Spoilers for the Week of January 25, 2021

01/29/2021 04:39 pm

Curtis gets perceptive GH

We’re back with new General Hospital spoilers for two weeks ahead from Monday, January 25 to Friday, February 5. A disturbing article is published, two people don’t take someone’s bait, old friends have a meaningful conversation and more!

General Hospital spoilers week of January 25:

Photo gallery! Look inside the homes of over 25 soap stars, featuring their mansions, estates, breathtaking views and more.

General Hospital spoilers for Monday, January 25:

Carly swaps Avery's necklace at Wyndemere General Hospital

In Monday’s GH recap, Carly swaps out the necklace, Sonny takes off, and Jackie’s in high demand.

When it comes to dealing with how Valentin operates… well, let’s just say this ain’t Nina’s first time at the rodeo.

When Carly needs help, who will she turn to?

It’s not a role that necessarily comes naturally to her, but Ava decides it’s time for her to step up and help make peace.

Before a bad situation can become infinitely worse, Maxie takes it upon herself to try and calm the situation. But how much success will she have?

Willow’s got a very important decision to make, and today, she’s finally ready to do it!

General Hospital spoilers for Tuesday, January 26:

Finn calls Jackie out GH

In Tuesday’s GH recap, Jackie admits Finn could be Chase’s father, Nikolas busts Carly, and Curtis still can’t trust Jordan.

Now that Willow’s made a decision, it’s time for Michael to consider his own next move.

As an investigative reporter, Jackie’s usually the one firing off the questions. But today, she’s in the hot seat as Finn comes to her hoping for answers.

It’s been a hot minute since Anna and Jordan have had time to connect, but they’ll make time to do so today. Meanwhile, Curtis might do a little bonding of his own when Portia turns to him for an assist.

Bobbie’s on a mission to distract Ava, but to what end?

General Hospital spoilers for Wednesday, January 27:

Peter has orders for Dante at The Invader General Hospital

In Wednesday’s GH recap, news of Franco’s tumor is published, Nikolas has a proposal for Ava, and Nina is shocked to see the necklace.

After everything they’ve been through, it would be understandable if Willow had a bit of a hate-on for Sasha. Yet when Sasha needs someone to lean on, Michael’s wife is there for her.

Peter uses the power of the press to publish an article that’s sure to raise a few eyebrows. But will he regret having done so?

When Elizabeth is in need of a friend, she finds someone is willing to be exactly that.

Nice try, Valentin, but Jax and Nina manage to avoid the bait you’ve laid out for them. Guess you’ll have to try again!

When Nikolas finds that he has a lot on his mind, how much of it will involve wife Ava?

Celebrate the anniversary of Jack Wagner’s General Hospital debut by flashing all the way back to our introduction to the one and only Frisco Jones. It’s a tribute that’s truly — everybody sing — aaall III neeeed!

General Hospital spoilers for Thursday, January 28:

Britt is confronted GH

In Thursday’s GH recap, Alexis stabs Dante, Peter wants to team up with Jason, and Nina gets a lead.

Lucy is either far braver or a tad less intelligent than most of us, because she’s about to do something we’d never even consider: She gets downright defiant with Carly!

As Nina’s search for answers continues, Valentin is there to help. Gee, wonder if he might have an ulterior motive?

Curtis — who’ll be the first to acknowledge he does not know everything about relationships — sees things from a different perspective.

What will it mean when Alexis goes with daughter Sam to the hospital? Might the disbarred attorney finally have hit bottom and realized how badly she needs help?

Jason and Britt put their heads together and come up with another plan of attack.

But is General Hospital actually going to pair Jason with BFF Carly? Here’s what the headwriters had to say about that.

General Hospital spoilers for Friday, January 29:

Robert confronts Ned on GH

In Friday’s GH recap, Olivia leans on Robert and vows to make Alexis pay, Monica sends Tracy away, and Jax prepares to tell Nina the truth.

Having apparently never heard what it does to the proverbial cat, Nina allows her curiosity to be piqued.

Olivia’s been trying to solve a mystery for a while now, but today she winds up more confused than ever.

Something has ruffled mild-mannered Elizabeth’s feathers, and she’s ready to take Jason to task!

Alexis is finally beginning to comprehend just how far off the rails she went. Will this be the first step in getting her life back on track?

Monica’s had about enough of a certain guest. Will she make sure they know it’s her house because — everybody say it with us — Alan gave it to her?

Open a massive “wedding album” in which we rank daytime’s 35 best weddings ever, from General Hospital and all the shows.

Get all the latest General Hospital exits and returns in one place!

– Richard Simms/Amy Mistretta


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