Spoilers for the Week of October 04, 2021

10/09/2021 07:11 am

nina cries to sonny gh

Soaps.com has the latest, new General Hospital spoilers for two weeks ahead from Monday, October 4, to Friday, October 15. Someone’s at the center of an unexpected situation, an ultimatum is given, a startling revelation is made and a surprise guest arrives at the Corinthos home.

General Hospital spoilers week of October 4:

General Hospital Opinion: There was no winner in Carly and Nina’s face-off, but Spencer was definitely a big loser.

General Hospital spoilers for Monday, October 4:

Nikolas throws Spencer out of Wyndemere General Hospital

In today’s recap, after Nikolas throws Spencer out of his life, he and Ava burn their divorce papers. Plus, Michael confronts Nina, and Dante and Sam’s undercover mission is full of surprises.

You know what they say about the best laid plans of mice and men? Turns out those made by Dante and Sam might suffer a similar fate when theirs begins to go a little bit too well!

Meanwhile, Esme seems to have reason to celebrate, ’cause she’s kicking up her heels at the Savoy.

Trina proves that she can’t help but be compassionate.

When Carly tells Sonny why she believes Nina did what she did, something tells us Mrs. Corinthos won’t be speaking in glowing terms with regards to her nemesis!

General Hospital spoilers for Tuesday, October 5:

Valentin in prison GH

In today’s recap, Valentin wakes up in Drew’s cell, Peter reactivates Drew’s conditioning, and Anna is surprised to run into Robert.

When Sam is in need of comforting, Dante is there with a shoulder for him to lean on.

Peter continues to make enemies everywhere he goes, this time around by giving Victor an ultimatum.

The past and the present may blur a bit when Curtis and Portia reconnect.

When Calls the Heart fan favorite joins much-anticipated spinoff — but will Jack Thornton return from the dead?

Lifetime recognizes Breast Cancer Awareness month with a movie that hits close to home for its makers.

General Hospital spoilers for Wednesday, October 6:

The show will air a repeat of the November 3, 2020 episode today.

Chesapeake Shores teasers: A distress call comes in before a plane goes missing — plus, [spoiler] receives a disturbing warning!

Surprise! Cameron Mathison (Drew) ‘reunited with my tv wife’

General Hospital spoilers for Thursday, October 7:

victor is valentin's father GH

In today’s recap, Victor tells Valentin he is his father, Drew shoots at Anna and Robert, and Dante and Sam plan a future date.

Brook Lynn takes it upon herself to apologize to Austin, while Maxie looks at one of her relationships in a new light. But which one?

When Anna seeks out Valentin, is it simply to share information or does she have some other purpose in mind?

Laura Wright (Carly) sends her “amazing man” a heartfelt birthday message: “I love living life with you.”

General Hospital spoilers for Friday, October 8:

Phyllis pushes Sonny about Nina GH

In today’s recap, Spencer learns he’s been financially cut off, Phyllis comes to Port Charles to officially meet Sonny Corinthos, and Trina apologizes to Ava.

Who is the unexpected guest knocking on Sonny and Carly’s door? More important, is it a friend or a foe?

Britt hasn’t always been the voice of reason, but today she gives some pretty darn good advice… although heaven only knows if her words will be taken to heart!

Cameron is a good guy who tries always to do the right thing, but will that hold true when it’s Esme who comes to him for help? And what’s got Josslyn feeling more suspicious than ever?

At long last, Portia and Trina sit down for a chat that some might call long overdue.

Wes Ramsey (Peter) sends a heartfelt message: Thanks ‘for making my wishes comes true’

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— Richard Simms/Amy Mistretta


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