Spoilers for the Week of July 19, 2021

07/23/2021 03:32 pm

maxie gets to see her baby gh

We’re back with new General Hospital spoilers for two weeks ahead from Monday, July 19, to Friday, July 30. A lead is followed, the walls close in on one, as another feels deceived. Plus, there’s a surprise reunion, new findings and a major revelation surrounding Peter’s disappearance.

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General Hospital spoilers week of July 19:

Opinion: GH dropped a lot of hints that the return of Sonny could be around the corner. Plus, we’re worried about all the secrets Nina’s keeping and digging the Metro Court’s pool!

General Hospital spoilers for Monday, July 19:

Cam, Trina and Joss hang out at pool General Hospital

In Monday’s GH recap, Valentin and Anna get new information from the pilot, Maxie says goodbye to her baby, and Spencer reveals himself to Cam and Joss.

Brook Lynn arranges for Maxie to spend time with Louise.

Sonny offers Nina an update on life in Nixon Falls.

Despite his best efforts, Nikolas’ efforts prove to be for naught.

How will Trina react to Joss’ news?

Hallmark’s new drama-filled preview into Chesapeake Shores’ upcoming Season Five: Trace announces his departure — plus, two possible new love interests for Abby!

General Hospital spoilers for Tuesday, July 20:

Shawn and Alexis get big news GH

In Tuesday’s GH recap, Nikolas panics when Shawn gets released from prison, Trina learns who “Victor” really is, and Anna and Valentin learn of another man connected to Peter.

Finn and Elizabeth continue to grow closer. Today, Violet gives them a reason to spend a little bit of time together talking about something other than the secret they’ve been keeping.

Summer’s here, giving Joss and Cam time to hang out by the Metro Court pool. Meanwhile, Trina can’t help but feel lied to.

General Hospital spoilers for Wednesday, July 21:

Chase tells Willow he's frustrated at General Hospital

In Wednesday’s GH recap, Chase tells Willow he can’t be her husband, Spencer tries to play matchmaker with Britt and his father, and Sasha confides in Michael.

Poor Chase has been living the lyrics from the Friends theme in that it hasn’t been his day, his month or even his year. So it’s probably not surprising that he takes his frustrations out on wife Willow. But how will she react?

Will Jordan be able to provide Nikolas with the answers he seeks?

Stella has a confrontation with Shawn, while Portia takes Terry into her confidence.

General Hospital spoilers for Thursday, July 22:

Portia tells Curtis she's interested at The Savoy General Hospital

In Thursday’s GH recap, Jordan finds Portia kissing Curtis, Brando chooses Sasha, and Sam and Dante discuss their relationship.

Determined to reclaim his life, Chase pushes himself — hard! — during his physical therapy session.

Anna catches Dante up on her latest findings. Could she have come to the same conclusion that we did — that a much-missed General Hospital spinoff is ripe for a reboot. Here’s how we’d pull it off.

Valentin has been nothing but sweet ever since Brook Lynn had the baby, so it’s easy to see why she might be feeling guilty about the big ol’ secret she’s keeping from him.

General Hospital spoilers for Friday, July 23:

Finn and Liz discuss Peter's body GH

In Friday’s GH recap, Jason offers Elizabeth help, Alexis sees a familiar face at her new prison, and Shawn asks Sam for help finding Hayden’s shooter.

Ava’s been a good mentor to Trina, so the young girl hopes to return the favor by helping Ava and her estranged husband find their way back to one another.

It’s visitor’s day as Sam swings by to see her mom.

What brings Nina back to Nixon Falls? (We’re pretty sure we can guess, and that it rhymes with “spike”!)

Anna realizes who might have been up on the hospital roof with Peter. If she’s right, what will she do with this potentially damaging information?

When Jason needs someone to talk to, Monica is there for him. And if he needs a refresher course in his eventful history, he can come to us — or at least peruse our photo gallery of his unpredictable life and times.

Kirsten Storms clocks out as Maxie to recover from major medical crisis.

Get all the latest General Hospital exits and returns in one place! And find out why Maurice Benard (Sonny) was afraid he might have upset Genie Francis (Laura).

— Richard Simms/Amy Mistretta


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