Spoilers for the Week of December 14, 2020

12/19/2020 12:00 am

maxie has a choice to make GH

We’re back with new General Hospital spoilers for two weeks ahead from Monday December 14 to Friday December 25. Enemies face off, tough decisions are made and someone makes a shocking discovery!

General Hospital spoilers week of December 14:

GH Soapbox: Wondering what the point is of Kim’s baby and fearing redemption for Cyrus.

Watch the General Hospital weekly preview for desperate measures and a deadly situation ahead.

General Hospital spoilers for Monday December 14:

Tracy calls 911 on GH

In Monday’s GH recap, Julian goes down after getting shot at, Alexis is arrested, and Obrecht makes Franco an offer.

Things are looking bleak for Julian, with the walls closing in on every side. When Sonny delivers to him an ultimatum, will it offer Julian a way out or only serve to seal his fate?

Britt’s been slowly awakening to the fact that her job came with some awful strings attached. That situation will only get worse when Cyrus comes to her with his latest plan. Meanwhile, something definitely captures Obrecht’s attention.

Maxie may have to make some tough decisions in order to do what’s best for Deception.

Tracy is definitely the woman you want on your side in a battle. But things don’t go quite as expected when her plan backfires.

Get all the latest soap opera news in one place for Bold and Beautiful, Days of Our Lives, General Hospital and Young & Restless.

General Hospital spoilers for Tuesday December 15:

Violet wants to be flowergirl at Anna's General Hospital

In Tuesday’s GH recap, Laura’s in danger, Anna questions Finn about Jackie, and Martin makes a confession to Valentin.

As Jordan suggests to Carly that they need to have a serious talk, Curtis goes undercover as he continues searching for answers.

Hope Valentin’s in the mood for a story, because Martin’s about to tell him a fascinating one.

Having apparently never heard the old saying about what it does to cats, Violet finds herself getting curious. Meanwhile, pop Finn hopes that the olive branch he extends to someone will be accepted.

General Hospital alum Brandon Barash goes public with new lady love. Plus, see his hilarious behind-the-scenes video.

General Hospital spoilers for Wednesday December 16:

Duke appears to Julian GH

In Wednesday’s GH recap, Julian is visited by Duke, Connie, and Alexis. Plus, Laura finds Florence, and Jordan brings Taggert to Mac.

Jason reaches out to a familiar face, while Julian realizes he needs to get out of town before it’s too late. (Frankly, we’d probably have come to that conclusion right around the time our own sister tried to kill us atop her creepy castle!)

Laura puts her own well-being on the line.

As Ava reaches out to Trina, her husband is cornered by Britt.

General Hospital spoilers for Thursday December 17:

michael yells at chase GH

In Thursday’s GH recap, Laura learns Florence is Cyrus’ mother, Sonny finds Julian, and Michael yells at Chase.

Desperate times call for desperate measures, which might explain why Julian solicits the help of a stranger.

Jason becomes a human bulldozer, clearing a pathway for Sonny.

Martin makes a most unexpected discovery.

When Michael and Chase run into each other at the gym, will the men in Willow’s life decide to work out their issues in the boxing ring?

General Hospital spoilers for Friday December 18:

Curtis questions Jordan on GH

In Friday’s GH recap, Sonny confronts Julian for possibly the final time, Curtis leaves Jordan crushed, and Laura is stunned to learn Cyrus is also her brother.

As Jason is being vindicated, Sonny decides it’s time to show who’s in charge by taking control of a situation.

When Martin questions Cyrus’ motives, might we finally get the whole story behind the mysterious mafioso’s reign of terror?

Carly sits her daughter down for a much-needed heart to heart.

Celebrate the anniversary of Rena Sofer’s debut as Lois Cerullo with the reveal of a wild plan to bring back Brook Lynn’s mom for a scandalous new love triangle. Oh, and you’ll never guess the Emmy winner we want to play her!

– Richard Simms/Amy Mistretta


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