Spoilers for the Week of November 02, 2020

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spinelli reaches out to peter GH

We’re back with new General Hospital spoilers for Monday November 2 to Friday November 13. As new alliances are formed and the walls seem to be closing in on a man who has remained one step ahead of his past, a potentially life-changing document is delivered and someone makes a downright chilling discovery. Read on for all the scoop on what’s to come!

General Hospital spoilers week of November 2:

GH opinion: Pondering Peter finally going down, Franco’s dark side re-emerging, and Julian finally gaining leverage.

Exclusive! General Hospital November Sweeps spoilers feature a devastating twist and the reveal of a long-kept secret.

Actress Emme Rylan speaks out on General Hospital status as Lulu.

In the latest soap opera news Painful loss, revealing photos, controversial exits and more.

General Hospital spoilers for Monday November 2:

Monday’s GH recap, Lucy accidentally transports Joss and Trina back in time where they get a history lesson on voting rights.

Alert! General Hospital to air special election-themed episode — sending characters back to 1920.

For a while there, Portia was extremely wary of her daughter having anything to do with Ava. But eventually the two mothers had a heart-to-heart chat and seemed to find common ground in that they both care deeply for Trina. Will that bond continue to grow when Portia lends Ava a helping hand?

Lucy’s made a mistake or two in her time, so she’s able to shake off her latest without too much difficulty, or so it seems.

Carly and Bobbie anxiously await news.

General Hospital alum Jen Lilley celebrates second adoption — photo included.

General Hospital spoilers for Tuesday November 3:

Valentin and Peter talk Helena at Charlie's General Hospital

In Tuesday’s GH recap, Alex stabs Valentin, Peter threatens Spinelli, and Julian is ready to make a deal with Cyrus.

Portia has made no secret of her contempt for the changes Cyrus has made at General Hospital. For that matter, she hasn’t exactly hidden her contempt toward the man behind them! So you won’t want to miss her squaring off against the villain who is slowly infiltrating every aspect of life in Port Charles!

Spinelli has spent the past several weeks working hard to get the goods on — and ultimately bring down — Peter. So why in the world is the object of Spinelli’s ire reaching out to the detective?

Julian is desperate to reach his sister. But why?

Having apparently never learned that curiosity killed the proverbial cat, Valentin finds his interest piqued.

Franco becomes the latest person to seek out the advice of Kevin. But in what capacity?

In this week’s General Hospital spoiler video, Franco asks Jason to kill him, as screams are heard throughout Port Charles.

General Hospital spoilers for Wednesday November 4:

Sonny visits Ryan in Pentonville General Hospital

In Wednesday’s GH recap, Ryan is stabbed, Anna tries to escape, and Jordan fesses up to Portia.

If you’re as curious as us about the dysfunctional dynamics at play between Chase, Finn and their dad, you’ll want to see what unfolds when the detective heads out to have dinner with his mom, Jackie! Does their get-together have anything to do with why Finn is feeling unsettled today?

Valentin strikes us as a man who is prepared for pretty much anything. So what catches him off-guard?

What prompts Portia to have a confrontation with Jordan?

General Hospital spoilers for Thursday November 5:

Lulu and Dante talk Rocco at The Floating Rib General Hospital

In Thursday’s GH recap, Franco asks Jason to kill him, Finn comes face to face with Alex, and Anna and Valentin escape.

There’s a very long, very complicated history between Jason and Franco. (Want details? Just ask any Jason and Sam fan, because they’ll be happy to fill you in!) So you can bet we’re intrigued to find out more about the “unsettling” proposition that the art therapist makes the former object of his obsession!

What drives Anna to the point of desperation?

Curtis is on the hunt for answers. But he should be careful, because people don’t always like what they find at the end of such searches!

When Lulu finds herself needing a bit of help, Dante is there for her.

General Hospital spoilers for Friday November 6:

In Friday’s GH recap, Alex shoots Finn and kidnaps Maxie, Jason brings Julian to Sonny, and things get ugly between Sam and Alexis.

Peter suggests to Lulu that where her latest article is concerned, perhaps she should try looking at it from a different angle.

As Jason has a conversation with Britt, of all people, Sam is having a chat with her mom, Alexis. Given that the word “ultimatum” is used to describe their talk, something tells us it might not be terribly pleasant!

Robert is too late.

Ava finds herself in the position of being able to offer brother Julian advice. Of course, as always, the question will be whether or not he wants to take it!

General Hospital spoilers week of November 9:

GH opinion: On pins and needles waiting for Peter’s world to implode and a twist finally made Cyrus’s storyline interesting.

In this week’s Soaps Spoiler Digest, manic about mannequins, uncovered plots, and smashing anniversaries we have new spoilers for all four soaps including Bold and the Beautiful, Days of our Lives, General Hospital and Young and the Restless.

General Hospital spoilers for Monday November 9:

Julian has a confession to make. But when he admits to having been dishonest, who will he be telling… and what was he keeping under wraps?

When Peter finds himself anxiously awaiting an update, will he get the news he’s hoping to hear?

Chase turns to a higher power when he visits the hospital chapel to send up a quick prayer.

Valentin takes a meeting with everyone’s favorite attorney, Martin.

Portia gifts Trina with a new phone. (Given that this is a spoiler, we’re instantly suspicious about something so seemingly innocuous. Is this just a mom rewarding her daughter, or is there something more going on?)

General Hospital spoilers for Tuesday November 10:

Alexis has been in a dark place of late, so it’s probably good that Ned swings by to check on her. Then again, their recent history could indicate this isn’t a great idea for either of them!

Which local mystery is Robert trying to solve when he goes looking for clues? Meanwhile, Curtis’ investigation finds him following a lead which takes him away from Port Charles.

As Chase continues to seek solace, Willow is there for him. Will old, unresolved feelings spring up between them?

When Lulu crosses paths with Cyrus, might we get another clue as to why he seems so interested in her family?

The time is beyond right for General Hospital to bring back Jack Wagner as Frisco — here are just a few of the reasons why (including a surprising new love interest).

General Hospital spoilers for Wednesday November 11:

Sonny is in for a pleasant surprise, while Jason receives a visit from someone rather unexpected and something catches Chase completely off guard!

Franco gets together with his dad, Scotty. Are they simply catching up or perhaps hatching a new scheme?

Dante puts himself in the line of fire.

General Hospital spoilers for Thursday November 12:

Brando, who is becoming increasingly important to the Corinthos clan, makes a promise to Carly. Meanwhile, Nina joins the line-up of Port Charles citizens who have a bone to pick with Cyrus. What prompts her to call out the smooth criminal?

As Michael receives a very important document, Chase shares a secret with Brook Lynn. Will what he tells her bring them closer?

Elizabeth is downright determined.

General Hospital spoilers for Friday November 13:

Willow and Michael have been dancing around the truth where their feelings are concerned for weeks. When she decides to come clean, will it impact their future as a married couple? Meanwhile, Sasha could need a helping hand when she winds up getting in over her head. 

Nina is one step closer to finding out the truth about her missing child, while Carly makes a shocking discovery.

Can Monica — who knows a thing or two about dysfunctional dynamics — help Ned mend the rift in his relationship with Brook Lynn?

General Hospital in primetime? See what you think of our so-mad-it’s-brilliant plan to introduce daytime soaps to the nighttime audience.

Get all the latest General Hospital exits and returns in one place!

– Richard Simms/Amy Mistretta


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