Spoilers for the Week of September 13, 2021

09/17/2021 03:30 pm

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Soaps.com has the latest General Hospital spoilers for two weeks ahead from Monday, September 13, to Friday, September 24. Esme tries making friends with one young woman even as another plots against her, Ava turns to Sonny’s daughter for a favor, Valentin hopes to be there for Anna, and Maxie braces for something very, very bad!

General Hospital spoilers week of September 13:

GH Soapbox: Carly and Jason’s revised history frustrates viewers, Peter’s return poses a big problem for Nina and Jax, and Esme’s parentage poses questions.

General Hospital spoilers for Monday, September 13:

Jordan wakes up with Curtis at General Hospital

In today’s GH recap, Peter holds Phyllis and Nina at gunpoint, Nikolas and Spencer face-off with Valentin, and Jordan learns she needs dialysis.

After getting a call that’s more than a tad concerning, Valentin reaches out to Anna.

Who’ll get the upper hand when Maxie and Brook Lynn find themselves at a crossroad?

General Hospital spoilers for Tuesday, September 14:

Drew in prison GH

In today’s recap, Peter sets fire to the Tan-O with Phyllis and Nina inside, Drew’s escape attempt is derailed but Chloe manages to break out, and Sam and Dante have questions for Harmony.

If you need your memory jogged as to who Drew is and what he’s done, check out our helpful timeline!

Sam and Dante get into the swing of things at the batting cages.

While you wouldn’t naturally think of Harmony and Alexis as hanging out swapping stories, the two bond of their past difficulties.

Jax may be a lot of things, but he prides himself on standing by his word, which he does today.

Chesapeake Shores teasers: Jess and David’s guest list creates wedding complications — plus, Mick and Megan are forced to face the future!

As her exit as Jordan sinks in, Briana Nicole Henry reflects on the send-off that left her ‘quite literally shaken’: ‘The tears you saw were real tears’.

General Hospital spoilers for Wednesday, September 15:

Sam questions Harmont at Spring Ridge General Hospital

In today’s recap, ‘Mike’ gets trapped in the burning Tan-O after helping to save Phyllis and Nina. Plus, Harmony gives Sam and Dante a lead, while Drew tries to bribe his way to freedom.

Carly’s prepares herself to become Mrs. Jason Morgan. (Or is Jason preparing himself to become Mr. Carly Corinthos?)

Spinelli is on hand to offer pal Jason both his support and congratulations on his big day.

When Ned tries to discuss Leo’s issues, Olivia may not want to hear what he has to say.

Young & Restless’ Courtney Hope sends an ultra-romantic birthday message to General Hospital’s Chad Duell: ‘I love who you are and who you’ve become’.

General Hospital spoilers for Thursday, September 16:

Jason and Carly at the altar GH

In today’s recap, Mike remembers his life as Sonny, with a little help from his father. Meanwhile, Jax confronts Nina about Peter and calls Maxie just as Jason and Carly’s ceremony starts.

At long last, the much-discussed wedding of Carly and Jason is ready to begin. When friends and family gather, will anyone in the audience find themselves itching to speak now… or will they forever hold their peace? Given that the heads of the Five Families are in attendance, something tells us things may not go exactly as planned!

As things get complicated (and downright desperate) at the Tan-O, Jax calls Maxie at pretty much the worst time possible. And how will the return of an old friend impact everything?

General Hospital spoilers for Friday, September 17:

Sonny has his memory back at clinic General Hospital

In today’s recap, Jason and Carly get married, but there’s an explosion after the festivities. Meanwhile, Sonny makes it out of the fire alive and confronts Nina.

What comes after the wedding? We have a theory about that that you may like… or, erm, not. Our fearless predictions for Jason, Carly, Sonny and Nina here.

Steve Burton (Jason) braces himself for the ride of his life: “Uh-oh… it’s happening.”

Sofia Mattsson temporarily exits the ABC soap as Sasha.

Missing Laura? Get your fix via our photo gallery of highlights of Genie Francis’ entire run in the role.

Circling the anniversary of a much-missed soap’s final broadcast, we catch up with the stars of Guiding Light and offer updates on their latest projects via a gallery of head-turning then-and-now photos.

— Richard Simms/Amy Mistretta


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