Spoilers for the Week of February 07, 2022

02/13/2022 06:48 am

liz and finn's future gh

Soaps.com has the latest, new General Hospital spoilers for two weeks ahead from Monday, February 7, to Friday, February 18. Valentine’s Day will bring romance to some and problems for others. Plus, Spencer receives a visitor, Terry goes on a date, and someone is very concerned about Elizabeth.

As Black History Month gets underway, we salute some of daytime’s most important African-American characters of all time with a gallery of highlights and photos!

General Hospital spoilers week of February 7:

Maxie and Austin talk at General Hospital

GH Soapbox: The larger issue with Peter’s escape, Willow’s suddenly interesting again, and cheering “Sprina,” “ChaLynn” and Kristina.

General Hospital spoilers for Monday, February 7:

In today’s recap, Carly walks in on Sonny and Nina in bed, Maxie tells everyone the truth about Bailey/Louise, and Peter calls Victor for another favor.

As a situation grows dire, Carly rushes to get to the hospital as quickly as she can, while Nina is beside herself with worry.

When Chase and Brook Lynn are in need of an assist, who will they call to lend a helping hand?

Maxie and Felicia play the waiting game as they anticipate news.

Victor had a whole plan in mind, but things definitely don’t go as planned.

General Hospital spoilers for Tuesday, February 8:

Ned lectures Brook Lynn GH

In today’s recap, Peter kidnaps Charlotte, Ned reacts to Brook Lynn’s lie, and Carly walks away from Sonny.

Things grow tense as friends and loved ones gather at the hospital to hold a vigil and await news. Meanwhile, things get heated and tempers run hot at the Haunted Star.

Maxie, Brook Lynn and Chase come together to make a difficult choice.

Sam and Drew sit down for a conversation that they’ve needed to have for a very long time now. Will it impact their relationship moving forward?

Charlotte can’t help but fret about her beloved papa.

Video! Behind the scenes with Port Charles’ most explosive triangle: “We love that you love/hate it.”

General Hospital spoilers for Wednesday, February 9:

Valentin found in trash General Hospital

In today’s recap, Maxie meets with Peter, Valentin resurfaces, and Carly and Drew kiss.

From the start, Peter has made it very clear that protecting himself is his top priority. Today, he reveals the latest way in which he’s doing exactly that.

Hoping to prove that three heads are better than one, Anna, Dante and Laura put theirs together.

Carly and Drew cross paths once again.

When Maxie needs comforting, Austin is there for her.

Typically, Nina isn’t one who finds herself at a loss for words. But she definitely won’t know what to say today!

DVR alert: When Calls the Heart season 9 premiere teasers: The stage is set for romance, change and a race like no other — plus, 15 gifts that Hearties will love!

General Hospital spoilers for Thursday, February 10:

In today’s recap, Maxie leaves Louise behind and goes on the run with Peter. Plus, Brook Lynn faces Valentin, and Laura threatens Victor.

When Maxie is faced with an impossible choice, which way will she go? And will this have something to do with why Brook Lynn feels so guilty?

They say the truth will set you free, but will that prove true for Elizabeth and Finn when they get all the facts?

Laura feels a sense of relief.

Anna will likely put all of her skills to use when she goes looking for answers.

Photos: Dominic Zamprogna gets wheel about his ‘kidlife crisis’ — plus, one fan’s comment had us in stitches!

Josh Swickard pays a photo-filled 98th birthday tribute to the grandpa who has ‘helped me more than you’ll ever know.’

General Hospital spoilers for Friday, February 11:

In the GH hospital locker room, Terry wears a blue strapless dress.

In today’s recap, Liz finds her wedding dress shredded, Nina confides in Ava about Sonny, and Carly makes an appointment with a divorce lawyer.

As the most romantic day of the year draws nigh, Curtis and TJ discuss their big Valentine’s Day plans.

Terry’s getting ready for her big date… but what Elizabeth discovers could put a damper on things!

Phyllis has Charlie’s all decked out for the holiday… but it’s definitely not what one might expect, which has Sonny checking in with his bar’s manager.

It’s an identity crisis, minus the crisis: Watch Finola Hughes (Anna) splinter into multiple personalities in an eye-popping video.

While Liz tries to figure out what the future holds — and if Finn is going to be a part of it — relive some of her most-memorable moments in our photo gallery below then get all the latest General Hospital exits and returns in one place!

— Richard Simms/Amy Mistretta


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