Spoilers for the Week of January 10, 2022

01/16/2022 07:50 am

sonny and laura catch up gh

Soaps.com has the latest, new General Hospital spoilers for two weeks ahead from Monday, January 10, to Friday, January 21. Answers are demanded, a surprise visitor arrives and a new challenge is faced — plus, two people unexpectedly cross paths and a former captor and his victim come face to face!Lia

General Hospital spoilers week of January 10:

Chicago Fire Crushing Heartbreak: The twist that doomed Stella and Kelly.

General Hospital spoilers for Monday, January 10:

Portia and Trina discuss Ava at Metro Court General Hospital

In today’s recap, Carly slaps Nina, Liz postpones her date with Finn, and Victor appeals to Spencer.

What Carly wants, Carly usually gets. And today, what she wants is answers.

Two old friends finally reconnect as Sonny and Laura catch up. Given everything each has been through since last they spoke, theirs should be one heck of a conversation.

Curtis and Portia are on the verge of taking things to the next level when… argh, they are interrupted.

Joss, Cam, Spencer, Esme and Trina are finally ready to embark on their much-discussed trip to Sonny’s cabin in the woods. But first, Trina needs to unpack how she’s feeling about the gang. (Meanwhile, anybody else want to shout to them, “Are you kids crazy? Don’t you know nothing good ever happens at remote cabins in the woods?”)

Maurice Benard “wings it” in an interview that nope… just can’t ruffle feathers.

General Hospital spoilers for Tuesday, January 11:

Victor confronts Laura at home GH

In today’s recap, Maxie and Austin confide their interest in each other to others, Carly orders Sonny out, and Spencer and Esme get a front-row seat to Victor and Laura’s feud.

As you’ve now doubt noticed, this soap’s spoilers can often be… on the vague side. So make what you will of this one: Sonny makes a gesture of connection. For all we know, that could mean he waves at someone from across the room. Perhaps he’s signaling a waiter for the check?

Curtis has been keeping Marshall at arm’s length since his secret-keeping dad showed up in town. But today, he agrees to hear the older man out.

Now that Kristina Wagner’s Felicia is not only back but back on contract, she and Maxie have a whole lot of catching up to do!

Someone unexpected stops by the Crimson offices to see Nina.

A situation arises in which both Britt and Austin wind up feeling out of their element. Will this help them bond? Heaven knows Austin could use a friend or two in this town!

GAC Family ties Hallmark star and General Hospital alum to a four-movie deal — plus, what it means for fans.

General Hospital spoilers for Wednesday, January 12:

Tracy in PCPD cells General Hospital

In today’s recap, Carly moves out, Sam won’t forgive or forget, Alexis helps Tracy, and Brook Lynn makes things worse with Austin.

Nina is still dealing with her lingering feelings for Sonny, and Valentin has moved on with Anna. So when Nina shines the Batsignal in the sky, will he still come running?

When Alexis and Sam look toward the future, will they agree that the future’s so bright they have to wear shades? Or are there dark clouds on their mutual horizon?

As Olivia is being caught off guard by Carly, Ned tries to help a local deal with a legal issue.

Yellowjackets’ blackmailer was finally revealed, and death claimed another character, but we’re left with tons of questions ahead of the season finale.

ABC boss teases a possible new General Hospital spinoff — plus, the latest on All My Children reboot Pine Valley!

General Hospital spoilers for Thursday, January 13:

In today’s recap, Brad confesses to Britt, Brook Lynn and Chase decide to get their own place, and Austin inadvertently puts Maxie on Victor’s radar.

Felicia is not only back, she’s heading to the hospital on a fact-finding mission. Meanwhile, daughter Maxie has a conversation with Anna. (We suspect this may be more of a subtle interrogation than a conversation, but with Anna’s beautiful accent, things can sometimes seem far more friendly than they actually are!)

At long last, Drew and Victor come face to face. Something tells me Jason’s twin brother is gonna have a few things to say to his former captor!

When Valentin and Austin find the time to compare notes, that might not be particularly good news for someone in their mutual orbits! Could this have something to do with the new challenge that Brook Lynn and Chase suddenly find themselves facing?

General Hospital spoilers for Friday, January 14:

Dante brings Britt news GH

In today’s recap, Sonny explodes at Michael, Nina seeks legal counsel regarding Wiley, and Britt gets an idea to help Brad.

Michael’s been dealing with some complex feelings ever since finding out about the time his dad spent with Nina in Nixon Falls. Today, he’s finally going to try to express those emotions.

Laura decides it’s time to take a family meeting. Given everything going on around them, there’s probably going to be an awful lot on the agenda!

When someone needs to vent, Drew is there to lend an ear.

Nina is smack-dab in the middle of a conversation that can only be described as complicated when along comes Ava. Awkward!

Dante does what he can to keep the peace. And despite him being a police officer, we suspect this has more to do with personal business than his actual job!

Emme Rylan has something to be excited about and exclaims, “Feels so good to be back on a set!”

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