Spoilers for the Week of July 12, 2021

07/16/2021 04:55 pm

nik gets advice from laura gh

We’re back with new General Hospital spoilers for two weeks ahead from Monday, July 12, to Friday, July 23. Anna puts a few puzzle pieces together, Brook Lynn finds herself feeling increasingly guilty and Chase becomes more determined than ever to fix what’s wrong in his life!

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General Hospital spoilers week of July 12:

GH Opinion: We’re digging Spencer and Trina together, but we really want to see young Cassadine reconnect with his family. Plus, ‘Nava’ pulled at the heartstrings, but something’s missing with one new pairing.

In this week’s promo, Dante wants to talk to Sam about that kiss, and Scott crashes the ELQ shareholders meeting!

General Hospital spoilers for Monday, July 12:

Brook Lynn scolds Maxie GH

In today’s General Hospital recap, Maxie considers leaving town, Austin starts his new job, Britt breaks down in tears, and Jason suggests Carly butt out.

Remember when soon after we met Austin, he seemed curious about the Michael Corinthos wing at General Hospital? Well, we may find out why he was so interested when the newbie approaches Carly for info about the facility.

Britt and Obrecht may have one of daytime’s more complicated mother/daughter relationships, but they manage to come to an understanding today.

Sam can’t help but worry about her mother’s well-being.

What will be the No. 1 item on the agenda when Jordan, Shawn and TJ have a family discussion?

When Curtis feels apologetic, will he be able to earn forgiveness?

General Hospital spoilers for Tuesday, July 13:

Austin crashes the Quartermaine Mansion GH

In today’s General Hospital recap, Maxie confesses to Nina, Spencer reveals himself and we finally find out who Austin really is.

Nikolas has had a rough time of it, but Laura — proving a boy’s best friend is his mother — will do her best to bolster his spirits. Meanwhile, Trina jumps to the defense of her mentor, Ava.

Sonny finds himself waiting for very important news.

Maxie finds herself in need of advice. Will Nina be able to provide it?

It seems that Scott’s got a very big announcement to share. On what promises to be a special occasion, flash back with us to his and Laura’s 1979 wedding day — and review other couples like them who went from hot to… strangely not. What went wrong?

General Hospital spoilers for Wednesday, July 14:

Maxie holds Louise GH

In today’s General Hospital recap, Austin makes his intentions known, Maxie confesses her secret, and Mike vows to help Phyllis.

Monica receives a bit of news that she can’t help but find downright intriguing.

Brook Lynn’s been struggling to keep her very big secret under wraps, and so far, she’s managed to do it pretty well. So why is she suddenly concerned that the truth might come to light?

Anna and Finn may no longer be together, but they also never really got closure. Today, they try and navigate their extremely complicated relationship. While they do, you can read about Finola Hughes’ surprising American Idol connection here.

As Nikolas finds himself unexpectedly surprised, Laura does what she can to reassure Ava that everything’s going to be fine.

General Hospital spoilers for Thursday, July 15:

In Thursday’s GH recap, “Mike” has a memory while at the New York City hospital, Nina confronts Brook Lynn about Bailey, and Valentin wants to talk to a resistant Anna about their relationship.

As Sonny waits for Lenny to return, Carly has a verbal altercation with Gladys. (Let’s face it… smart money’s on Carly in that particular battle. Gladys doesn’t stand a chance!)

Things between Curtis and Portia have been tense lately… and it’s time for them to address that fact.

General Hospital spoilers for Friday, July 16:

In Friday’s GH recap, Mike asks Nina to return to Nixon Falls, Jason and Sam talk about his engagement to Carly, and Monica wants to dig into Austin’s past.

Phyllis is feeling very protective of Nina, and issues a warning with that in mind.

Brando’s been struggling with Sasha’s hesitancy where their relationship is concerned. But today, he gets a better understanding as to where it comes from.

Maxie finds herself in need of a favor. At the same time, Ned, Brook Lynn and Michael present a united front in order to achieve a common goal.

Read how a General Hospital legend overcame not one but two traumatic events in her past — and now looks back on them with… gratitude? Yes, gratitude. Her inspiring story here.

Get all the latest General Hospital exits and returns in one place!

— Richard Simms/Amy Mistretta


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