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Felicia and Anna at the courthouse General Hospital

Soaps.com has the latest, new General Hospital spoilers for two weeks ahead from Monday, March 28, to Friday, April 8. There are several reasons to celebrate, although not everyone will be in a party mood. Meanwhile, Michael and Willow run into another problem, Victor tries convincing Laura they should join forces, and Felicia joins Anna in going undercover!

General Hospital spoilers week of March 28:

General Hospital spoilers for Monday, March 28:

Trina swears she's innocent GH

In today’s recap, Trina is arrested, Nikolas helps Esme with a place to stay, and Harmony is surprisingly familiar with Alexis’ house.

TJ and Molly are worried, but Alexis is somewhat frustrated by their concern.

Nikolas has continued to support Esme — even as doing so has pushed his friends away. But will he buy what she’s trying to sell today?

Scott is there when Nina needs advice.

Some things, a person just has to handle themselves. But what important case does Jordan decide deserves her personal attention.

Curtis has finally gotten tired of the dance he and Marshall have been doing. But what will that mean moving forward?

General Hospital alum Jason Thompson (ex-Patrick) drops a heart-melting video that reveals just how fast his little boy is growing up.

General Hospital spoilers for Tuesday, March 29:

Harmony Truth Is Revealed GH

In today’s recap, the shocking truth about how Harmony knows her way around Alexis’ house is revealed in a murderous flashback. Plus, Spencer has doubts about Trina.

Those who’ve worried about Victor’s influence over Spencer won’t be thrilled to hear that the young man is confiding in his uncle.

Sonny and Carly may no longer be together, but he seeks her out when a matter of mutual concern arises.

What does Sam see that leaves her unsettled?

As Ava finds herself rushing to get to the police department, Esme definitely seems to be in the catbird seat.

Casting news confirmed: Meet Port Charles PD’s new rookie cop.

General Hospital spoilers for Wednesday, March 30:

In today’s recap, Trina’s done with Spencer, Nikolas comes to Esme’s rescue with Sonny, and Brook Lynn’s reaction leaves Chase confused.

Brando and Sasha left Port Charles as two, but they return as one thanks to their Las Vegas wedding.

When a visitor arrives to see Sonny, he’s got a few questions.

There’s an important meeting about to get underway, which has Portia and Curtis waiting to get things started.

Chase and Dante have been friends (and occasional co-workers) for a while. So why does Finn’s brother seem to be so defense when talking to Sonny’s offspring?

It’s time for the big Deception IPO party. Here’s hoping things go as planned for Brooke Lynn, Maxie and Lucy’s launch!

Casting news! As Nancy Lee Grahn recovers from surgery, she’s temporarily replaced by a familiar face.

Photo: Laura Wright tees up what may be the cutest face-off ever!

General Hospital spoilers for Thursday, March 31:

Neil's brother Brendan gh

In today’s recap, Spencer suggests he and Esme move to Wyndemere, and a man who looks like Neil’s brother spies on Esme and then pays Alexis a visit.

We all know that Scott is a force to be reckoned with in the courtroom. But he’s going to have to put all his skills to work for his new client! At the same time, fellow attorney (and shark) Diane finds her advice being sought by Willow and Michael. Will they all wind up on the same page?

For most young couples, “It’s you and me against the world” is just a cute phrase. But for Joss and Cameron, it’s proving true as they join forces.

Carly needs something to take her mind off recent events, so Sam suggests they hit a yoga class. But we’ve noticed that the yoga studio tends to draw an interesting assortment of people, almost always guaranteeing that the end result will be anything but peaceful!

What causes Spencer’s jaw to hit the floor?

When Calls the Heart preview: Serious questions arise surrounding [spoiler] — plus, Hope Valley residents are about to witness one heck of a competition!

General Hospital spoilers for Friday, April 1:

Neil's brother Brendan finds file on Harmony GH

In today’s recap, Neil’s brother wants money from Alexis and recognizes Harmony, Trina pleads not guilty, and Nina hires Scott.

When Sonny needs an assist, he calls on an old friend. Will Brick be able to get the job done?

Trina finds herself having to make a big decision about the future.

Who is the “unexpected visitor” who swings by Alexis’ office? And does it have anything to do with Nina getting together with Harmony?

Who is on the receiving end of an offer from Nikolas?

Casting news: General Hospital’s latest return could turn the heat way up on a cold case!

It’s a bittersweet announcement: Hallmark’s Chesapeake Shores has been renewed for a sixth and final season — here’s what has to happen…

General Hospital spoilers week of April 4:

General Hospital spoilers for Monday, April 4:

Something tells us Ava is not going to be pleased by what she finds going on at Wyndemere!

Liz has a conversation with former mother-in-law Laura, only to later make a very unsettling discovery.

The family that plays together, stays together. But if what happens when Chase and Violet join Finn and Gregory for dinner is any indication, the same can’t necessarily be said about the family that eats together!

Britt is usually the one who catches other people off guard, but today, the tables are turned. Meanwhile, although Britt would love to hire Brad back at the hospital, the decision is not hers alone. How will things go when he has an interview with Terry?

After everything they’ve been through, Maxie and Brook Lynn have bonded in a way neither could have expected. But even Maxie can’t help when Amy manages to make BLQ feel wildly awkward.

General Hospital spoilers for Tuesday, April 5:

With the IPO behind them, the Deception crew gathers at the Savoy to celebrate their success. But something is definitely not right where Sasha is concerned…

You’ll recall that Selina recently came to Curtis with a business proposition. While he wasn’t immediately keen on the idea, might he have changed his mind?

Sometimes, it takes a young brain to see things from a different perspective. Could Jake and Aiden have stumbled upon the truth about the mysterious events unfolding under their roof?

Scott may be considered a bit of an ambulance chaser by some in Port Charles, but he’s always been good to Ava. Will she follow the legal advice he offers her?

New information comes to light which is going to leave Esme and Spencer having to figure out what their next step should be.

General Hospital spoilers for Wednesday, April 6:

Who doesn’t love a housewarming party? When everyone gathers to celebrate Portia and Curtis’ new home, here’s hoping the one gift nobody brings is drama!

Laura is dealing with the whole Esme-and-the-video situation when Nikolas gets a very big surprise in the form of an unexpected arrival. Meanwhile, Sonny also receives a visit from someone unexpected.

Who is on the receiving end of Victor’s text… and what, exactly, does he mean by “get it done”?

Anna is filled in on Sam and Dante’s progress.

General Hospital spoilers for Thursday, April 7:

Nina has something important to tell Sonny, but she may be waylaid by what she sees.

In an exotic tropical locale, two unexpected people make contact.

What brings Harmony to Carly’s office? Meanwhile, Michael and Willow are trying to figure out which path forward they should take, only to immediately find out that there’s another roadblock before them!

Victor hopes to sway Laura to his side by saying they have more in common than she might want to believe. (In other news, he probably also has a bridge in Brooklyn that he’d love her to make an offer on!)

General Hospital spoilers for Friday, April 8:

It seems like old times as Felicia and Anna go undercover in pursuit of a new lead.

Someone’s sexytime is about to become a lot less sexy thanks to an interruption.

Scott hates Sonny, and with good reason. So what in the world has the attorney visiting the man he holds responsible for daughter Karen’s downfall?

Trina connects with Marshall.

Once again, Harmony finds herself having to go where she doesn’t want to. How much longer will she be manipulated?

If you’re missing General Hospital’s sister soap, look through our gallery of One Life to Live then and now photos below then get all the latest General Hospital exits and returns in one place!

— Richard Simms/Amy Mistretta


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