Spoilers for the Week of January 31, 2022

02/04/2022 03:21 pm

Ava cautions Nina GH

Soaps.com has the latest, new General Hospital spoilers for two weeks ahead from Monday, January 31, to Friday, February 11. Circumstances take a dark turn as worried loved ones gather at the hospital to sit vigil. Meanwhile, Nina and Ava compare notes, Carly takes a meeting, and everyone prepares for Valentine’s Day!

As Black History Month gets underway, we salute some of daytime’s most important African-American characters of all time with a gallery of highlights and photos!

General Hospital spoilers week of January 31:

GH Soapbox: Feeling hopeful the end of Peter could finally be in sight. Plus, we never expected Esme to sink so low!

General Hospital spoilers for Monday, January 31:

Stella warns Marshall at Charlie's General Hospital

In today’s recap, Willow discovers there’s no record of her birth certificate, Liz has another strange Franco-related experience, and Stells calls out Marshall for keeping more secrets.

Don’t miss watching General Hospital’s Maurice Benard’s ultra-adorable reunion with his grandbaby, which is downright squee-worthy!

You know what they say: Go big or go home! Sonny’s hoping that a grand gesture will score him. Speaking of big moves, Michael surprises Willow by suggesting they jet off to Paris!

Will anyone buy what Esme’s selling when she tries to play the victim?

What does the future hold? While nobody can know for sure, Liz and Finn attempt to figure out theirs.

General Hospital spoilers for Tuesday, February 1:

Ned and Olivia Vow Renewal GH

In today’s recap, Tracy is arrested by a federal agent, Austin seeks out Maxie, and Harmony turns to Alexis for help with Willow.

Ned and Olivia are surrounded by friends and family as they renew their commitment to one another.

Carly manages to catch Drew off guard.

As Maxie tries to figure out what her next move should be, Brook Lynn is hoping to be forgiven.

Chase and Dante carve out a little time to reconnect with one another.

It’s time for Scotty to find out where a long-missing fan favorite’s been lo these many years.

Heartbreak’s ahead for several docs when The Resident returns tonight, but is new love on the horizon for Conrad?

General Hospital spoilers for Wednesday, February 2:

Tracy is arrested again at Quartermaine's General Hospital

In today’s recap, Carly rejects Sonny’s gesture, Drew steps in to help Tracy, and, after Trina ignores his calls, Spencer stops by the gallery.

Chicago Fire Twist! An eagerly awaited return could ignite trouble for Brett & Casey. Get the details!

Tracy’s always been the kind of woman who can take care of herself, but things definitely aren’t looking good for her today!

Sonny and Carly finally sit down to have a much-needed conversation. Will things between them be any better once they clear the air?

Spencer’s about to head off to Spring Ridge. But before he does, those he cares about most gather at Kelly’s to say farewell.

Trina manages to catch Ava off guard.

Austin and Maxie try and analyze exactly what went down between them.

Former General Hospital youngster’s diagnosis leaves her family shaken: “We are grieving, but we are grateful.”

General Hospital spoilers for Thursday, February 3:

Esme interrupts Sprina Kiss GH

In today’s recap, Peter’s prison transport hits a snag, Austin reveals he knows the truth about Bailey/Louise, and Esme interrupts Spencer and Trinia’s moment.

What has Sam seeking out Spinelli? Don’t miss when Lindsay Hartley steps in for Kelly Monaco.

When Sonny heads to Charlie’s to see Phyllis, will he be seeking her help or sharing good news?

Laura and Victor have been on a collision course for a while, and today she finally confronts him. Meanwhile, Esme’s mind is focused on Spencer.

Hallmark’s latest Aurora Teagarden premiere takes viewers on a chilling murder investigation inside of a haunted mansion — plus, two exciting real-life casting twists!

General Hospital spoilers for Friday, February 4:

BLQ and Chase discuss relationship at beach house General Hospital

In today’s recap, Peter abducts Bailey/Louise, Mac is shot, Nina shows up for Sonny, and Brook Lynn and Chase get honest with each other.

When Sonny needs a bit of encouragement, Kristina is there for her dad.

Felicia and Anna await word on an unfolding situation.

In the wake of Ned and Olivia’s vow renewal ceremony, Brook Lynn and Chase find themselves talking about their own situation.

Obrecht knows a thing or two about ulterior motives, and she wants to know exactly what Nina’s are!

Maxie’s been under a lot of stress the past year or so. What happens that finally allows her to breath a bit and feel relieved?

Spurred by Ned and Olivia’s vow renewal, Brook Lynn and Chase talk.

Congratulations — It’s a boy: General Hospital Emmy winner introduces “the newest little man in my life” with heart-melting photo and video.

Jane Elliot wraps up her latest return as Tracy Quartermaine — for now.

Have you seen the new General Hospital cast portraits yet? View the last photos in our gallery below then get all the latest General Hospital exits and returns in one place!

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