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Carly and Nina argue about Wiley at Quartermaine's General Hospital

We’re back with new General Hospital spoilers for two weeks ahead from Monday, June 7, to Friday, June 18. A surprise visitor arrives, a discovery is made, a promising call is received, a troubling threat occurs and so much more. Read on!

View a photo gallery in loving memory of the stars we’ve lost in the first half of 2021 alone.

General Hospital spoilers week of June 7:

GH Opinion: Kirsten Storms brought the house down but Peter’s death was underwhelming. Plus, Cyrus finally showed up and choosing Canada over Nixon Falls.

General Hospital spoilers for Monday, June 7:

General Hospital

In Monday’s GH recap, Curtis wakes up to Portia, Ned has a change of heart of the deal with Valentin, and Jax confronts Michael about Willow.

Carly and Jax have been on opposite sides of things for a while now, but what makes things so bad that Carly decides to shut her ex-husband out?

Someone unexpected arrives to catch up with — and check in on — Curtis.

Lenny has spent years running a bar, which means he’s probably pretty good at dishing out advice. But will Mike prove as good at taking it?

Sam and Dante have been getting closer, but they still aren’t completely on the same page, as evidenced when she finds herself questioning his motives.

Michael and Willow get closer.

General Hospital spoilers for Tuesday, June 8:

Finn thinks he killed Chase GH

In Tuesday’s GH recap, Jax blackmails Michael, Finn has a breakthrough regarding Chase, and Stella confronts Portia.

Portia and Curtis are spending a fair amount of time together… so it should surprise no one that Stella wants to know exactly what’s going on between the two of them!

Will what Alexis and Shawn discover pave the way toward finding out who really shot Hayden?

How will Michael react when former stepdad Jax backs him into a corner?

It’s a busy day at the hospital as Elizabeth works with Finn to take yet another crack at finding a cure for Chase. Meanwhile, Ava and Laura run into each other when both wind up at the facility.

James Patrick Stuart (Valentin) flashes back to his days as a teenage dream with a photo that’s guaranteed to make you smile as broadly as… well, him!

General Hospital spoilers for Wednesday, June 9:

Ava shows Nikolas a note from Ryan at Wyndemere General Hospital

In Wednesday’s GH recap, Chase has a violent reaction to the antidote, Michael severes his relationship with Jax, and Dante wonders if Nikolas is the stalker’s target.

What will it mean for Michael and Willow’s future when Chase’s health appears to be on the upswing?

As Britt offers Maxie a sincere apology, Obrecht is there to help Anna vent her true, complicated feelings toward Peter.

It looks as if the stalker is upping his game, leading to Ava and Nikolas summoning Dante to Wyndemere. Will he be able to crack the case?

Who is on the other end of the line when Nina gets a “promising” phone call.

General Hospital spoilers for Thursday, June 10:

Chase realizes he's going to die GH

In Thursday’s GH recap, Chase realizes he’s going to die when Finn’s treatment fails, Laura informs Cyrus he’s going to a maximum-security prison, and Lenny admits to Phyllis his heart is in poor health.

Who will step up when Phyllis is caught by surprise?

Finn has to carefully weigh his options before making a major decision. Meanwhile, Michael opens up to Willow about his conversation with Jax, and Carly can’t help but be suspicious.

Brando and Sasha get closer.

Finola Hughes (Anna) and former castmate Michelle Stafford (ex-Nina) share heartfelt tributes to their bffs — each other: “She is the original badass.”

Days of Our Lives actress reveals her new Hallmark movie is soap-related — in more ways than one — and that her co-star is none other than a General Hospital fan favorite!

Surrounded by beau Wes Ramsey (ex-Peter), her former husband and the whole family, Laura Wright (Carly) celebrates a huge milestone in her daughter’s life: “You amaze me.”

General Hospital spoilers for Friday, June 11:

Michael and Willow discuss Nina at General Hospital

In Friday’s GH recap, Willow accepts Chase’s marriage proposal, Nina meets Valentin’s new family, and Jax lies to Carly.

The issues between Carly and Jax come to a head when she decides it’s time to confront him.

Willow makes a promise, but is it one she will be able to keep? Meanwhile, Chase opens up to Jackie and Gregory.

When Brook Lynn and Valentin share a warm moment, could it be a turning point for them?

When Maxie has to have a difficult conversation, Spinelli is right there by her side.

Confirmed: Wes Ramsey exits General Hospital as Peter August falls to his death.

In the new Aurora Teagarden Mysteries: Til Death Do Us Part, Roe and Nick prepare to walk down the aisle but a killer has other plans — plus, a sneak peek photo gallery!

General Hospital spoilers week of June 14:

GH Opinion: Speculating on Nikolas and Ava’s stalker and wondering why Finn hasn’t figured out the reason his miracle cure didn’t work.

General Hospital spoilers for Monday, June 14:

They’re clearly selling ice cream in Hades, because Carly is actually civil to Nina! Bet that would change if Nina talked about her new would-be beau, “Mike!” Speaking of whom, before he reunites with Carly — assuming he does — you’re going to want to see the photo in which Maurice Benard is reunited with Brenda’s portrayer, Vanessa Marcil. A sign of things to come?

Stella’s back, and you can bet TJ and Molly are thrilled to see her.

Given how much Bobbie knew, will she have questions where Maxie’s story about her daughter is concerned? Meanwhile, Brook Lynn opens up to Willow… but how honest can she really be?

Finn throws himself into his work. Will it help him forget recent events? If not, he could distract himself by perusing our picks to win the 2021 Daytime Emmys.

General Hospital spoilers for Tuesday, June 15:

Ava and Carly get together to compare notes.

Buckle up, Nikolas, ’cause Jason has a few things to say where you’re concerned!

Will sparks fly again when Sam and Dante cross paths unexpectedly?

Obviously unaware of the whole story, Nina provides comfort to Maxie. By the way, in real life, Maxie’s portrayer just survived a trial that was every bit as dramatic as any her character has played. Read where Kirsten Storms found solace ahead of brain surgeryand her one request of fans.

Ned makes an impression on Olivia.

General Hospital spoilers for Wednesday, June 16:

When Curtis and Nina find time to catch up with one another, will she tell him the truth about what she found in Nixon Falls?

Willow may largely be considered one of the sweetest people in Port Charles, but Sasha has a few questions about her motives.

When Finn has an idea, will it put him on the right track?

Given recent events, Brando’s not particularly sure where he fits in. Will Carly be able to reassure him about the future?

Britt reaches out to Jason.

General Hospital spoilers for Thursday, June 17:

While they haven’t always had the closest of mother/daughter relationships, Obrecht can’t help but be worried about Britt.

Carly wants to know what Jason’s intentions are, but he’s not particularly forthcoming. Will even his BFF be able to get him to open up?

Anna continues to be tormented by the way things went down with Peter. Will Elizabeth be able to help her find peace?

What’s the good news which Josslyn receives?

Laura hopes that she’ll be able to appeal to Jordan’s sensibilities. But can they wind up on the same page?

General Hospital spoilers for Friday, June 18:

When Willow’s in need of help, Sasha and Jackie are by her side.

Liz does what she can to offer reassurances.

Obviously, Maxie wants to see her daughter. Can Brook Lynn convince her to keep her distance?

Will anyone be able to provide Sam with the answers to her questions?

Austin may wind up putting Dante on the trail to solving a mystery when he suggests there’s one particular area that hasn’t yet been searched.

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— Richard Simms/Amy Mistretta


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