Spoilers for the Week of September 27, 2021

10/01/2021 03:20 pm

Obrecht and Britt celebrate GH

Soaps.com has the latest, new General Hospital spoilers for two weeks ahead from Monday, September 27, to Friday, October 8. Spencer and Nikolas’ relationship hits another speed bump, someone pays Sonny and Carly an unexpec ted visit, and Nina’s chickens come home to roost!

Some of your daytime favorites are starting the holiday season early in Hallmark Channel’s star-studded Countdown to Christmas!

General Hospital spoilers week of September 27:

General Hospital spoilers for Monday, September 27:

Obrecht threatens Victor on island General Hospital

In today’s recap, Peter holds a gun on Obrecht, Victor learns Valentin and Anna visited Chloe, and Carly worries how Sonny will react to learning she and Jason got married for real.

Josslyn’s got great news to share… but will everyone, including Brook Lynn, see it the same way?

Armed with some new info, Anna and Valentin step up their investigation.

When Chase offers advice, will big brother Finn listen? (And how happy are we all that it turned out Finn wasn’t actually his dad?)

Like the good friend she’s long been, Terry is there when Elizabeth needs her support.

Celebrate Nancy Lee Grahn’s 25th anniversary as Alexis with a scrapbook full of memories, of everything from “Julexis” to the Davis girls.

General Hospital spoilers for Tuesday, September 28:

Anna Valentin share Kiss GH

In today’s recap, Carly and Jason learn Nina’s secret, Valentin and Anna share a kiss, and Obrecht gets Drew up to speed.

Nothing like a little liquid courage, right? That’s what Valentin finds when he takes advantage of an alcohol-fueled moment.

Never one to miss out on an opportunity, Obrecht jumps at the chance to form a rather unexpected alliance.

There ain’t a whole lot of happy couples around Port Charles these days, but Michael and Willow continue to be the exception to that rule.

Drew’s had just about enough of his current circumstances. But what can he do to change them?

Chesapeake Shores teasers: A secret from the past is revealed — plus, a mysterious package could be more trouble than it’s worth!

General Hospital spoilers for Wednesday, September 29:

Scott and Ava discuss her divorce at Kelly's General Hospital

In today’s recap, Carly confronts Nina, Scott has a suggestion for Ava and Nikolas, and Sonny gets caught up on Port Charles gossip.

Trina is determined to bust Spencer… but will Cam go along with her plan? (Who are we kidding… Cameron would like nothing better than to bust Spencer’s chops!) Meanwhile, Josslyn sees something that she definitely can’t explain while at the hospital.

How far is Nikolas willing to go in order to keep Ava safe? The surprise Nikolas recast promises “juicy stuff!”

Epiphany is there when a longtime friend is in need of assistance.

Given what we’ve already seen her do, it’s kinda terrifying to think about what it means that Esme is about to make a bold move.

See how one cast member went the extra mile — and went all Jason, too — to celebrate the show’s very special guest star!

The big move that forced the ABC soap to recast a beloved character!

General Hospital spoilers for Thursday, September 30:

In today’s recap, Jax realizes Carly doesn’t know about Nina and Sonny, Esme lies to Sonny, and Alexis connects the dots from Shawn’s case to the Cassadines.

Monica put aside at least some of her issues with Carly in order to see Jason happy. But now, she can’t help wondering what’s going to unfold.

Jax is definitely not an innocent bystander where recent events are concerned, and he finally accepts his part of the blame.

Wondering what the latest is on the investigation into Hayden’s shooting? So is Alexis, who gets an update from Shawn.

Ava has a surprise for Kevin.

Something tells us things could get interesting when Josslyn and Esme cross paths!

After a long, scandalous road… she’s back! When Calls the Heart spin-off returns for season two — with a huge soapy casting twist.

General Hospital spoilers for Friday, October 1:

Sonny threatens Nikolas at Wyndemere General Hospital

In today’s recap, Spencer confesses to being the stalker, Esme visits Ryan, and Carly wants to talk to Sonny about Nina.

Backed into a corner with nowhere to go, how will Nikolas react? And what does it mean that Ava is the one who walks away having had the last word?

Maxie feels the need to apologize, but to whom and for what?

Having been the cause of tension between her dad and Olivia in the past, Brook Lynn realizes that the couple has hit another speed bump. Will Ned open up to his daughter about what’s really going on?

It looks as if Austin’s case against the Quartermaine family is finally moving to the next level. With Scott by his side, will Edward’s illegitimate heir finally get his share of the Quartermaine pie?

In memoriam: A heartfelt tribute to the stars that 2021 has taken from us. Look back on the roles that left a mark on daytime in our photo gallery.

Life’s a beach for new General Hospital dad in impossibly cute photo with his baby girl!

Get all the latest General Hospital exits and returns in one place!

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