Spoilers for the Week of April 04, 2022

04/10/2022 07:41 am

Liz and Laura discuss Lulu at General Hospital

Soaps.com has the latest, new General Hospital spoilers for two weeks ahead from Monday, April 4, to Friday, April 15. The teen scene continues to deal with fallout from the sex tape, Anna has news for Robert and Anna regarding her investigation, Sam winds up in a compromising situation, and Chase takes a shower. No, seriously! Read on for all the details…

General Hospital spoilers week of April 4:

General Hospital spoilers for Monday, April 4:

In today’s recap, Elizabeth finds another reminder of Franco, Esme finally takes the pregnancy test, Ava walks out on Nikolas, and Chase defends BLQ to his father.

Something tells us Ava is not going to be pleased by what she finds going on at Wyndemere!

Liz has a conversation with former mother-in-law Laura, only to later make a very unsettling discovery.

The family that plays together, stays together. But if what happens when Chase and Violet join Finn and Gregory for dinner is any indication, the same can’t necessarily be said about the family that eats together!

Britt is usually the one who catches other people off guard, but today, the tables are turned. Meanwhile, although Britt would love to hire Brad back at the hospital, the decision is not hers alone. How will things go when he has an interview with Terry?

After everything they’ve been through, Maxie and Brook Lynn have bonded in a way neither could have expected. But even Maxie can’t help when Amy manages to make BLQ feel wildly awkward.

Her life in pictures: Celebrate the first birthday of Josh Swickard’s baby girl with photos of her precious “firsts.”

General Hospital spoilers for Tuesday, April 5:

In today’s recap, Esme pregnancy results are in, and Aiden thinks he knows who is tormenting his mother.

Chicago Fire Crisis! Violet and Chief Hawkins face the consequences of their illicit entanglement!

With the IPO behind them, the Deception crew gathers at the Savoy to celebrate their success. But something is definitely not right where Sasha is concerned…

You’ll recall that Selina recently came to Curtis with a business proposition. While he wasn’t immediately keen on the idea, might he have changed his mind?

Scott may be considered a bit of an ambulance chaser by some in Port Charles, but he’s always been good to Ava. Will she follow the legal advice he offers her?

New information comes to light which is going to leave Esme and Spencer having to figure out what their next step should be.

When Calls the Heart preview: [Spoiler] worries as chaos is about to erupt in Hope Valley!

General Hospital spoilers for Wednesday, April 6:


In today’s recap, in disguise, Valentin approaches Jennifer Smith, Ava moves back into Wyndemere, and Stella collapses.

Who doesn’t love a housewarming party? When everyone gathers to celebrate Portia and Curtis’ new home, here’s hoping the one gift nobody brings is drama!

Laura is dealing with the whole Esme-and-the-video situation when Nikolas gets a very big surprise in the form of an unexpected arrival. Meanwhile, Sonny also receives a visit from someone unexpected.

Who is on the receiving end of Victor’s text… and what, exactly, does he mean by “get it done”?

Anna is filled in on Sam and Dante’s progress.

General Hospital spoilers for Thursday, April 7:

Valentin and Jennifer smith gh

In today’s recap, Valentin breaks into Jennifer Smith’s safe, Harmony receives harassing calls and texts from Neil’s brother Brendan, and Carly is disturbed by something Harmony says to her.

Nina has something important to tell Sonny, but she may be waylaid by what she sees.

In an exotic tropical locale, two unexpected people make contact.

What brings Harmony to Carly’s office? Meanwhile, Michael and Willow are trying to figure out which path forward they should take, only to immediately find out that there’s another roadblock before them!

Victor hopes to sway Laura to his side by saying they have more in common than she might want to believe. (In other news, he probably also has a bridge in Brooklyn that he’d love her to make an offer on!)

General Hospital spoilers for Friday, April 8:

Wu makes a deal with Curtis GH

In today’s recap, the truth about Willow’s revealed, Valentin sets up Jennifer, and Curtis makes a deal with Selina.

It seems like old times as Felicia and Anna go undercover in pursuit of a new lead.

Someone’s sexytime is about to become a lot less sexy thanks to an interruption.

Scott hates Sonny, and with good reason. So what in the world has the attorney visiting the man he holds responsible for daughter Karen’s downfall?

Trina connects with Marshall.

Once again, Harmony finds herself having to go where she doesn’t want to. How much longer will she be manipulated?

Kirsten Storms’ ‘trash talk’ reveals why she’ll soon be rocking a brace on General Hospital: “I didn’t say this was my brightest moment.”

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