Spoilers for the Week of December 20, 2021

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Soaps.com has the latest, new General Hospital spoilers for two weeks ahead from Monday, December 20, to Friday, December 31. Things are going to get very interesting in the Pennsylvania courtroom in which Nina’s fate will be decided. What happens there could impact not only her future, but that of Sonny and Carly as well… especially when the man formerly known as “Mike” tries explaining himself. Plus, who’ll wind up kissing whom as 2021 comes to an end? Read on for all the details…

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General Hospital spoilers week of December 20:

General Hospital spoilers for Monday, December 20:

Victor offers Spencer help at Kelly's General Hospital

In today’s recap, after finding God in prison, Cyrus warns Laura about her true enemy — who reveals themself. Plus, Victor makes Spencer an offer, and Liesl gives Scott information that could help Nina’s case.

It’s been a long time coming, but this week Nina’s preliminary hearing is finally set to start. Should she be worried about how concerned her attorney seems to be, or is that just Scott fretting over nothing? And when Nina spends a little time talking to Phyllis, will she be voicing her concerns about the case or is something else on her mind?

Willow’s emotions may get the best of her as she’s reminded of her own past. Meanwhile, aware of how high emotions are running, Carly checks in with Michael to see how he’s doing.

General Hospital spoilers for Tuesday, December 21:

Lucy sits on Santa's Lap on General Hospital

In today’s recap, Victor gets Spencer a deal, but there’s a catch. Plus, Anna and Finn test out their friendship, and there are enough Santas for both Lucy and Laura.

With Christmas just around the corner, the residents of Port Charles gather for the annual tree-lighting ceremony. And when Santa Claus swings by General Hospital, the best gift he brings might involve a surprising reunion!

There was a time not all that long ago when Drew and Elizabeth were romantically involved. Sure, things went badly after she decided to keep his true identity a secret, but folks in this town have forgiven far worse. So we’ll definitely be keeping an eye to see if sparks fly when Liz and Drew finally cross paths.

When Spencer catches Trina and Nikolas sharing a chat, he’s naturally curious. What do his dad and the girl we probably all think he belongs with have to discuss?

Ready for some cuteness overload? Well, you better be because Finn is bringing Violet over to Anna’s place for holiday tea!

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As her daughter turns 12, Michelle Stafford (ex-Nina) shares an inspiring message — and a bunch of photos so adorable, they’ll make your heart burst!

General Hospital spoilers for Wednesday, December 22:

Davis family toast at Alexis' General Hospital

In today’s recap, Obrecht realizes Willow could be useful, Michael makes a cryptic call about the hearing, Shawn announces he bought The Invader, and Brando and Sasha find comfort in each other.

‘Tis the season to be jolly, so Carly and Sonny spend some time creating holiday memories with their family. Meanwhile, Monica hosts a little get-together over at the Quartermaine mansion. (Given how that family’s events usually go, something tells us it should be interesting… ) And speaking of fetes, Alexis is hosting one as well and the best word to describe hers is raucous.

Sasha is finally being released from the hospital, and Brando is right there by her side.

Marshall decides to volunteer at the hospital, which means he’s about to cross paths with Epiphany. Here’s hoping he doesn’t push her buttons!

Soap stars star in Hallmark’s romantic January lineup featuring a wedding twist and a mysterious veil — plus, a case of amnesia that’ll keep one single dad on his toes!

General Hospital spoilers for Thursday, December 23:

Is Yellowstone’s Kayce headed for the ultimate heartache – and a whole new life?

Nina’s hearing has been a long time coming, but today’s the day it officially gets underway.

When Obrecht wants to bend Scott to her will, might she use her feminine charms on him?

Josslyn and Cameron find themselves being interrupted again, while Trina and Spencer cross paths at Kelly’s.

With whom is Nikolas conducting business over breakfast at the Metro Court? And how are that restaurant’s Bloody Mary’s?

Will she be returning? Rebecca Budig addresses her status as Hayden Barnes!

Bradford Anderson (Spinelli) strikes a familiar pose — Jason, is that you?

General Hospital spoilers for Friday, December 24:

Today on General Hospital, Nina’s hearing begins and Scott employs a masterful strategy to call someone unexpected to the stand. Plus, Esme surprises Spencer.

Due to the holiday, an encore of the soap’s February 23, 2021 episode will air.

Michael and Willow process everything that has happened over the past few days.

Maxie offers Nina her support.

Britt makes a plea to Obrecht.

Anna reaches out to Peter.

Jon Lindstrom marvels at ‘what a difference a few years makes’ with impossibly sweet then-and-now photos!

Watch Steve Burton team up with his 7-year-old Christmas ‘angel’ on a heartwarming holiday duet!

While we prepare for the Christmas episodes take a look at our photo gallery filled with other soapy holiday celebrations then get all the latest General Hospital exits and returns in one place!

— Richard Simms/Amy Mistretta


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