a visit, does it have something to do with her new employee at the Metro Court, Harmony?

Brook Lynn and Chase have gotten closer, and they’ve pushed one another away. When the pendulum swings yet again, what is it that has BLQ so upset with the handsome cop this time?

Diane does what she does best! But when she makes an argument, who’ll come out the winner?

Kirsten Storms and daughter Harper turn an experience into a memory they’ll never ‘Lego’ of.

General Hospital spoilers for Tuesday, April 26:

Harmony confesses to Alexis

In today’s recap, Alexis winds up in danger when she stumbles upon Harmony trying to stage Carly’s death — plus, Lucy offers Liz some advice about her problem.

They say that when the going gets tough, the tough get going. But Alexis and Carly may find themselves instead having to depend on one another in a dire situation.

Dante’s questions definitely do not sit well with pop Sonny.

Michael’s made a decision and he’s determined to stand by it… but Willow’s got a few concerns about it.

After Finn and Liz have a disagreement, Lucy offers the nurse a suggestion.

Sasha arrives at exactly the right moment.

Laura Wright shares joyful photos of her weekend getaway with Wes Ramsey — plus, the surprise she captured on video.

Plus, view the surprise that she captured on video here:

General Hospital spoilers for Wednesday, April 27:

In today’s recap, Harmony desperately tries to get to Willow and Wiley, only to get caught in a dangerous situation. Plus, Sasha is ambushed by a photographer, sending her over the edge.

It’s time to celebrate Deception… but Sasha may not be in the mood to party after she finds herself being blindsided.

If you’re wondering what Austin’s intentions are toward Maxie, congrats… you’re on the same page as the blonde, who asks exactly that.

Sonny’s had quite a bit of experience with daddy issues, so he’s perhaps the perfect person to offer Curtis advice about Marshall. Meanwhile, Portia and Drew find themselves worried about how Curtis is being impacted by his father’s plans, and TJ is on the receiving end of an unexpected present from his grandfather.

How will Brando react when Nina tells him why she’s concerned about Sasha?

When Calls the Heart preview: An old foe returns to Hope Valley — and Bill quickly puts a plan into motion to stop [spoiler] in his tracks!

General Hospital spoilers for Thursday, April 28:

Harmony is brought into the hospital GH

In today’s recap, Harmony is left in critical condition after being hit by Sasha, Jordan tries to piece together what would drive Harmony to kill multiple people, and Carly keeps the information about Nina’s connection to Harmony a secret.

What horrifying discovery are Sasha and Gladys about to make?

Nikolas and Ava have had their difficulties of late, most having to do with Esme. But the couple might soon find themselves on the same page again if his romantic gesture goes as planned!

As Dante swings by the Metro Court Gardens to chat with Michael and Willow, Sam finds herself rushing to get to General Hospital.

Ruh-roh. Trina is all alone at the gallery when hears a door closing…

General Hospital spoilers for Friday, April 29:

In today’s recap, Sasha tearfully confesses to Willow that she hit Harmony, leaving Willow with more questions than answers about her mother. Plus, Trina overhears Spencer making a promise to Esme about her.

What will it mean when Ava finally comes to her senses? Meanwhile, Esme listens in on Spencer’s private conversation. (Sorry… maybe we should say “Spence” given that one of the rules in our soap opera drinking game requires that you chug every time she insists on using the nickname!)

What brings Josslyn to the hospital?

Willow tells Michael that she doesn’t want to be alone… which seems like an odd conversation for two people in love to be having. Is something going wrong between them?

Watch! General Hospital alum Brandon Barash ‘shakes it up’ in duet with adorable daughter, Harper.

Eden McCoy shows off her palm-sized furry friend: “I’m freaking out…”

Chad Duell gets a big reaction from a too-cute photo of himself as a little kid: “Calm down.”

Review our newly updated photo gallery of characters who have come back from the dead in the below photo gallery.

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