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laura confronts carly GH

We have new General Hospital spoilers for two weeks ahead from Monday, February 1, to Friday, February 12. Someone feels obligated to be there for a man, as another begins to put the pieces to a puzzle together. Plus, two people reunite while three more attempt to reconnect.

General Hospital spoilers week of February 1:

GH Soapbox: Hoping Nelle stays dead and the major storyline that had potential, but has fallen flat.

General Hospital spoilers for Monday, February 1:

Nina cries over Nelle's photo at Crimson General Hospital

In Monday’s GH recap, Ava accepts Nikolas’ second proposal, Britt learns Liesl is living with Scott, and Nina cries over Nelle.

Nina can’t help but reflect on what was clearly a missed opportunity.

What causes Valentin to actually snap at Carly?

Finn’s looking for information and he hopes Britt might be the person who can provide it. But will she be willing to do so?

Obrecht makes a downright desperate plea.

Proving that no matter how old he gets, a boy’s best friend is still his mother, Nikolas turns to Laura when he’s in need of a little advice.

Watch When Calls the Heart’s new emotional preview into season eight’s premiere.

General Hospital spoilers for Tuesday, February 2:

Anna visits Dante in hospital on GH

In Tuesday’s GH, Anna vows to uncover the truth about Peter, Dante wakes up to Anna and Sam, and Martin agrees to defend Alexis whether she likes it or not.

Franco has been seeking help from just about anyone willing to lend a hand. Will Kevin, who has been there for him in the past, be able to come through again this time?

Anna puts her puzzle-solving skills to the test as she attempts to cobble together the pieces of a mystery rattling around in her head. Will she manage to connect the dots?

Sam and Dante have been spending a bit of time together, each needing someone to talk to about their respective situations. But when the beauty feels that she owes Dante, how will she settle her debt?

Jordan tries to offer Alexis a bit of guidance.

Maxie can sometimes be a tad self-absorbed, but she’s definitely feeling sympathetic toward Elizabeth’s situation.

General Hospital spoilers for Wednesday, February 3:

Cyrus threatens Jordan's family in her office General Hospital

In Wednesday’s GH recap, Peter eavesdrops on Dante and Maxie, Cyrus threatens Jordan’s loved ones, and Valentin visits Nathan’s grave.

When Maxie pays Dante a visit, will they wind up bonding over how much each of them misses the still-hospitalized Lulu?

Ruh-roh, Carly. It looks as if Laura isn’t exactly thrilled with you. It should be fun to see how Carly reacts to being called out by Madame Mayor!

Brando’s been working undercover for a while now, but Cyrus is about to turn up the heat on his hired hand. Could the bad guy be getting suspicious?

When Curtis finds himself in need of strength, he gets it from those around him. Meanwhile, Portia breaks out the parenting manual in order to be there for and offer encouragement to daughter Trina.

General Hospital spoilers for Thursday, February 4:

Valentin questions Anna about Dante GH

In Thursday’s GH recap, Nina and Britt support Maxie at Nathan’s grave, Jackie and Scott catch up, and Anna fills Valentin in on Peter.

As she gets ever-closer to marrying Peter, Maxie finds herself drawn back to the past. Will visiting Nathan’s grave provide her with comfort… or might she feel the spirit of her beloved late husband reaching out from the great beyond to try and knock some sense into her?

Anna takes a meeting with Valentin in order to update him on the progress she’s made. Meanwhile, Finn tries to connect with his dad and brother.

Jax seems to think that the women in his life really can be there to support one another. But will Carly buy what he’s selling when the Aussie tries convincing her that Nina is an ally and not a threat?

Get ready for another reunion of classic characters when Scott and Jackie find time to reconnect with one another.

General Hospital spoilers for Friday, February 5:

Valentin tells Anna Peter is lying at her house General Hospital

In Friday’s GH recap, Nina dumps Jax, Valentin and Anna suspect the worst of Peter, and Jackie begs Finn not to pursue the truth.

Get ready to swoon, Chillow fans, because today Chase is going to admit to Willow just how much he misses her.

When Sonny begins to question who he truly is, will the answers come flooding back? Or will he continue to struggle with the amnesia that has kept him away from his friends and loved ones?

Carly is in need of defending, and Jax is there to do exactly that.

As Britt is reading Peter the riot act, Anna is getting closer to putting all the pieces together where Maxie’s husband-to-be is concerned.

General Hospital spoilers week of February 8:

GH Soapbox: The Nelle reveal was a high point of the week and Scott was hilarious, but not feeling Sonny’s story.

General Hospital spoilers for Monday, February 8:

When put on the defensive, Nina pleads her case. But will she be able to do so effectively, especially if emotions begin to run high?

Bring the tissues, because Carly and Joss — so recently rocked by the “death” of Sonny — are going to pay a visit to the grave of another lost loved one, Morgan.

As editor of a newspaper, Peter is used to asking the hard questions. Today, however, the tables are turned and he winds up being grilled by Valentin.

There was a time when we might have suggested that Britt didn’t actually have a heart. But apparently, the women formerly known as “The Britch” now carries a spare, because she has a change of heart today.

Who will benefit from Ava’s wisdom when she offers a bit of insight into a situation?

Soaps.com pays tribute to a beloved ABC star taken from us a dozen years ago. Plus, read his leading lady’s candid recollections.

General Hospital spoilers for Tuesday, February 9:

Poor Joss has suffered dearly for someone so young. Even as she continues to deal with the “death” of stepdad Sonny, she’s urged by biodad Jax to live life to the fullest.

Will Nina’s second thoughts lead to her taking a different path than she’d originally intended?

Look through our photo gallery featuring 20 daytime stars having fun with their moms out and about at different functions.

In light of recent revelations, Olivia is questioning many aspects of her life. How will she deal with the general sense that she might not belong where she currently is?

Lenny proves himself to be a friend when someone needs him in their corner.

Sam, Molly and Kristina discuss Alexis. Speaking of whom, the headwriters of General Hospital just gave Soaps.com an exclusive preview of what’s next for her — and possibly a certain ex as well.

General Hospital spoilers for Wednesday, February 10:

Let’s face it: Olivia isn’t exactly the type to keep her feelings bottled up. So stand back, because something tells us things might get a little loud when today, she expresses her anger!

Ever since deciding to stay apart in order to keep their family safe, Sam and Jason have spent precious little time together. Will anything change following their bittersweet cross today?

Perhaps desperate for a little bit of normalcy, Joss is happy to spend time with Trina.

There was a time when we probably wouldn’t have given Nina’s word a whole lot of weight but she’s a far different woman than the one we first met, so we’ll take it seriously when today, she makes someone a promise.

As Alexis continues down the long road that will be her recovery, she makes a major step by coming clean.

On the anniversary of his passing, join Soaps.com in honoring an ABC Daytime legend the likes of which we will never see again.

General Hospital spoilers for Thursday, February 11:

Something tells us that when Carly takes a meeting with legal eagle Diane, it’s not so they can discuss the latest trends in shoes. (Although knowing Diane, that topic might very well come up as well!)

Sam and Dante make a connection. Make of that what you will!

Something pushes Nina past the edge of anger and into furious territory.

Things are hopping at the hospital, where Lesley takes a stand and Portia finds herself worrying that Cyrus might have a bit too much influence over the decisions being made by chief-of-staff Britt.

General Hospital spoilers for Friday, February 12:

Fresh off yesterday’s fury, Nina hopes that Jordan will be able to help her. Meanwhile, Valentin can’t help but think that recent events might pave the way for him to have a second chance.

Britt finds a moment to confide in Jason. (Anybody else notice that these two seem to be spending an awful lot of time together?)

Once again, Brando winds up on the wrong side of Cyrus’ ire. Will the dangerous game Brando’s been playing lead to tragic consequences?

Get all the latest General Hospital exits and returns in one place!

A General Hospital leading lady reveals the daunting task that left her contemplating getting a facelift and jumping in a volcano — for starters.

– Richard Simms/Amy Mistretta


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