Spoilers for the Week of April 11, 2022

04/15/2022 03:45 pm

Brook Lynn is questioned GH

Soaps.com has the latest, new General Hospital spoilers for two weeks ahead from Monday, April 11, to Friday, April 22. The Quartermaine family has a reason to celebrate, Laura gives voice to her suspicions, Cameron and Joss hit a rough spot, and Brook Lynn is not pleased with Chase!

General Hospital spoilers week of April 11:

GH Soapbox: No shockers in the Willow/Nina reveal, but Valentin’s return and Esme’s pregnancy test results were great surprises.

General Hospital spoilers for Monday, April 11:

Nikolas gets a visit from Alexis GH

In today’s recap, Jordan finds a smoking gun against Trina, Alexis grills Nikolas, and Brendan pressures Nina.

Alexis has no clue that her new gal pal, Harmony, played such a significant role in one of the most traumatic periods of her life. When they two wind up on the pier together, will Harmony finally shed a little light on the situation for Alexis?

With Scott having urged Nina to do whatever it takes if she wants to be a part of Wiley’s life, things get heated between her, Michael and Willow. How long before someone gets burned?

Ava has long been on #TeamTrina, so it’s a nice moment when the two reconnect. Meanwhile, there’s a new development in the sex tape case. Will Jordan and Dante find a breadcrumb which might lead them to Esme? And how will Nikolas react when he’s given some advice he doesn’t particularly want to hear regarding Spencer?

Laura Wright shares throwback photos that will melt your heart: “Oh, when they were little.”

General Hospital spoilers for Tuesday, April 12:

Due to national news coverage, the ABC soap will not be seen today and will air the original slated episode tomorrow.

When Calls the Heart preview: A secret marriage license surfaces that could spell the end for two Hope Valley favorites.

General Hospital spoilers for Wednesday, April 13:

Dante catches Sam on his Phone GH

In today’s recap, Dante busts Sam, Spencer keeps his true motivations hidden, and gunmen confront Nina and Sonny.

Sasha and Brando may be newlyweds, but they still have some major (as well as basic) things to figure out about their lives moving forward.

When things get explosive between Spencer and Trina, will it be the good (as in “passions explode”) or bad type of explosion? And while Joss and Cam thought they were taking control of the narrative by going public with their story, things are about to take a turn they didn’t see coming.

Obrecht wants to know what’s going on in Britt’s love life. (Anybody else hoping that perhaps Britt is realizing that she has killer chemistry with Austin?)

When Sonny makes Phyllis an offer, will it be the proverbial kind she can’t refuse?

Tristan Rogers reveals why, in all these years, Robert and Laura never became a couple.

General Hospital spoilers for Thursday, April 14:

Given that Sonny’s entire family thinks Nina is basically the she-devil, it’s not surprising that the would-be couple winds up facing a crisis. Can Sonny prevent things from getting dangerously overheated?

How does Sam wind up in a compromising position… and just as importantly, with whom?

There’s more than a workout on the agenda when Brook Lynn, Chase, Austin, Maxie and Spinelli all wind up at the gym at the same time.

As Cameron and Spencer cross paths under less-than-ideal situations, Josslyn tracks down Trina.

Soap star killed off in Hallmark Movies & Mysteries’ May premiere — plus, a former Chicago Med fave discovers a really old-fashioned love.

General Hospital spoilers for Friday, April 15:

Harmony Pleads With Brendan GH

In today’s recap, Harmony’s struggle with Brendan sends him over a cliff, Finn suggests Liz capture her stalker on camera, and Nina gives Willow and Michael a warning.

Laura can’t help but wonder what Aiden is up to, but will he give her a straight answer?

Carly has concerns and, this being Carly, does not exactly refrain from making it clear what they are.

As Harmony’s brain is working overtime to come up with a new plan, Michael and Willow have a chance to tell their side of the story.

Chase is enjoying a nice hot shower when he has to interrupt it to take an important call. (What, you don’t think a half-naked, dripping-wet Chase is worthy of a spoiler?)

Cameron Mathison’s wife has been cast as a character who’ll have a profound effect on Drew’s life.

Though new drama is experienced each day in Port Charles, take a look at some of General Hospital’s memorable storylines over the years in our gallery below then get all the latest General Hospital exits and returns in one place!

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