Spoilers for the Week of January 03, 2022

01/08/2022 08:28 am

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Soaps.com has the latest, new General Hospital spoilers for two weeks ahead from Monday, January 3, to Friday, January 14. Felicia is back on the scene and looking for answers, Laura decides it’s time to get things back on track where her family is concerned, and Michael has to deal with some difficult emotions!

Your ultimate 2021 soap recap: A photo-filled reflection of all of the drama for all four shows — yes, everything! (ok, maybe not *everything*)

GH Opinion: From Jason’s “death” to Sonny’s new life, we’re looking back at everything that happened during 2021 in a photo-packed gallery you wont’ want to miss.

General Hospital spoilers week of January 3:

General Hospital spoilers for Monday, January 3:

Haromy vents to Alexis at Charlie's General Hospital

In today’s recap, Tracy shows up with shocking news for Laura, Peter wakes up, and Harmony finds Alexis at the bar.

With Jason dead, it makes an odd sort of sense that Carly would find herself confiding in his twin brother. Will Drew find himself drawn ever deeper into Sonny and Carly’s world?

When Alexis needs a little bit of tough love, Harmony is there to provide it.

Victor swings by General Hospital to visit a patient. But who is the ailing party… and what are Victor’s true motives?

Mac is a man of his word, so when he makes a promise to someone, they can probably take it to the bank.

As the new year gets under way, Maxie can’t help but hope for a fresh start. But will the mistakes of 2021 follow her into 2022?

General Hospital spoilers for Tuesday, January 4:

Victor looks ahead GH

In today’s recap, Tracy blames herself for Luke’s death, and then visits her family. Plus, Curtis makes a declaration to Portia, and Victor makes a cryptic call about Laura.

There are certain benefits to having a therapist as a husband… although it can also be problematic. Which way will it go when Kevin tries convincing Laura that she should open up to him?

Perhaps fearing that Drew will make some of the same mistakes she watched Jason make, Monica urges Scout’s dad to proceed with caution.

Shawn has a surprise for Alexis.

General Hospital spoilers for Wednesday, January 5:

Tracy realizes truth about the baby at Quartermaine estate General Hospital

In today’s recap, Tracy figures out Bailey is Louise, news of Luke’s death spreads, and Alexis takes Shawn up on his job offer.

It’s felt as if trouble might be coming Michael and Willow’s way for a while, and that’s definitely the case when the lovebirds find that they aren’t on the same page.

Despite the number of people cheering her on, Alexis can’t help but doubt her abilities.

Maxie is the object of much fretting by Anna and Felicia. Are they right to be concerned?

Suspicious eyes are looking Brook Lynn’s way. Can she avoid looking guilty?

In the “nothing good can come of this” category, Victor takes a meeting with Valentin.

Unhappy New Year: General Hospital’s post-holidays return to work delayed by omicron — and it’s not the only show.

General Hospital spoilers for Thursday, January 6:

Dante asks Sonny about New Year's at penthouse General Hospital

In today’s recap, Dante arrests Tracy, Olivia offers Carly advice about Sonny, and Brook Lynn and Maxie strategize.

Dante finds time to catch up with dad Sonny.

Will grief push Sasha to make bad decisions? The beauty insists she knows how to deal with the emotions she’s feeling, but is she lying to everyone… including herself? Meanwhile, Gladys is there to try and reassure Brando that everything will work out for the best.

Sam and Alexis get hot under the collar when they have to deal with an unexpected visitor.

DVR alert: Hallmark’s When Calls the Heart premiere date has been revealed — plus, a get look at the romance ahead for season 9!

General Hospital spoilers for Friday, January 7:

Finn worries Liz isn't ready GH

In today’s recap, Sonny confesses to Carly he still has feelings for Nina, Phyllis tells Nina to leave Sonny alone, and Spencer gets a new job — working for Trina.

It’s been a rough couple months for Sonny and Carly. When they sit down to discuss their future, will they wind up on the same page?

After months of circling one another (and sharing the occasional kiss), it looks as if Finn and Elizabeth are finally going to have their first date. No pressure, guys!

Is Chase really ready to spend a little time with Bailey… on his own? We’ll find out after he picks the baby up from Brook Lynn’s!

As we embark on the new year, join us as we look back and pay tribute to the beloved soap stars we lost in 2021 then get all the latest General Hospital exits and returns in one place!

— Richard Simms/Amy Mistretta