Spoilers for the Week of November 01, 2021

11/05/2021 03:36 pm

sonny and carly's surprising actions gh

Soaps.com has the latest, new General Hospital spoilers for two weeks ahead from Monday, November 1, to Friday, November 12. One of the Five Families takes a meeting with Sonny, Robert reconnects with Olivia, Esme butts heads with Trina, and Sam is asked about her love life.

General Hospital spoilers week of November 1:

GH Soapbox: Port Charles’ selective justice is hypocritical, while the reveal of Nikolas’ secret created even more suspicions.

General Hospital spoilers for Monday, November 1:

Peter is cornered by Jason on Cassadine Island General Hospital

In today’s recap, someone is shot — and it’s not Peter! — Brook Lynn races to stop Gladys, and Spencer confronts Nikolas!

Obrecht has spent a lot of time in labs, but rarely has she actually awakened in one, as she does today! Meanwhile, Britt and Jason’s search for her missing mom brings them to Cassadine Island, and the Port Charles branch of the Greek clan deals with their issues as Spencer confronts his dad.

Can Brook Lynn get to Gladys in time to stop her?

Dante and Sam are taken aback by what Sonny and Carly decide to do.

All treat, no trick: The stars’ kids in the year’s cutest Halloween costumes — including one that left Dad at a loss for words!

General Hospital spoilers for Tuesday, November 2:

Jason has Peter at gunpoint in Cassadine compound General Hospital

In today’s recap, Jason and Britt are taken prisoner, Nikolas offers Shawn a deal, and Spencer reaches out to Trina.

Britt proves that you can knock her down but she’ll get back up and keep fighting!

When Peter winds up in a shocking situation, does it mean that karma is finally catching up with him and fans are about to get what they’ve most wanted for some time now?

Harmony offers Alexis a bit of advice about the deal she’s been offered.

Josslyn makes it very clear exactly how she feels about Esme.

Who is the unexpected visitor tracking down Trina?

General Hospital spoilers for Wednesday, November 3:

Sonny visits Cyrus GH

In today’s recap, Cyrus warns Sonny of a returning threat, as Carly is confronted by someone from her time as the head of the Corinthos family.

Sonny knows better than to listen to everything he hears. But should he refrain from being completely dismissive? Meanwhile, something tells us things are about to heat up in Port Charles as an old enemy of the Corinthos clan returns to town.

Portia opens up to Elizabeth, admitting her concerns about the mysterious man who’s been skulking about town of late.

Sure, Carly and Olivia own a hotel with a perfectly fine bar, but it seems they want something a little bit different as they head to the Savoy for a drink. (Or maybe they’re checking out the competition!)

After putting their heads together, Maxie and Brooklyn think they’ve come up with a new plan.

General Hospital spoilers for Thursday, November 4:

Victor greets his son GH

In today’s recap, Victor refuses to help Anna and Valentin catch Peter, hinting he has a bigger focus — and Esme makes a promise to Ryan.

Dante warns Curtis to be careful about some of the more nefarious elements in town.

Alexis offers Spencer advice that he finds somewhat unexpected. Meanwhile, Ava can’t help but be suspicious about whatever’s going on between Shawn and Nikolas!

Esme begins her internship at Spring Ridge, while Trina suggests a unique exhibit for Ava’s gallery.

Amid a proud-dad moment, Maurice Benard reveals his surprising reaction to his son’s dream career.

General Hospital spoilers for Friday, November 5:

Alexis gets an offer GH

In today’s recap, Alexis gets surprising news and Nikolas is stunned when Spencer disowns his father and relinquishes his ties to the Cassadine family.

Is Sonny hoping to avoid a bad situation when he attempts to strike a deal? And can anything stop the chain of events that seems to have already been set in motion?

Nikolas has high hopes, while Spencer at last makes a decision.

When Terry talks to longtime gal pal Elizabeth, what is she warning her about?

When Esme plays on Josslyn’s insecurities, will her latest game prove successful or be shut down?

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