Spoilers for the Week of August 09, 2021

08/13/2021 04:29 pm

Nina and "Mike" reunite at Tan-O General Hospital

Soaps.com has the latest, new General Hospital spoilers for two weeks ahead from Monday, August 9, to Friday, August 20. Suspicions surround one man’s actions, horrifying information is revealed, a veiled message is received, a party is planned at Wyndemere and an old friend returns.

General Hospital spoilers week of August 9:

General Hospital spoilers for Monday, August 9:

Nikolas and Alexis find mail for Spencer at Springridge General Hospital

In today’s recap, Nikolas suspects Spencer is the stalker, Austin comes up with a new plan involving Chase, and Sam and Shawn find a body.

Proving that you just never know where inspiration will come from, Chase gets an idea from Austin. (Of course, we’re not saying it’s a good idea… )

Brook Lynn is the kinda girl who can easily suss out a secret, so Michael might want to up his game because she’s becoming pretty suspicious of his behavior.

Nikolas is horrified to find out about Ryan’s letter. Meanwhile, Shawn gets one step closer to solving a mystery when he manages to track down Naomi. (You’ll recall that Naomi is the ex-wife of Raymond Berlin, ex-lover of Jeff Webber and, perhaps most important of all, mother of Hayden Barnes!)

Sam receives a message that may be more than it appears.

General Hospital spoilers for Tuesday, August 10:

Spencer and Trina at the pool GH

In today’s recap, Austin pressures Chase to help him against the Quartermaines, Naomi is found dead, and Nikolas sets a trap for Spencer.

Clearly believing that two heads are better than one, Sam calls Dante for help with a case.

Who is the old friend Liz happily welcomes back to General Hospital?

As Monica checks in on Chase’s new wife Willow, Ned begins to fear that Austin — who is attempting to stake a claim on the Quartermaine fortune — may just have a case.

Trina works hard to convince Spencer he should throw a party at Wyndemere. (Anyone who has ever attended a party at the estate will tell you what an awful idea that is, given how often things end with bloodshed and the occasional tumble off a parapet!)

General Hospital spoilers for Wednesday, August 11:

Ava questions Trina about her mom at gallery General Hospital

In today’s recap, Nikolas goes to Ava with news on their stalker, Scott and Liesl hit the pool, and Laura and Kevin read Ryan’s letter.

Jason and Carly realize it’s time for them to present a united front where it really counts. But are they really ready to take a meeting with the Five Families?

Nikolas may not always have been the best dad, but he admits to Laura that he’s growing concerned about son Spencer. Meanwhile, Ava continues to prove a good influence on Trina by sharing some of her hard-won wisdom with the teen.

Fans of the Obrecht/Scott pairing — and we know there are a lot of you! — will be thrilled to hear that today, they’re continuing to grow closer.

What makes Jordan feel a bit sympathetic toward Portia?

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General Hospital spoilers for Thursday, August 12:

Mike and Nina discuss the future GH

In today’s recap, Spencer prepares for his epic party where Nikolas plans to teach his son a lesson. Plus, Nina and Mike grow closer, and Stella seeks to make amends.

Jason went into his arrangement with Carly with his eyes wide open. But now, she can’t help but wonder if she’s putting too much pressure on him.

Lenny’s determined to live life to the fullest, and Phyllis does her best to embrace his attitude.

Jax opens up to Britt about his feelings regarding Jason and Carly’s relationship. Given her own feelings for the hitman, will this bring Britt and Jax closer?

Portia is feeling optimistic… but is she right to?

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General Hospital spoilers for Friday, August 13:

Jordan has a question for Shawn about his work GH

In today’s recap, Lenny passes away, someone lurks at Spencer’s party, and Carly makes peace with Sonny.

Cameron and Spencer get ready for the big party at Wyndemere. Here’s hoping the guys aren’t in over their heads!

Dante shares information about a case with Sam. Might they find time to mix business with a little pleasure?

Jordan thinks that Shawn needs to focus his attention on two things: His own future and his relationship with TJ.

Jax has spent a lot of time lately worrying about Joss’ safety. Today, he goes directly to at least one of the people he believes is putting the teen in danger: Jason!

Nina and “Mike” are happy and looking forward to the future. (Anyone else feel like this is a sure sign that trouble is heading their way?)

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