Spoilers for the Week of October 26, 2020

10/31/2020 12:00 am

epiphany confides in liz milo breakup GH

Ready for your all-new General Hospital spoilers? We’ve got you covered with juicy teasers about what to expect between  Monday October 26 and Friday November 6. The walls close in on Peter, offers are made and Port Charles celebrates a very special Election Day. Read on for all he details!

General Hospital spoilers week of October 26:

Find out what November sweeps has in store for your General Hospital favorites by checking out our exclusive preview with the show’s co-headwriters.

In the latest news for all four soaps, heartbreaking loss, anger issues, and a horrifying new role.

It’s a wicked Halloween in this week’s General Hospital spoiler video, as Peter gets a chilling phone call and more…

General Hospital spoilers for Monday October 26:

Julian stops Alexis from drinking at Charlie's General Hospital

In Monday’s GH recap, Jackie refuses to help Robert, Maxie and Dante catch up, and Julian tries to help a drunk and abrasive Alexis.

It’s safe to say that few people in Maxie’s life have been enthusiastic where her relationship with Peter is concerned. But in true Maxie spirit, the more people suggest she rethink her engagement, the deeper she digs in her heels (Cartullo, naturally). So what — or who — has her feeling defensive today? Could it have to do with her former almost-husband and babydaddy, Spinelli, who remains more determined than ever to get the goods on Peter?

Typically, Julian’s not really one to get involved in the business of others. So what convinces him to intercede… and on whose behalf?

Lulu’s got a lot on her plate, especially now that Dante’s back in the picture. While mom Laura may be out of the picture at the moment, she’s still got stepdad Kevin to turn to. But when he offers advice, will she take it?

Anna turns to Finn for a little bit of help.

General Hospital spoilers for Tuesday October 27:

In Tuesday’s GH recap, Finn and Jackie discuss their affair, Sasha can’t hide her addiction, and Peter hires Dante.

Chase and Sasha have been getting closer than ever since they faked an affair in order to push Michael and Willow down the aisle. But how will Sasha react when the cop questions her erratic behavior?

Nina may be with Jax, but that doesn’t mean Valentin is simply going to sit back and watch the love of his life find happiness with another man. But what leads her to reject him? And should Nina perhaps be keeping a closer eye on her favorite Aussie, who once again provides an ear when Carly needs someone to confide in.

Dante offers up an apology, but to whom? And what is it that pushes Anna to seek Kevin’s help?

General Hospital spoilers for Wednesday October 28:

Cyrus surprises Franco at The Floating Rib General Hospital

In Wednesday’s GH recap, Nikolas tricks Ava into admitting her feelings, Franco invites Cyrus to karaoke night, and Willow and Michael fantasize about each other.

Nikolas and Ava have been dancing around their feelings for one another pretty much since first they crossed paths. But what does he use to tempt her today… and will she allow herself to give in?

Sasha makes a new friend… which sounds innocent enough, but this being Port Charles and all, we can’t help being suspicious that there might be more to it! Meanwhile, Chase has cause to apologize to Brook Lynn. Will she hear him out?

Liz is sure to be surprised by what Epiphany shares with her, while Franco makes what can only be called a downright curious move!

General Hospital spoilers for Thursday October 29:

In Thursday’s GH recap, Helena calls Peter, Julian unmasks Taggert, and Portia calls for an oncology consult for Franco.

Longtime fans will remember that Maxie is a Halloween baby, so it’s time for her to celebrate surrounded by family and friends. (As “origin stories” go, Maxie’s is pretty unique: Mom Felicia gave birth to her while trapped in a window and dressed in a clown costume!) Meanwhile, Spinelli finds himself turning to Sonny for a bit of advice.

The men in Ava’s life don’t particularly get along, so color us intrigued that Julian is even entertaining an offer from Nikolas. What could these two be cooking up?

As Trina becomes more determined than ever to repair dad Taggert’s reputation, Portia is busy lending a hand to Franco.

General Hospital spoilers for Friday October 30:

Franco wants news about his condition at General Hospital

In Friday’s GH recap, Alex attacks Anna, Terry tells Franco he has a brain tumor, and Ava asks Nikolas for a real divorce.

When Anna learns the truth, how will it impact what she decides to do moving forward? And could the information she’s being given have anything to do with the rather disconcerting phone call Peter receives? At the same time, Spinelli is ready to be as supportive as possible when Maxie needs him to be… or at least he’ll pretend to be!

Franco receives information that could only be described as “troubling.”

Never exactly the kind to make small, subtle moves, Valentin offers up an extreme solution to someone’s problem.

Actress Emme Rylan speaks out on General Hospital status as Lulu.

– Richard Simms/Amy Mistretta


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