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anna deals with mac gh

We’re back with new General Hospital spoilers for two weeks ahead from Monday, March 8, to Friday, March 19. A man confronts his estranged wife, a father bonds with his daughter, two Port Charles residents cover up the truth, and a call is placed to a very familiar person from the past.

It’s father time! See photos of your favorite soap stars with their dads, from red carpet events to intimate family trips and more!

General Hospital spoilers week of March 8:

Will the shocking details of Meghan Markle’s experience with the royal family affect change? Read our thoughts on that, plus the bombshells from the interview, including remarks from Oprah on CBS This Morning.

General Hospital spoilers for Monday, March 8:

Franco threatens Peter in studio General Hospital

In Monday’s GH recap, Gregory demands a paternity test after learning the truth from Jackie and Finn, a gun goes off as Franco and Peter fight, and Britt and Valentin try to stop Jason.

For months, Maxie has been ignoring both the warning signs and the words of wisdom from those closest to her. As she prepares to walk down the aisle and marry Peter, will she listen to Britt’s advice?

Jason’s not the kind of guy to color outside the lines, so he makes it clear today that he simply can’t ignore the facts.

How will Jackie respond when she’s called to the carpet by Gregory?

As Anna deals with Mac, Finn finds time to bond with his daughter.

Join Soaps.com in paying tribute to a powerhouse actor who sadly succumbed to bipolar disorder and took his own life. He may be gone, but we’ll never forget his dazzling performances.

General Hospital spoilers for Tuesday, March 9:

In Tuesday’s GH recap, Peter leaves Franco for dead, Maxie lashes out at Anna, and Scott bonds with Cam.

Liz wants nothing more than to be there for someone in their hour of need, but will she be able to help?

Jason makes a discovery, but what will he do with what he uncovers?

Alexis asks Valentin to come clean with her. Hmm… is there some kind of twisted Cassadine code that will require him to be forthcoming?

Jordan gets confrontational with Robert.

What will it mean for the double wedding when Maxie decides she has to do what’s in her own self-interest?

Hallmark’s Home & Family resumes production — with two major changes ahead for the lifestyle show.

General Hospital spoilers for Wednesday, March 10:

Peter asks Maxie to run away at General Hospital

In Wednesday’s GH recap, Maxie ends things with Peter, news of Franco’s death spreads, and Sonny tries to help Phyllis.

With threats all around them and Cyrus on the warpath, Laura reminds Carly that she must, at all cost, keep her guard up.

Will Maxie come to regret the decision she’s made?

Proving they are mother and son, Liz and Cameron are each taking meetings today. While Jordan confabs with Liz, Joss finds time to check in on her pal Cam.

What’s got Scotty seeing red?

Two weeks’ worth of When Calls the Heart teasers include a major mistake, an unexpected letter and one family is sent reeling — plus, a season eight photo album!

GH actress Emme Rylan celebrates a major turning point and expresses via video message, “The last year has been so unimaginable.”

General Hospital spoilers for Thursday, March 11:

Cam turns to friends for help GH

In Thursday’s GH recap, Jackie prepares to confess to Chase, Sam upsets Elizabeth, and Trina and Joss try to help Cam.

Given everything she’s been through over the years, it’s hard to imagine what could possibly leave Sam in a state of disbelief. But something does today!

Anna and Jackie suddenly find that they have more in common than either of them might originally have thought.

Depending on how you look at things, Chase is either in the right place at the right time or the wrong place at the wrong time. In either case, he definitely sees something he wasn’t supposed to!

As Terry reaches out to her longtime gal pal Elizabeth, Joss and Trina try to help Cam solve a mystery. Meanwhile, here’s why you shouldn’t be too upset that Franco was killed: Roger Howarth is staying. What’s he got to say about it? Find out here.

General Hospital spoilers for Friday, March 12:

Willow finds herself having to issue an apology… but for what, and how will it be received?

Jason takes Michael into his confidence.

When Nina and Valentin connect over the things they regret, could this be the first step toward the former couple reuniting?

Anna places a call to Frisco! Meanwhile, Peter has to come to terms with his fate.

General Hospital star Maurice Benard nabs a major movie role.

DVR alert: Aurora Teagarden Mysteries: How to Con a Con promises high-stakes drama for Roe, Nick and the Real Murders Club.

General Hospital spoilers week of March 15:

General Hospital spoilers for Monday, March 15:

Apparently, Peter still thinks he can talk his way out of trouble by simply denying he did anything wrong. Surely nobody will fall for his line of bull… right? Meanwhile, Sam hopes that Maxie will be able to help her. But the real question might be whether Maxie is willing to do so.

Alexis takes a walk down Memory Lane as she reflects on a lost love.

Valentin’s had a lot on his plate lately, so ELQ hasn’t been much of a priority. But that all changes when he takes a meeting with Michael to discuss the company’s future.

Will Gregory listen to what Jackie has to say when she attempts to apologize?

Thirty-seven years after a death that never should’ve happened on General Hospital, we look back in horror — and marvel at the way the deed was ultimately undone.

General Hospital spoilers for Tuesday, March 16:

Fresh off having reflected on the past, Alexis makes a difficult decision about her future. Meanwhile, daughter Kristina reaches the boiling point and lashes out, but at whom?

Maxie may have been a bit selfish in the past, but today she realizes that she absolutely must do what’s in the best interest of her child.

As Michael gets an unexpected surprise, Sasha pays Brando a visit.

General Hospital spoilers for Wednesday, March 17:

The past few weeks have been extremely difficult for Liz. But what is it about today that has her feeling particularly somber? On a related note, we just may have found the one potential upside of Franco’s death — and yes, there really could be one.

Nina isn’t one to back down from a fight, but she does know when to say when, which might explain why she finds herself feeling apologetic.

What course of action will Laura pursue when she finds herself feeling doubtful?

Dante and Sam have been spending quite a bit of time together, and that continues today as they get together at Kelly’s.

Curtis offers TJ his congratulations.

General Hospital spoilers for Thursday, March 18:

In a development that will shock absolutely no one, Carly is defiant. (Never let it be said that our girl isn’t consistent!)

Gladys has never been the most trustworthy of people, but Brando still hopes she’ll be forthcoming when he goes to her with a few questions.

Jax hopes that he and Nina might be able to reconnect… but can she forgive his recent transgressions and the fact that they cost her precious time with grandson Wiley?

Valentin offers a helping hand, but Britt isn’t willing to take it.

There are few things in life that Olivia enjoys more than offering up her two cents. Will the advice she puts forth be today be helpful?

Find out what Vanessa Marcil has to say about her real-life love when Brenda’s former portrayer opens up about the “animal instincts” that draw her and her partner together.

General Hospital spoilers for Friday, March 19:

Sam intervenes.

Elizabeth and Carly have never been what anyone would call “close,” but what is it that causes them to, as our grandma would say, “have words.” (In our experience, those “words” are never friendly or particularly pleasant!)

Valentin might wanna brace himself, because he’s in for a shock!

The ally Peter winds up making today is an unlikely one. But if ever there was a case of “beggars can’t be choosers,” it would have to be this one. It ain’t like Peter’s got a lot of friends in Port Charles these days!

Phyllis will be in for a real surprise when she sees who has come to pay her a visit.

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