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Spoilers for the Week of October 11, 2021

10/15/2021 03:24 pm

anna warns robert gh has the latest General Hospital spoilers covering all the action for the two weeks ahead from Monday, October 11, to Friday, October 22. Jason joins Britt on an unexpected trip, Robert tries getting the truth from someone not inclined to be honest, and Spencer has his day in court.

General Hospital spoilers week of October 11:

GH Soapbox: Dishing the infuriating Cassadine rewrite, and Sonny and Carly not coming clean with each other.

General Hospital spoilers for Monday, October 11:

Spencer apologizes to Trina at Wyndemere General Hospital

In today’s recap, Ava has Spencer arrested, Alexis lectures Nikolas, and Carly clears the air with Britt.

Spencer attempts to apologize, but will the person on the receiving end accept the offered olive branch? Elsewhere in the teen scene, Josslyn and Cameron find themselves disagreeing. (Anyone else want to bet their dispute has something to do with Esme?)

Alexis takes Nikolas to task.

When Shawn talks to Jax about the investigation into Hayden’s disappearance, will new information come to light?

Nina has known for some time that her actions in Nixon Falls would have consequences. Today, she’ll begin to find out exactly what they are!

Get all of the latest in our big soap opera news roundup, including weddings both real and reel, dissed fans and some very sexy photos!

General Hospital spoilers for Tuesday, October 12:

Alexis and Shawn discuss Cassadines GH

In today’s recap, Carly listens to Jason where Nina is concerned, Ava encourages Nikolas to let Spencer hit rock bottom, and Shawn shares his suspicions with Alexis.

Jax and Sonny are probably the last two people anyone would expect to work together, yet circumstances cause them to forge an alliance. Meanwhile, Jason is exactly where he needs to be in order to prevent Carly from doing something she would very likely regret!

Brando and Sasha get a visitor.

Nikolas, still reeling from the recent revelations regarding Spencer, gets advice from Ava. But will he be in a place where he can hear what she has to say?

Shawn tells Alexis the power is in her hands… if she wants to use it.

As Cameron Mathison shares a cancer update, he throws his wholehearted support behind his beloved mom as she fights the disease.

General Hospital spoilers for Wednesday, October 13:

Nina refuses to leave Port Charles General Hospital

In today’s recap, Nina’s words prompt Sonny to confront Jason, Ava wants to revisit Avery’s custody arrangement, and Olivia accuses Brook Lynn of using Leo.

Will things between Sonny and Nina get easier or more complex when he lays down a few ground rules regarding how they’ll move forward?

When Carly has to make a choice, things take an unexpected turn.

Austin is a man who could use a friend or two, particularly if they’re connected to the Quartermaine clan. But will Jason be open to the newbie’s overtures

Brook Lynn takes things to the next level.

Britt is pretty much at her wit’s end, unsure what her next move should be.

Chesapeake Shores season finale preview: The scandal surrounding David’s family is revealed — plus, Abby makes a choice between Evan and Jay!

General Hospital spoilers for Thursday, October 14:

Sonny questions Jason about Carly in office General Hospital

In today’s recap, Jason tells Sonny the truth about his feelings for Carly, Ava encourages Nina to fight for Sonny, and Austin confronts Brook Lynn after getting suspended from the hospital.

Meanwhile, when Carly and Josslyn have a much needed heart-to-heart chat, who is more in need of comforting and support?

Trina’s caught off guard by her own feelings.

Maxie’s always been an act first, think later kinda gal, so how will she take it when Austin suggests she proceed with caution?

Britt may have to choose the lesser of two or more evils as she weighs her options.

General Hospital spoilers for Friday, October 15:

Ava offers Spencer a deal at PCPD General Hospital

In today’s recap, Drew realizes Peter is controlling him, Spencer refuses Ava’s offer, and Britt turns to Jason for help.

After everything they’ve been through in the past year, Sonny and Carly realize they need to sit down and have a long talk about what comes next.

Esme cranks up the emotions as she tries appealing to Nikolas’ softer side.

Robert is about to make a downright shocking discovery. Fingers crossed it has to do with the “late” Holly, whose portrayer just set the Internet ablaze with a photo that seems to confirm that she tied the knot. Take a peek, and you be the judge.

General Hospital spoilers week of October 18:

GH Soapbox: The Nixon Falls fallout dominates, while other storylines suffer — like Crete where things are getting good.

General Hospital spoilers for Monday, October 18:

As Curtis and Portia continue to bond, he opens up to share more about his past.

Jason’s had his suspicions for a while, and Spinelli is about to confirm them, for better or worse.

Off yesterday’s discovery, Robert and Anna make a decision that will likely catch some off guard.

Sam and Dante face a roadblock. Will they give up, or do the whole “try, try again” thing?

Being a Cassadine, it probably shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone when Victor starts issuing some pretty horrendous orders!

General Hospital spoilers for Tuesday, October 19:

Let’s face it: If you were in trouble, Anna is exactly who you would want in your corner. Fortunately for Valentin, she’ll be there when he needs a helping hand.

Will the discovery made by Sam and Dante put them any closer to solving a mystery?

Someone is keeping a very close eye on Curtis and Portia.

Finally having something to celebrate, Nikolas and Ava hit The Savoy.

What’s the disturbing news that Jason and Britt find out today?

General Hospital spoilers for Wednesday, October 20:

Nina doesn’t have many people in her corner these days. Will Curtis stand by her side?

Terry receives an unexpected call… but who is on the other end of the line?

Things are about to get a bit awkward between Elizabeth and Finn.

Britt’s in need of help, so Jason announces he’s leaving town to assist her.

Olivia and Ned haven’t been seeing eye to eye of late. Does the fact that she agrees to meet him for dinner indicate things are about to take a turn toward the better?

General Hospital spoilers for Thursday, October 21:

Sonny continues to reconnect with his loved ones. Today, it’s nephew Spencer. Will their talk help the troubled young man?

When Nina has an idea, we can’t help wondering if it’s a good or bad one!

What’s got Willow concerned about Michael?

Monica offers Austin a bit of advice, but will he agree to simply make peace and move on?

Brook Lynn can’t help feeling like she’s scored a victory.

General Hospital spoilers for Friday, October 22:

It’s the day of Spencer’s arraignment. Are Joss and Cam there to offer their support?

When Michael strikes a bargain, is it in his business or personal life?

Robert hopes to get the truth out of Victor, to which we can only say… yeah, good luck with that. Meanwhile, Anna is presented with a proposition.

The next leg of Jason and Britt’s adventure begins as they arrive in Greece.

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— Richard Simms/Amy Mistretta


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