Spoilers for the Week of November 29, 2021

12/05/2021 07:10 am

maxie gets news gh

Soaps.com has the latest, new General Hospital spoilers for two weeks ahead from Monday, November 29, to Friday, December 10. Soaps.com has the latest, new General Hospital spoilers for two weeks ahead from Monday, November 29, to Friday, December 10. Things get tense between Michael and Willow, Sonny and Carly face a tough choice, and Peter is once again running around making threats. (Seriously, what’s it going to take to stop this guy?!?)

General Hospital spoilers week of November 29:

GH Soapbox: Thankful for Peter’s arrest, lamenting hanging storylines, and hoping Drew’s reappearance re-invigorates certain characters.

General Hospital spoilers for Monday, November 29:

Chase is not welcomed by Ned at Quartermaine estate General Hospital

In today’s recap, Valentin takes back ELQ, Drew surprises the Quartermaines on Thanksgiving, and news about Jason spreads.

Break out your Thanksgiving leftovers, because the holiday continues today in Port Charles as Portia hosts a Friendsgiving dinner.

How will Sam and Dante react to the news that’s making its way around town?

Nina and Phyllis each have something to share with the other when they sit down for a heart-to-heart chat.

In the least surprising news ever, a squabble breaks out at the Quartermaine mansion.

General Hospital spoilers for Tuesday, November 30:

drew plans to look for louise gh

In today’s recap, Cyrus calls Sonny, Britt confides in Austin, Liesl and Scott reconnect, and Drew breaks the news about Jason to the Qs.

Things take an unexpected turn at the Quartermaine home as Thanksgiving continues… and no, it’s not that they wind up eating pizza.

In light of what’s happened, Sam finds herself worrying about how to move forward and what the next steps will be.

It takes a lot to shake up Sonny, so who is on the other end of the disturbing phone call he receives?

Austin and Britt find themselves commiserating. (Is it wrong that we immediately find ourselves thinking, “Hmm, chemistry testing a new couple?”) Meanwhile, her mom receives a visitor she wasn’t anticipating.

General Hospital spoilers for Wednesday, December 1:

Mac questions Chase about Valentin General Hospital

In today’s recap, Chase is suspended from the force, Spinelli finds out about Jason, and Victor takes charge of the Cassadine family.

Believe it or not, Thanksgiving Day continues as Alexis’ holiday dinner goes a tad off the rails.

When Ned is in need of comforting, Olivia is there for him.

Sonny turns to Spinelli for an assist.

How will the move Sam and Dante make impact their future as a budding couple?

Casting news! Beloved vet back in action at last: “I couldn’t be more thrilled to be a part of that family once again.”

General Hospital spoilers for Thursday, December 2:

Alexis Sam partner up GH

In today’s recap, Sam suggests she and Alexis team up, Sasha and Brando name their baby, and Valentin returns to the Quartermaines.

After what’s been a long and trying day, Sonny and Carly make time to reconnect.

As Sasha struggles, Brando and Nina join forces to be there for her.

Brook Lynn and Chase work together to try and calm Maxie, but that may be a tall order.

There’s turmoil in the Cassadine family (thanks in no small part to Victor). As the newly-free Alexis tries to figure out what her next step should be, Valentin finds himself opening up to Anna in a way he hasn’t before.

General Hospital alum Michelle Stafford (ex-Nina) introduces the family member who fits in purr-fectly in the circus that is her happy home!

General Hospital spoilers for Friday, December 3:

Nina Peter Trade insults GH

In today’s recap, Peter ruffles several feathers, including Austin’s and Nina’s. And Maxie is pushed to her breaking point after witnessing Valentin say goodbye to Bailey.

Move over Quartermaines, because the Cassadines just outdid you this year for Thanksgiving! Read our General Hospital soapbox for this and other opinions.

What does Carly spy that makes her extremely uneasy? Meanwhile, Brando gets a bit of fatherhood advice from Sonny who, having had his fair share of kids, knows quite a bit on the topic!

Looking for closure, Valentin does something he hopes will bring it to him.

Maxie is caught off guard.

Having clearly forgotten what they say happens when one assumes, Britt makes an assumption about Austin.

Dominic Zamprogna (Dante) shares a fantastically festive family photo that’s guaranteed to get you in the holiday spirit!

Kelly Monaco (Sam) tweets the equivalent of a hug to a particularly dear castmate.

Genie Francis heads back to General Hospital: “Laura’s returning… and she’s not alone.”

What would the soap actors say to their characters about their current relationships? You might get an idea by viewing our photo gallery below filled with romantic advice from daytime stars then get all the latest General Hospital exits and returns in one place!

— Richard Simms/Amy Mistretta


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