Spoilers for the Week of November 30, 2020

12/05/2020 12:00 am

jason and sonny talk about their next move gh

Ready for more spoilers? We’ve got you covered with everything that’s about to go down on General Hospital from Monday November 30 to Friday December 11. A new lead is discovered, opinions clash, an important document is revealed, an explosive argument ensues and more…

General Hospital spoilers week of November 30:

GH Soapbox: Contemplating Cyrus’ carelessness, the dredging up of an old murder, and the “sibling” chemistry we need more.

After living through “probably the most horrific hour” of her life, Sam is rethinking everything… including her relationship with Jason. Could GH be setting up Drew’s return from the dead?

General Hospital spoilers for Monday November 30:

Olivia plays matchmaker on GH

In Monday’s GH recap, Tracy returns for pizza, Sam confides in Carly, and Robert overhears a troubling conversation.

Carly and Alexis have never exactly been the best of friends, but they do have a few things in common thanks to the fact they’ve both had children with Sonny. When the current Mrs. Corinthos invites the former attorney to stay for dinner, will Alexis accept? (And what the heck will they discuss over appetizers?)

Lulu’s loved ones clash when Dante and Laura find themselves seeing the same thing from different perspectives.

Ava and Julian have hit rough spots in their relationship before, but today, she’s downright furious with her brother.

Who will Olivia be targeting when she sets out to play Cupid?

Something jogs Sam’s memory, and what she recalls could prove to be very important!

Kimberly McCullough shares her memories of Stone and Robin and what she considers to be her finest hour as an actor.

General Hospital spoilers for Tuesday December 1:

Curtis and Jordan talk clues on plane General Hospital

In Tuesday’s GH recap, Curtis and Jordan find a link between Cyrus and Martin, Lulu’s family says goodbye, and Ava pulls a gun on Julian.

Watch General Hospital star Vanessa Marcil bring a cancer patient to tears… surprised and joyful tears.

Ava’s been kicked to the ground, dusted herself off and started fresh — all without spilling a drop of her ever-present martini — before. But how will she come to grips with the latest awful situation she finds herself having to deal with?

Curtis is on the case, and a new lead has him exiting Port Charles.

Given that Valentin and Martin are the type of men who will always put their own interests first, it’s not surprising that they don’t see eye to eye. But when their opinions clash, who’ll emerge victorious?

Maxie crosses paths with Brando, while Portia offers an update on one of her patients.

Family and friends gather as Lulu is sent to a long-term care facility.

View a message and a photo of Emme Rylan’s (Lulu) sexy birthday salute to her sweetheart.

General Hospital spoilers for Wednesday December 2:

Franco hears voices on GH

In Wednesday’s GH recap, Franco hears voices, Sam has doubts about a life with Jason, and Curtis and Jordan get a lead.

Jason and Sonny know that the secret to their continued success in a dangerous business — and trust us, coffee importing is way more cutthroat than you might expect — is to stay one step ahead. But when they try to figure out their next move, will they make the right call?

What’s the important document which Martin has to share with Elizabeth?

Sam is there for Josslyn when the teen needs someone in whom to confide. Meanwhile, Jordan turns to Portia for help.

Finn is caught off guard by Peter.

General Hospital spoilers for Thursday December 3:

Martin questions Julian in his office General Hospital

In Thursday’s GH recap, Julian blackmails Martin, Cyrus tells Trina her father is alive, and Laura and Curtis connect major dots.

Sonny and Taggert were forced to work together, if extremely reluctantly, when the latter arose from his premature grave. But their wary truce apparently doesn’t extend to Sonny’s wife, because Taggert rips into her today!

Curtis finds out that Laura might know more than she previously led him to believe. Could the information she’s been sitting on point his investigation in a new direction? Meanwhile, Ava, too, is looking for answers, but will Nikolas be able to provide them?

Jordan and Portia open up to one another.

Martin is in for a big surprise when he receives an unwanted visitor.

Ava hopes that Nikolas might be able to provide answers.

General Hospital spoilers for Friday December 4:

Michael and Willow discuss the future on GH

In Friday’s GH recap, Ava confesses all to Nikolas, Carly updates Sonny and Jason about Nina and Nelle, and Britt appeals to Lucas on Brad’s behalf.

For two incredibly kind-hearted people, Willow and Michael’s relationship has been incredibly complicated. So when they sit down to figure out where they stand, what will it mean for their future?

Julian might want to brace himself, because he’s about to feel the full force of Carly’s wrath. And as anyone who has ever experienced that knows, it’s pretty intense!

Will what Trina has to tell Joss impact their friendship?

Nina finds it in herself to be compassionate.

Despite having ping-ponged back and forth across that notoriously thin line between love and hate, Ava and Nikolas manage to come to a mutual understanding.

After Julian took the plunge, portrayer William deVry floated a wild idea about his ultimate fate. With whom did he see his character getting, um, tied up? Here’s your answer.

General Hospital spoilers week of December 7:

GH Soapbox: Looking forward to more Tracy, pondering who the real big bad is, and daring to hope where Franco’s storyline will lead.

In this week’s Soaps Spoiler Digest, unwanted guests, horrific discoveries, and a difficult diagnosis we have new spoilers for all four soaps including Bold and the Beautiful, Days of our Lives, General Hospital and Young and the Restless.

General Hospital spoilers for Monday December 7:

Finn and his dad haven’t always had the best relationship, but perhaps they’ll be able to work out some of their past issues when they spend the afternoon together. Meanwhile, will Anna help Valentin when he turns to her during a time of need?

The day many fans have waited for appears to have arrived as Maxie finds herself preparing to move forward with her life without Peter.

Franco hopes that Kevin will be able to offer him some advice, while Michael is filled with relief… but about what?

General Hospital spoilers for Tuesday December 8:

Sometimes, especially in the wake of a tragedy, one stops to appreciate the little things. Surely that will be the case when Jason carves out time to simply enjoy playing a board game with son Danny. At the same time, Sam finds herself having to make a difficult choice.

When Sasha sets her mind to something, she can be pretty stubborn. Will Brando figure out a way to change her thinking?

While Trina hopes Joss will help her get to the truth about her father, Curtis and Jordan take a moment to celebrate.

General Hospital spoilers for Wednesday December 9:

As the mystery around Cyrus and his motivations continues to unfold, Diane discovers an interesting tidbit about Sonny’s rival. Meanwhile, Laura — whom we now know shares a connection to Cyrus — receives an unexpected visitor, and Curtis gets a new lead which could prove useful.

Jason and Sam haven’t found it easy to carve out time for one another. And wouldn’t you know that when they finally do, it’s interrupted by a call from Sonny!

How will the understanding Willow and Michael come to impact the future of the family they’ve been building with Wiley?

General Hospital spoilers for Thursday December 10:

The already-tense situation between Sam and Alexis could reach the boiling point today. But what has Alexis done to leave her daughter feeling completely fed up?

Monica has been sitting on Ned’s secret for a while. When she shares news of her nephew’s infidelity, into whose ear will she be whispering it?

Dante and Anna make time to catch up with one another, while Finn finds himself getting caught up in an unexpected moment.

Scott is caught off guard when he runs into a familiar face so far away from home.

General Hospital spoilers for Friday December 11:

Fresh off yesterday’s encounter, Scotty demands answers!

Despite not having been necessarily the best of friends in the past, Sam turns to Carly when she needs someone to confide in. Meanwhile, Alexis places her trust in entirely the wrong person’s hands.

When Dante asks his mom for advice, will what she has to say prove helpful?

Nikolas has a surprise for Ava. But will it be a good or bad surprise?

Get all the latest General Hospital exits and returns in one place!

Find out why Lisa LiCicero (Olivia) doesn’t want anyone coming at her with, “There are no more doctors on General Hospital” — and more.

– Richard Simms/Amy Mistretta


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